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  1. While trying 4CM using my HXFX and a Boogie Rectoverb head (effects loop in amp modified to series ) I noticed a hum, ground loop style coming from my amp. I tried the same setup with a Marshall JCM 900 with the same result. When I insert a Ebtech hum eliminator on one of the lines the hum goes away. If the HXFX is connected to either amps' effects loop in the common way there is no hum. I tried with a variety of cables with same results. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. I have an observation regarding HX effects as well as Helix pedals which hasn't been addressed to my knowledge to this point. If Im wrong let me know. Let's look at my observation through two scenarios. 1. Using several pedals in a stock pedalboard, with all pedals in series. Then 2. using a multi-effect unit, in this case, HX Effects as a stand alone pedalboard, one that offers all the pedals you used in the analog pedalboard ( ie: distortion, delay, modulation, etc.) but making use of the presets and snapshots as a switcher, allowing creation of groups of effects into presets for songs in programmed banks. In scenario #1 it's obvious that any group of pedals have to be selected one at a time with the advantage being spontaneity and creativity of the moment. In this scenario adjustments to individual pedals are global, that is if you change the gain or output or eq of a distortion pedal or time of a delay it is applies universally from that point on with whatever combination of pedals you use, until you choose to change it again. In scenario #2 ( in the HX effects for instance ) let's assume you have created a bank of of four presets, 28 A,B,C,D, each using an identical overdrive and distortion effect, but making use of different modulations, delays, pitch, and eq settings to make it easy to set up for four specific songs. You have obviously spent hours diligently constructing perfectly balanced groups of effects to play each song. During Song 1 you notice that the gain or eq in the overdrive you've chosen for all four presets is not working. You need more gain, more level and the treble needs to come down. While you are playing the song this is fairly easy to change, so you change it. However, for the next song you select the next preset, with different modulations and delays and special effects that are crucial to this new song and the overdrive is back to where it was before the changes you made in Song 1, ( changes that are now REALLY important because without them your playing will suck and everyone will know something is NOT RIGHT ). Compound this with the fact that you are the featured vocalist on this new song and you can't take the time to make the changes necessary to not SUCK and so you forget the words and play BAD NOTES and decide to sell all your pedals and plug your guitar straight into your amp and get the GOD TONES like real men do. So the snapshot function in HX and Helix helps with this problem, however you are limited to whatever effects are chosen for the particular preset used to create the snapshots. If edits are made to one effect they'll be evident where that effect is used in the snapshots, but they don't apply to the same effect in any other presets. You have to copy and paste to make those changes to those effects in other presets. During a show this is distracting, time consuming and, let's face it, not cool! SO....what if units like the HX or Helix allowed you to activate a setting in an effect that would cause any other instances of that effect (with that setting checked ) to update and reflect your edits. This way there is no need to copy and paste edits to effects shared in presets that have the universal change setting checked. I perform in two different contexts. I do a high tech solo and play in a band. I bought the HX Effects in the hopes of simplifying my setup by using a compact programmable switching pedal with all the effects I'd need. And with the exception of this programming dilemma I find the HX a great sounding and very functional tool. The basic building blocks for me are the overdrive / distortions that I program to presets. If I've programmed a show and then find edits are necessary while onstage I either do my best to copy and paste to my other presets or settle for one edited preset that works, and intermittenly stare at my pedal trying to will the edits to my other presets. The best work around is to use my favorite distortion pedals in the send/return loops thus having the ability to make edits universally, But that compromises my desire to downsize, to carry the ultimate box that's easy to set up without the clutter and threat of cable failure. Long winded here I admit and if there is such a setting or technique available that I've missed then red faced I'll be. I'm interested to know if anyone else considers this issue too. Cheers
  3. I've been contacted by support and supplied HX backup files for my unit with firmware 2.70 and 2.71 pre initialize and post so they could try and duplicate my scenario. Haven't any response as of 1-19-19. Firmware 2.70 is still working great. I'll add any new info as I get it.
  4. The problem The problem was for all patches, the reset was the only way to get audio to happen. I'm on guessing the problem has something to do with the outputs because the tuner would still work even if there was no audio out. I contacted support and will update this thread when I hear something.
  5. Just finished updating firmware on my HX Effects from 2.60 to 2.71. NOTE: HX Edit and Updater were both updated prior to the firmware update. Plugged unit into my Deluxe and heard no sound through my amp. Put HX in bypass and no sound. Turned HX off and heard guitar through amp. Did complete reset ( F6 +Tap ) and heard guitar through amp. Turned unit off and back on and no sound. Repeat several time with same results. I looked through my settings and couldn't find anything that had changed after the complete reset. Went back and installed the 2.70 firmware update and everything works as it should. Anyone else have the same experience? I've read about others having loss of audio but nothing about resetting to get audio and then losing it after restarting unit.
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