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  1. Hi, As an audio interface, what is the HD500X worth compared to the new interfaces in 2022 ? I still use it ... but because it's almost ten years existence, i started to question about it, about sound quality ! With the same specifications used from the POD > 48hz, 24bits,128 buffer size > on the new interfaces how will be the differences about the sound quality on recording? My concern is about **the vocal** & not the guitar which i find very good in 2022. Because i do not have modern interfaces, i can't compare > so maybe if i ask ? Thanks Daniel
  2. Exactly, so i will go for the M4 ... since 2013 ... it should transform the sound as it should ! Thanks again I found that the MOTU do not has S-PDIF connexion ...
  3. Hi, It's about the preamp quality of the HD500X (which is old) related to vocal. If i buy a new interface like the Motu M4 to combine with the HD500X is there any improvement will be heard ... a better sound ? For now i think about connected the HD500X to the MOTU M4. The microphone & the guitar will be on the HD500X ... maybe it's a mistake at least for the microphone the SM7b ?! I have my guitar sounds from the HD500X that I want to keep ... but about the SM7b i know that the pod give me a lot of gain & a very good noise filter ....but the quality will maybe better directly connected to the MOTU ??? Anyway it's a question of sound improvement ! Also which S-PDIF cable to buy to connect the HD500X to the MOTU ? Thanks to all Daniel
  4. Oh thanks Hurghanico , it's exactly that ! It work perfectly .. a little bit noise on the right monitor *Eris 8* ... & yet 1/4 cables are the same ! I did exactly your solution. Thanks ! I made an other post about the preamp quality of the HD500X (which is old) for voice & if i have to get a new interface like the Motu M4 to combine with the HD500X to get a better sound ! Thanks guys
  5. Hi, I own the ATH-M50x that do no match at all with my HD500X ... the volume headphone out is 3 times the volume of my monitors (Eris 8) which are connected also to my HD500X (XLR out) ... I only have the HD500X as audio interface which have no independent volume for the headphone ... it's very dangerous for the ears ! **i know** If i understand well ... if i go for a new Headphone with high impedance as example 250 ohms the sound will be less loud (less volume) ? ... This is the kind of solution i search ! I don't want to buy and other interface. I want to have the same volume in or from my DAW ... on my Eris 8 monitors & on my ATH-M50x headphone ! **i can't afford an other interface & a new headphone at the same time** ... i have to find a solution ! ...Oh by the way ... how are the preamp microphone of the HD500X compare the modern interface ? Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks again
  6. Yes of course , a great microphone & a good pre-amps will make the differences & this also applies on the new audio interfaces of today ... maybe Audient is an xception ... Thanks
  7. Hi, Is an external microphone preamp will improve the vocal of the hd500x ? Or do i have to change the HD500X for an other interface to get better result ? I have no other Interfaces to compare with ... the HD500X has a lot of gain (more than enough) ... but about the voice quality i can't say ! It's not a question of if i'm satisfied with the HD500X ... but about if i improve the result of the vocal (& guitar) with an external preamp ! Thanks Daniel
  8. Hi, ... the HD500X is up to date ! My headphone is always connected on my HD500X both listening and recording The probelem is this ; when i play guitar on my HD500X the sound is good & i want that sound on the recording tracks ! But it's not the case ...it's too different ! After the recording the sound is very different! The EQ on the HD500X is disable. I use Cubase 10,5, Windows 10 (64 bits) & of course the HD500X as audio interface ... every plugings & EQ are disable on Cubase to get the sound of the HD500X...but the sound is still different after a new track is done ! Yet, I want the same sound ... how to get it ? Thanks Daniel
  9. Yes it work ,,, i tried the Vintage pre & the Studio Eq & created a new preset & the result is very very good ...thanks Hur, i appreciate that ! I have to thanks also pianoguyy who make me economise a lot of money ! And because you guys are good i have a last question : how is the quality of the mic preamp inside the HD500X compared to a Aundient interface like ID14 or ID22 ... i have to know the quality hardware of the mic preamp from the HD500X !?
  10. Ok thanks Hur ... it make sens ! In reality the need of an extenal preamp is to give more gain for the vocal the HD500X
  11. Hi, I want to use more longer the HD500X that i love which start to show its age. So i thought that maybe a Mic preamp like the Golden Age Project Pre 73 should be very good for the HD500X as much vocals & guitar & Bass ... is this can be a good purchase ? I have to say that the HD500D is use as audio interface for recording with my DAW Cubase. So it's for vocals & Guitar ! Is the GAP can do my vocal & guitar going through the HD500X & Cubase ? Any other advices are welcome. Thank you all ! Daniel
  12. Hi Because we have to pass manually to guitar to mic kneeling on the floor like a molock worshipper, is there a way to assign a FS footswitch for the microphone ? You know, I do not like molock very much & my knees are fragile anyway ! When you record in your dawn, it's a pain in the (*&?%*?$) to do it manually ! I think that the line 6 engineers have some misunderstanding of our needs ! There is a price to pay for line 6 to do inadequate things like that ... & there is so many other options outhere today! Thanks Daniel
  13. Yes thank you ... always have the last driver iinstalled !
  14. Hi, To be able to use my microphone ROde NTA-1 with the HD500X i'm forced to buy a 48V Phantom Power device for the Mic ... I ask myself which is better : buy an other little audio interface for the mic or a phantom power ??? Which phantom power device could be great ? But is the HD500X mic input is enough good for vocals ? Thanks all ! Daniel
  15. Hi, In the sound setting (in Win10) there is no 48hz - 24 bits option anymore...only 16 bits 44 - 48hz & 44hz-24 bits ... i reinstalled the last drivers for the HD500X but it's still the same options ! Why ? ,, the HD500X is yet a 24 bits - 96 hz interface ?! ... The sound of my recording audios have change (in a bad way)... this is why i looked all the setting of the HD500X ! ... My Cubase 10 setup is at 48HZ-24 bits as always ! I changed the USB cable without succes + the drivers ! Is this a dream or there is never had a 48hz-24bits as option in the Windows sound settting ? Thanks
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