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  1. Just stopping in to say I miss you over at TGP. I was worried. Glad to see your still out there. wishing you the best!
  2. My old gear works fine, besides it’s nice to be able to reach over and grab a vintage Distortion+ or Line 6 MM4 for use on a song when recording. Amplifi and Spider V are pretty good too. Of course there’s nothing wrong with an Axefx 2 and that new Boss GT unit sound good so far. The time will come soon enough when I sell 99% of it, but it’s not today. But I used to like buying Line 6 gear, but IMHO something happened to them when HD came out. It’s like their quality and support went out the window. Now their back, but I was burned and I don’t trust they won’t do it again. But hey they still sell it, so there’s still time to do the right thing.
  3. It’s amazing how prevalent this problem is. I just don’t understand why Line6 won’t address it. It’s beyond sad and frustrating.
  4. I’ve decided to look elsewhere, Mooer, Zoom, NUX, Hotone, etc. I’m not throwing out my Line6 Pods, racks, and effects (HD is in storage). Other manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and have filled the vid and beyond, and they will only get better. Good to see Boss will step into IRs, but other companies have proven IR loading can be done at a lower price point. Moving on, I wish Line6 the best.
  5. Looks like a great device! Looking forward to the demos and seeing how the effects can be configured. The update for Helix looks amazingly amazing!!
  6. Like those demos! Mic placement on the first video could be better.
  7. Trust me, I have nothing against modeling, use it 100%. Nothing against line 6, look how much of their gear I own. It’s all modeling gear too! I just noticed something and I brought it to their attention. I have noticed it very hard to have an opinion or a thought around here.
  8. You obviously didn’t fully read my post. I don’t think the new HX fx unit is cheap, but that’s in the right direction. Smaller, few features, will get the job done in regards to fx without costing $1000. Reduced feature set at a reduced price doesn’t have to mean cheap.
  9. They are still selling the HD series. I wouldn’t have been brought it up if they weren’t. The code is similar, the issues are the same as well. I’m giving them the opportunity to reply to the issues raised, voted on, and in Under Review status in ideaScale, which was pushed as how to get issues resolved. There’s no gaurentee the reply will be positive, but I at least owe him the opportunity to do so. That’s fair.
  10. I forgot to add that since the sound is in several amp models I’m thinking it’s a power amp modeling issue and not in the preamps. It also doesn’t affect the effects. I can only guess that the power amp modeled may have been defective. It could also be an issue with the modeling algorithm capture or code, but I’m sure the folks there can figure it out
  11. I’m not sure how much you know about amplifiers from an engineering stand point, but at a high level here’s the deal. These is a voltage that the audio signal rides on called the “bias voltageâ€. It’s used in effects too. Say you have an effect that runs on 9 volts, the bias voltage is usually in the middle at 4.5v (volts). When the signal rides in the middle you are getting the fullest amount of the signal without cutting off the top or bottom of the signal. Now if you cut the top or bottom you get a very unnatural distorted sound. It’s almost metallic sounding. Also sometimes the signal sputters and dies quickly instead of naturally fading. In audio guitarist like the “natural†distortion that comes from tubes and the simulations that come from diodes and FETs (Field Effect Transistors). A audio engineer is very familiar with this sound and the first thing they start to check is the main and bias voltage throughout the circuit. Joe guitarists first thought might be to try to EQ the sound, but EQ won’t make it better. They might get it close, but eventually they’ll notice the problem is still there. It’s like something disgusting at the center of a birthday cake. You can try to cut around it all you want, but the problem is still there. Anyway I explained it in detail to the PM and he said he’d look into it and get back to me.
  12. I’m waiting to hear back from a L6 product manager in regards to an update to solve the power amp sound issue and maybe a few others. I’m hoping he’ll say something after NAMM, but he told me directly that he’d look into it. I’m not asking for anything free. I’d even pay for an update. I’m just asking him to look into it and see if they can address an issue that has already come up and under review in IdeaScale.
  13. To my ears the power amp models sound defective. It sounds like the bias voltage is off and it creates a very unnatural distortion. It’s that sound that may have people spending hours to dial it out. If that were ever addressed the Pod HD would be fine soundwise. I’ve been using a Pod X3 instead. The sounds dail up quickly and sound fine for studio demos. I’ve been told directly from Line 6 that a Helix Pod was proposed, but it not ever coming.
  14. So Zoom can put out low cost units. Mooer and NUX can put out low cost units with IR loading, but Line 6 cannot? Those units hit at $300 or less, but Line 6 can’t do one for $500-600? That’s why it sounds fishy. Well Helix fx is being shown at NAMM, so maybe an amps unit will be around the corner next year. There won’t ever be a year where nothing is released.
  15. I find that the EQ section can help a lot with this. Before adjusting the EQ I found many of the amps sounded worse than their counter parts in the Spider IV 75 amp I have. I have an Amplifi 150. First turn off every block. What you will have is a pretty lifeless sounding amp. Next turn on the EQ section and adjust it for a flat, but full sound. Get the amount of highs and lows you want, but don't over do it. Next pick the amp you want and see if that sounds better. You can always adjust the EQ section a bit more if you need to. Hope that helps.
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