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  1. Hello Line6! I have a few questions and suggestions for developers. Q1: Why is there so little memory in HD processors, if before, on the Dandy console there were cartridges with three thousand games? It would be convenient to exchange tones through a memory card removed from the POD ... Q2: Why is the Pitch (octave) effect of the note blurred with the sound of the original note, even if it is perfect in Guitar FX BOX for free. Isn't it easier to take an algorithm from there? Q3: Why is it not signed in HD Edit, where is Stomp, and where is Delay, where is MOD, Verb? I will not remember all the pictures of guitar devices! This creates confusion and requires a program update unambiguously. Do it in an hour. Q4: Why is there so much money for amp models on HD if they are discontinued. I have a salary of $ 200 in Russia, and I pay $ 100 for an apartment. Question: How much will I save for them if they cost $ 99, but do I have to go to the shops and go to work? Q5: Why don’t you find out the equipment settings from the musicians themselves, as you did for Rocksmith 2014 Ubisoft? Q6: Why is there no conversion of similar tone settings from HD to X3 and vice versa? Q7: Why when switching the amplifier it is impossible to save similar settings, at least in percentage terms. This greatly reduces the pickup time of the amplifier. Q8: Why don’t you turn on the utility for selecting a guitar tone from a piece of a song, as it was done in another processor, I don’t remember, like AXE FX? ... ------------------------ With understanding and wish for corrections. Your old fan, Slava
  2. Good day dear Line6 and everyone!! Q.1 I have POD X3 and POD HD Bean. I connect them to two KRK monitors through this mixer: Please tell me which 6.3jack cables I need to use to operate one POD in stereo and where to connect them? 2 TRS or 2 TS? If I connect one or two cables, which inputs are should I use the mixer in these two separate cases? Please read the instructions for the mixer. I look forward to hearing from you, with respect. I'm playing through GearBox. Q.2 What cables should I use from this list to connect two monitors to the mixer? I also want to inform you that the engineer from RJM who produced this mixer advised me to use 2 mono-jack cables to mono-xlr (ground connected to sleeve in xlr-connector). But I want to ask you, it will be the right option if I do not have grounding in the outlet and whether there will be noise from ground fault with sleeve on every cable? If there is another connection option from the list, then please inform me of the best option. All in two photos. Q.3 How to adjust the impedance on this sound path? (Guitar Processor> Mixer> Monitors) What value should not exceed and not be underestimated at the inputs and outputs. Give an example please (Guitar processor> Mixer> Monitors). Mini Line Mixer Manual.pdf MLM-1 Example.pdf
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