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  1. hi uber guru, thanks for your help. i think on my old imac i had pod farm 1 (or just pod farm) and pod farm 2 installed. if i remember right, i could not use pod farm 2 but pod farm 1. pod farm 1 was really great for my purposes. so i just went to the download site but i read that pod farm 1 only supports 10.6 snow leopard. on my old imac i had 10.6 installed but on my new imac is 10.12 sierra installed. so unfortunately i can't use pod farm 1 anymore? i think i am going to reflect if i will buy the full version of pod farm or another guitar modelling software. but thanks again for your help! jet green
  2. hi guru, thanks for your reply! actually I prefer to install the software because I could change the sound after having recorded the tracks. me and the guy who is going to mix my future songs, we are still looking for the right sound for the guitars. I also prefere to install one (the right on!) version on my imac. i think the less needless software on my imac the more stable my system will run. I still hope someone here really knows which version I are allowed to use for free as a owner of the POD X3 or someone of line6 will answer my supportticket (after 7 days now!!). greetings, jet green
  3. hi, i bought a pod x3 years ago. i also installed the associated pod farm software for free on my imac. i didn't purchase any pod farm license. unfortunately my imac broke down some weeks ago and i had to buy a new imac. now i want to install the pod farm software for free again, but i don't know which version i had installed and which version i now can install for free. i opened a support ticket 5 days ago, but line6 unfortunately did not answer until now. maybe someone here can answer my question? thanx a lot jet green
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