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  1. ShoreProductions

    Helix Sync Over L6 LINK

    That's interesting AD, I'd watched that video previously prior to purchasing a PC+ and it didn't register with me that Line 6 had made an official statement regarding the future implementation of L6 Link control @ 6:09 The one advantage of MIDI is that it can be used with other external MIDI controllers including most DAWs provided the user has some form of a USB to MIDI converter.
  2. ShoreProductions

    USB interface distortion after upgrade to 2.70.

    Did you install the Line 6 Helix Driver2, Version 1.0.5?
  3. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    Good point, if you're outputting mono, no need to expend additional processing.
  4. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    Close but no Cohiba, I would be willing to give you a tiparillo, as a consolation prize. Actually, I think that's the way I initially spelled it, but spell checker gave me a thumbs down. :rolleyes:
  5. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    You're right, the valve driver seems a little pink to me.........Maybe it's fuchsia.
  6. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    You're quite correct, my bad. My previous comment has been edited.
  7. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    To answer your question directly, I don't hear a difference, but then again my hearing is subpar due to way too many years of abuse. However, the dialog is digressing. My initial comment, was in regard to Phlim's statement regarding DSP consumption relating to "stock cabinets" and third party IRs. No mention was initially made regarding the usage of either 1024 or 2048 duration samples.
  8. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    I'm simply relaying what was said in his video:
  9. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    It's seems that Scott would take issue with the conversion issue as well. He seems to believe that there is a perceptible difference in using the 96K versions as opposed to the 48K versions, irrespective of transcoding: https://youtu.be/nAGCWFA380Q?t=209
  10. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

    If that's the case, then Scott Minchk, intentionally mislead everyone in his video. I'm not quite sure how he would have accomplished that, considering that there don't seem to be any edits in his video. He clearly demonstrates that IRs consume less DSP, than stock cabinets. He also is known to use 96K wav samples for his IRs.
  11. ShoreProductions

    When will we see new models and firmware for helix??

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, I wouldn't unscrupulously download Helix code or any other code, for that matter. From my limited research, it's my understanding that the DSP chips in the Helix are SHARC processors from Analog Devices and run on the .NET based IDE. That having been said, it's likely that SigmaStudio is the GUI development tool used my Line 6 for these processors. SigmaStudio is a freely available for download at: http://www.analog.com/en/design-center/processors-and-dsp/evaluation-and-development-software/ss_sigst_02.html#dsp-overview Although I'm not familiar with Enterprise Resource Planning or their software, I assume we could agree that no one or any small collaborative group, regardless of their level of expertise ( IE. the Helix development team), possess all the answers to every potential option available for this hardware. Some would argue, that once someone is mired in a particular paradigm, they inevitably have difficulty thinking outside the box. Even if one were understandably suspicious of another's code, the option for an individual to develop their own code, would ultimately prove to be of benefit to the Helix community. since concepts could still be exchanged.
  12. ShoreProductions

    Is Helix DSP underpowered ?

  13. ShoreProductions

    When will we see new models and firmware for helix??

    That's certainly your prerogative, however others may feel differently. We all fear, what we don't understand. I would agree with you. I wouldn't be inclined to install a effect from an individual that wasn't knowledgeable with the source code, but to my knowledge we don't even know what language was used to produce the code.
  14. ShoreProductions

    When will we see new models and firmware for helix??

    OpenTX is just one example of Open Source software. I'm certainly not saying that it's a panacea, but it's certainly been a workable model for other companies. It shouldn't be a support nightmare for Line 6, that's the sole purpose of a hold harmless provision. No one would be forcing anyone to install those user supplied updates, that would be the discretion of the individual. Currently patches are being exchanged freely and I'm not aware of anyone attempting to hold Line 6 accountable should one of those go awry. From a cursory review of the .hlx file code, it would be seem that the potential for problems could exist even at that level. Consequently, I fail to see how providing the source code would expose Line 6 to additional liability.