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  1. Hi, There is no information about this new driver. So, the new driver is what for ? Dan
  2. Hi Soon i will buy a midi Keyboard as the Samson Graphite 25 who have a midi out 6-pin connection ... My question is, can i connect this Keyboard to my HD500X midi in connection ? If yes, there is a setup to do with the HD500X to get the signal on my DAW Cubase 8 ? Thanks
  3. Hi Soon i will buy a midi Keyboard as the Samson Graphite 25 who have a midi out 6-pin connection ... My question is, can i connect this Keyboard to my HD500X midi in connection ? If yes, there is a setup to do with the HD500X to get the signal on my DAW Cubase 8 ? Thanks
  4. It's the same for My variax JTV69 & much more ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDJFAqsnueo
  5. HI I have to sell this Variax ...but not in this situation : i really need help ! My patience is over with the Variax product ! & it's impossible to send the guitar to a luthier because it's an electronic mess ! So i am stuck with it ... mmmm ? Oh man, YOUTUBE WILL BE MY FRIEND !
  6. Segomil

    Update and Fully loaded pack installed - No issues

    I cannot see PEAVEY amp or Fender Champ amp ect ...
  7. I guess people who works at Line 6 have no such problems ... is that right? Thanks for your sympathies ! Anyway it's for sale now at Kijiji !
  8. Hi ! Since i bought this Guitar the problem is still there (JTV-69 HSS Sunburst) The Alt Tune roller knob for easily accessing instrument sounds and alternate tunings (problems) ect ... WHAT IS GOING ON ? VIDEO UPDATE : OCTOBER 7 2015 VAriax=VArious problems here https://youtu.be/RDJFAqsnueo or here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDJFAqsnueo&feature=youtu.be **The Electronics seems to be a mess** ... the Variax is almost unusable ! I use the Variax very rarely ...this is why i am late to show all the mess on this Guitar JTV-69 ... **The Alternative Tuning doesn't work at all** ... the normal tuning is heard at the same time that i use all the alternatives tuning ( 2 string sound at the same time)...a mess that i can't fixe ! **The cap of the selective button has fallen to the ground for nothing** ... i fix it but at the same time, by pasting the selection Cape button, **I glimpsed that the pickguard is not well bonded and lets a lot of light of the electronics pass through** (just below the pickups selector) ... again shame on Line 6. **The Selective guitar button doesn't work at all** ... when i switch it off by pressing on, it stay illumined or it flash !? It's difficult to Switch it off or to Switch it On at the first try ... i have to try many time with a lot of patience !... its make me crazy: A LOT ! But the most strange thing OF ALL is that i do not have acces to monkey & TO my email adress in Line 6 website : WHAT IS GOING ON ! ... & we are on a ticket since 3 weeks : BRAVO ! Everything is up to date ... i even buy yesterday the line 6 hd fully loaded bundle thinking that maybe the problem could be solved : NO ! Video demonstration : Thanks Daniel
  9. Segomil

    Record Microphone and Guitar at same time HD500X

    I do everything easily with Steinberg (Yamaha) UR22 ...voice & guitar at the same time with no ajustement. But i've never been successful with the HD500x (almost 4 time the prise of the UR22) a shame !
  10. Hi It's really the HD500X the problem...i always lost the signal with the POD & i am forced to swicth to generic drivers which switch me to my tiny speakers, instead my presonus Eris 8 which is connected to the POD. Each time i lost the signal with the POD i have to disconnect the power switch (wait 5 sec) & reconnect it & select the POD in Cubase 8 ...i'm tired oh this ! Do you have any REAL idea ... how can i create like this ? ,,, i have done nothing for the last 2 months ! ... I AM NOT JOKING My spec : CUBASE 8 FX8350 (8 CORE) ASUS M5A99FX RAM 16 GIGS at 1600 hZ DDR3 RADEON R7 265X 2GIG MEMORY 2x SSD hard disk drive + 2HDD hard disk = 3T LOGICKEYBOARD for CUBASE PRESONUS TUBEpreV2 PRESONUS ERIS 8 LINE 6 HD500X RODE NT1-A NOVATION LAUNCHKEY MIDI KEYBOARD FENDER MUSTANG III V2 FENDER STRAT
  11. No answer ? lollipop the problem is stil on his way since more than 1 months ?
  12. Hi all (Everything is up to date with the Monkey) This often happens : When i works on Cubase 8.010 (Artist), a message appear saying that the drivers is not found for the HD500X ... this can happen at any moment as much when i start Cubase or when i'm already in Cubase. So i switch to my UR22 or my Presonus device while waiting ... (when necessary) In device Manager the drivers are there also when take a look on monkey everything seems to be ok , but it's not the case ! I do not like that ! I can't remember if this is happen with my standelone plugins , maybe ! Anyone have had experiment the problem ... except me ? ...Thank you Daniel Windows 7 64 Bits Cubase 8 Artist Spectrasonics Omnisphere V2 Korg M1 Novation Launchkey 61 Some Waves Plugins M5A99FX-PRO R2.0 FX8750 16 gig ram 2x ssd drive 2x sata drive R7-265x Line 6 HD500X Steinberg UR22 Presonus Tube-pre V2 ect ...
  13. Segomil

    Clean Vocals without any effect ...

    Ok the Vintage Pack seems to be the way ... but it's strange that the HD500X do not have a real preset for mic in it when you already have a XLR micro (in) connexion ! Thank you very useful information here...
  14. Segomil

    Clean Vocals without any effect ...

    Hi all I have the HD500x that i use mostly for my guitar ... The Vocals passes by mu UR22 Steinberg, but i want to use the HD500X also for my voice now. But the the POD do not has a clean preset to get my voice without any effect ... even in the list BASS/ACO/VOC the presets seems not to be good ... i need to bypass the effect of the POD ! Please help me ! Thank you (the UR22 is good for this because it do not any preset or effect)