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  1. An additional 'behavior' of the flash process.... During the flash process the computer has these pop up windows confirming the flash was successful, and the software is prompting me to turn the unit off, even though the unit displays: "UPDATING FLASH..." AND I turned the unit off, and back on again, only to be given the initial: "UPDATE FLASH" (I'm back where I started) AND I've had this unit for several years, and don't know if there is any issue with warranty expiration? AND Is it possible this unit just needs a battery replaced? It must use one if it is going to 'remember' settings. Considering its off warranty, I might be able to swap out a memory battery?
  2. My Pod X3 has been unused for several months, and when I turned it on today, the message: "UPDATE FLASH" came onto the unit, and that is when I updated both my Line 6 Monkey Software, drivers, flash for the software... and eventually updated the flash on the unit. I went through the process several times, and continue to get the same message: "UPDATE FLASH" Please Help!
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