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  1. After re-installing OS X i've not installed any additional Helix drivers, it just worked without them.
  2. Re-imaging (upgraded to mohave) seems to have resolved the issue so I guess it was all software/mac OS X related and not an issue with the Helix itself. Hopefully I can get back to recording now! Thanks datacommando for the pointers.
  3. The exact (and frankly really strange behaviour) is this : - Connect Helix via USB, change system audio prefs to Helix so I can hear all system sounds through the headphone out on the Helix - Test with a song in iTunes, plays fine. - Start Logic, immediately, before logic has even fully loaded, the sound distorts. - Haven't got as far as actually monitoring an audio recording from the helix, just tried playing back a midi drum track I had been working on so I don't think it's related to monitoring, the only track in the DAW is a midi track. - If I then quit Logic and wait a few seconds, sound returns to normal. I've made sure all my settings match yours, no difference. I also get no sound with core audio disabled, should the Helix drivers take preference here i.e, if core audio is disabled, the drivers are in use? I'm not sure I understand this part to be honest. I think i'm gonna try wiping the mac and rebuilding it, gives me an excuse to update it anyway. Very strange though. Thanks for the help!
  4. And testing the same thing with the Focusrite (connect to mac, play itunes through it, start logic) Produces no issues at all, so it's definitely Helix related.
  5. So, i've just discovered what triggers it, connected to the mac via USB and tested iTunes, sound is absolutely fine, started up Logic and immediately the sound distorted, I have only just switched to logic from Garageband so I guess it could be Logic related, any tips for how to set this up right? It does seem odd that starting logic affects the system audio as well though.
  6. Thanks for the reply, Audio through my focusrite interface or direct from the laptop is completely fine, I'm listening on headphones in both cases, youtube/itunes and sound from my DAW all play back distorted with the Helix but fine through the Focusrite. I prefer to use the helix for recording as the interface as the headphone amp seems to do a better job of driving my 250ohm beyerdynamic 990's. I can use XLR out to my focusrite if needs be but i'd prefer the simpler setup. Additionally, i'm also running High Sierra and previously hadn't installed any specific Helix driver, it just worked as is when connected via USB and i've been using it like this since I got it earlier this year. I then upgraded the firmware from 2.54 to 2.70 and thats when the issue started, after looking around on here I installed the Helix driver for mac however it did not resolve the issue. Hope that helps clarify. Close to wiping the mac and starting over to be honest, I only use it for music production and video and most of my files are stored elsewhere on a server. Cheers, Jase.
  7. Hi All, Just upgraded my firmware to 2.70 from 2.54 and now my USB audio is very distorted. Helix sounds are fine but any audio coming back from the mac via either the system or my DAW are now very distorted. I installed the latest drivers and read the notes about allowing them through Mac OS X's security features in 10.13 and onward however I never got the prompt for this and it doesn't show up in the privacy settings either. Tried the usual restarting of everything with no luck, anyone else experiencing any problems using the helix as an audio interface?
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