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  1. Hi Because we have to pass manually to guitar to mic kneeling on the floor like a molock worshipper, is there a way to assign a FS footswitch for the microphone ? You know, I do not like molock very much & my knees are fragile anyway ! When you record in your dawn, it's a pain in the (*&?%*?$) to do it manually ! I think that the line 6 engineers have some misunderstanding of our needs ! There is a price to pay for line 6 to do inadequate things like that ... & there is so many other options outhere today! Thanks Daniel
  2. Yes thank you ... always have the last driver iinstalled !
  3. Hi, To be able to use my microphone ROde NTA-1 with the HD500X i'm forced to buy a 48V Phantom Power device for the Mic ... I ask myself which is better : buy an other little audio interface for the mic or a phantom power ??? Which phantom power device could be great ? But is the HD500X mic input is enough good for vocals ? Thanks all ! Daniel
  4. Hi, In the sound setting (in Win10) there is no 48hz - 24 bits option anymore...only 16 bits 44 - 48hz & 44hz-24 bits ... i reinstalled the last drivers for the HD500X but it's still the same options ! Why ? ,, the HD500X is yet a 24 bits - 96 hz interface ?! ... The sound of my recording audios have change (in a bad way)... this is why i looked all the setting of the HD500X ! ... My Cubase 10 setup is at 48HZ-24 bits as always ! I changed the USB cable without succes + the drivers ! Is this a dream or there is never had a 48hz-24bits as option in the Windows sound settting ? Thanks
  5. Hi, There is no information about this new driver. So, the new driver is what for ? Dan
  6. Hi Soon i will buy a midi Keyboard as the Samson Graphite 25 who have a midi out 6-pin connection ... My question is, can i connect this Keyboard to my HD500X midi in connection ? If yes, there is a setup to do with the HD500X to get the signal on my DAW Cubase 8 ? Thanks
  7. Hi Soon i will buy a midi Keyboard as the Samson Graphite 25 who have a midi out 6-pin connection ... My question is, can i connect this Keyboard to my HD500X midi in connection ? If yes, there is a setup to do with the HD500X to get the signal on my DAW Cubase 8 ? Thanks
  8. It's the same for My variax JTV69 & much more ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDJFAqsnueo
  9. HI I have to sell this Variax ...but not in this situation : i really need help ! My patience is over with the Variax product ! & it's impossible to send the guitar to a luthier because it's an electronic mess ! So i am stuck with it ... mmmm ? Oh man, YOUTUBE WILL BE MY FRIEND !
  10. I cannot see PEAVEY amp or Fender Champ amp ect ...
  11. I guess people who works at Line 6 have no such problems ... is that right? Thanks for your sympathies ! Anyway it's for sale now at Kijiji !
  12. Hi ! Since i bought this Guitar the problem is still there (JTV-69 HSS Sunburst) The Alt Tune roller knob for easily accessing instrument sounds and alternate tunings (problems) ect ... WHAT IS GOING ON ? VIDEO UPDATE : OCTOBER 7 2015 VAriax=VArious problems here https://youtu.be/RDJFAqsnueo or here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDJFAqsnueo&feature=youtu.be **The Electronics seems to be a mess** ... the Variax is almost unusable ! I use the Variax very rarely ...this is why i am late to show all the mess on this Guitar JTV-69 ... **The Alternative Tuning doesn't work at all** ... the normal tuning is heard at the same time that i use all the alternatives tuning ( 2 string sound at the same time)...a mess that i can't fixe ! **The cap of the selective button has fallen to the ground for nothing** ... i fix it but at the same time, by pasting the selection Cape button, **I glimpsed that the pickguard is not well bonded and lets a lot of light of the electronics pass through** (just below the pickups selector) ... again shame on Line 6. **The Selective guitar button doesn't work at all** ... when i switch it off by pressing on, it stay illumined or it flash !? It's difficult to Switch it off or to Switch it On at the first try ... i have to try many time with a lot of patience !... its make me crazy: A LOT ! But the most strange thing OF ALL is that i do not have acces to monkey & TO my email adress in Line 6 website : WHAT IS GOING ON ! ... & we are on a ticket since 3 weeks : BRAVO ! Everything is up to date ... i even buy yesterday the line 6 hd fully loaded bundle thinking that maybe the problem could be solved : NO ! Video demonstration : Thanks Daniel
  13. I do everything easily with Steinberg (Yamaha) UR22 ...voice & guitar at the same time with no ajustement. But i've never been successful with the HD500x (almost 4 time the prise of the UR22) a shame !
  14. Hi It's really the HD500X the problem...i always lost the signal with the POD & i am forced to swicth to generic drivers which switch me to my tiny speakers, instead my presonus Eris 8 which is connected to the POD. Each time i lost the signal with the POD i have to disconnect the power switch (wait 5 sec) & reconnect it & select the POD in Cubase 8 ...i'm tired oh this ! Do you have any REAL idea ... how can i create like this ? ,,, i have done nothing for the last 2 months ! ... I AM NOT JOKING My spec : CUBASE 8 FX8350 (8 CORE) ASUS M5A99FX RAM 16 GIGS at 1600 hZ DDR3 RADEON R7 265X 2GIG MEMORY 2x SSD hard disk drive + 2HDD hard disk = 3T LOGICKEYBOARD for CUBASE PRESONUS TUBEpreV2 PRESONUS ERIS 8 LINE 6 HD500X RODE NT1-A NOVATION LAUNCHKEY MIDI KEYBOARD FENDER MUSTANG III V2 FENDER STRAT
  15. No answer ? lollipop the problem is stil on his way since more than 1 months ?
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