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  1. yes, exactly. I need the LFO to start from the beginning of the sweep as soon as I activate the relative snapshot. I tried with Native demo (I don’t own a HX Effects yet, I’m gathering this information to see if I can pull the trigger or not considering my needs), but I can’t find a way to achieve this easily. Touching the tap tempo button or sending a CC from another machine are not viable options in my case. Thanks a lot
  2. I’m not completely sure this would affect the beginning of the sweep. Is there a way to try this in Native?
  3. Hi guys, is it possible to set the HX Effects in a way so that the effects types that include “movement” (meaning sweeps, ramp up/down etc.) - for example the Throbber filter - begin from the starting position every time the effect is engaged or on snapshot/preset change? In my case I was looking to create a lo-pass sweep and I was able to achieve this result by using the Throbber filter, pretty much the way I needed (I’d prefer the option to control the starting and ending frequencies, but still). The problem is that the sweep is always “moving” while I need it to start over from the beginning when I engage the snapshot. In another thread a user (btw thanks duncann) wrote that this is possible to reset the LFOs by sending a CC64 command to the HX Effects or by touching the tap tempo footswitch once, but I need to do this automatically on snapshot change, without having to send a CC from another device or phisically touching the tap tempo. Is that possible? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, could you please tell me if the HX Effects Pedal/Ext Amp outputs can control the Suhr FX Link feature on the Eclipse pedal (with an adapter cable of course)? The FX link is a latching system. The switch to TRS connections are described in the attached drawing. Thanks a lot Eclipse_TRS_Jack.pdf
  5. In case someone's interested in this, I finally found a solution for the effect I was trying to achieve thanks to the Throbber effect in the Legacy filters (speed 0.1hz, wave Ramp Up). The only problem left is to make the sweep begin when the effect (or, even better, the snapshot) is engaged; from my tests with Native it seems like the filter always moves and the sweep doesn't start over from its frequency starting point with Snapshot or Patch changes. Is it something that only happens in Native?
  6. It seems like the Asheville Pattrn filter could achieve this effect, but I can't find the right settings. What I need is a simple sweep of a low-pass filter that goes from 60Hz up to 5kHz in about 6 seconds: is that possible with this effect? How can I achieve this? Thanks a lot
  7. Agree, that or the possibility to attach controllers like LFOs, ADSR, envelopes etc to the FX parameters already in the machine...that would open up a whole new world of tonal flavors.
  8. Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. Exactly, I’m looking for a lo-pass filter that can be automated in order to create a sweep (something like “swoosh” sound if it makes sense lol). On other units I’m able to program this function by using an LFO controller attached to the lo-pass filter inside an EQ block or, on another unit, by automating that parameter and setting up the beginning and end point along with a certain time to morph between the two points. I was wondering if I could do the same on the Helix and HX Fx because I’d like to build a setup using one of those units. So that’s not possible on the Line6 units, do I understand correctly? :(
  9. Hi guys, d’you know if is possible to create something like a low pass filter that automatically sweeps from a frequency to another in a certain amount of time? Thanks a lot!
  10. good to the 16.6k of a Duncan Distortion bridge pickup (passive) would cause issues or should it work fine? Thanks a lot
  11. Sorry but I don’t really understand this whole resistance issue: is it just a “tone color EQ thing” or having higher resistance magnetic pickups would cause malfunctions in the variax system? Thanks
  12. Hi, could you please tell me if the Duncan SH-2 Jazz Neck (link) and the SH-6 Distortion Bridge (link) would work correctly as well? Thanks a lot
  13. Good poing, I didn't think about that. According to the official manual, that doesn't seem a problem though as the 2 and 4 positions can be accessed by using the Alternate Tuning knob: Pickup Position Numbering JTV-59 Even though your guitar is equipped with a 3-way Pickup Selector Switch you can still access all 5 models in each model bank. We’ve numbered the Pickup Selector positions in the manual starting with “bridge” (the position toward the bridge) as 1. Moving the pickup selector from there, you go to position 3 on your way to the “neck” position which we label as number 5. To access models 2 and 4 press the Alternate Tuning Knob to toggle between using the 3-way to access models “1-3-5” or “2- 3-4”.
  14. I’d absolutely check the stock mags before pulling them out; who knows, maybe I’d like them and keep them on the guitar. I’m only trying to understand if, in case I don’t like them, I’d be able to put something else in their place. Ear-matching my fav Duncan pickups to the digital models inside the Variax using Workbench to fine-tune them, is certainly appealing but there still would be contexts in which having a couple of magnetic pups would be better (eg. for songs with a lot of palm muting, which I read is not great with the Variax models).
  15. Hi Todd, that’s the post I read regarding the resistance: Also in that thread, a few posts before (link), the same user (Line6 tech maybe?) tells that swapping mag pickups on Variax gtrs and getting it right is a bit hit-and-miss, as the possible issues with 3rd party pickups are random. Cannot really understand why though, maybe is just a warning based on few bad experiences...not sure to be honest.
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