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  1. duncann's post in TRANSFER METAL MODEL PACK FROM HD500 TO HD500X? was marked as the answer   
    If I remember correctly, you shouldn't have to de-authorize anything, as Line 6 will allow you to have the metal pack on up to four devices. So just authorize a new device like you did with the HD500.
    If you decide you want to sell the HD500, then you may want to de-authorize the metal pack for that device, since you'll still want the metal pack for your HD500X.
  2. duncann's post in Spread Parameter was marked as the answer   
    Here's a post from Ben Adrian:
  3. duncann's post in Helix editor question/snapshots was marked as the answer   
    And alt-left click on PC.
  4. duncann's post in Auto activation of wah? was marked as the answer   
    1. select the wah
    2. menu
    3. bypass assign
    4. select desired expression controller or variax controller
    5. change position and wait how you want to affect auto activation
  5. duncann's post in Squeaking Expression Pedal was marked as the answer   
    I wouldn't use WD40. It can be corrosive.
    There's a bunch of threads about this topic:
  6. duncann's post in Dry Signal, I can't figure it out. was marked as the answer   
    There was a bug with the tuner on an earlier version firmware that did exactly what you're describing. Not sure of the exact version, but it was pre-2.0.
    If you are on the latest version, which is 2.01, check the input blocks and make sure you don't have more than one of the same input selected. But since you said it happens on all presets (including blank ones, "New Preset"?), that would rule out this as a cause.
  7. duncann's post in HELIX Forum Chrome was marked as the answer   
    Works OK here with Chrome. Try clearing the browser's cache.
    I have noticed lately, and more often, that the performance of these forums has been very sporadic.
  8. duncann's post in Finally got my Helix, and a question. was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for asking this question, I just learned something new.
    You could use one of the expression controllers, which would be CC1, 2, or 3.
    If you don't want to use one of those:
    1. Select the block that has the parameter you want to control.
    2. Hold the encoder under the parameter in question.
    3. Turn the second encoder until it says MIDI CC.
    4. Turn the next encoder until it says the CC# you wish it to be, which is arbitrary.
    5. Change the min and max.
    That should be it. Don't know about FL Studio specifically on how to send the midi to Helix, I use Reaper.
  9. duncann's post in PODHD500 set list transfer to PODHD500X was marked as the answer   
    Make a copy of the HD500 setlist, rename the extension to .5xs, and load it in the HD500X edit program.
    Or just drag and drop the HD500 setlist to the HD500X edit program, over the setlist dropdown.
    Or click file -> open setlist in the HD500X edit program, set the file type dropdown to all files, and find the HD500 setlist.
    There should be no problems as far as any patches within the setlist go.
  10. duncann's post in Where is the Helix Editor? was marked as the answer   
    Version 1.11.1 is what you want. It contains everything you need: drivers, updater, and the application (editor).
    No offline mode for the editor if you were wanting to check it out before your Helix arrives.
    Happy music making with your Helix. It's lots and lots of fun.
  11. duncann's post in What does the headroom parameter of the flanger or chorus mod fx mean ? was marked as the answer   
    Some of these types of effects tend to need extra headroom because they can be additive to the signal. So if you start to hear a sort of clipped, or unwanted overdriven signal because of an effect in the chain like a chorus, increase this parameter. It allows more breathing room.
    A much better and more concise explanation is here:
  12. duncann's post in Boot time? was marked as the answer   
    21.67 seconds.
    I use it for bass and guitar. And it's really great for bass. But it depends on what you think is overkill and what you want out of your tools you connect your bass to. For someone that only will ever play one single tone ever, I guess that would be overkill.
  13. duncann's post in Firmware with New Unit was marked as the answer   
    Version 1.0 was released 7/10/13. It could be older stock, but it probably doesn't make any difference if it is.
    When I bought mine, sometime early 2014, it had either 1.0 or 1.1 on it. Probably 1.1 because I always download the files and keep them and the first one I have is 1.2.
  14. duncann's post in Soon to be a Helix user was marked as the answer   
    The pedal can't be assigned globally.
    But, how you choose to have the pedal's position remembered is a global option, meaning you can have it by preset or the actual current pedal's position regardless of patch.
  15. duncann's post in The Line 6 Original models was marked as the answer   
    Taken from the Hd model gallery:

  16. duncann's post in Helix and HiFi stereo system @ home was marked as the answer   
    Sure could hook it directly to the Denon via analog, with the proper cables, or spdif through the DAC. I don't see why something like that wouldn't work. It might even sound really good too.
  17. duncann's post in No reverse délay ? was marked as the answer   
    Here's an ideascale entry for this:
  18. duncann's post in Programming help was marked as the answer   
    Grab an effect, hit action, use the joystick and move it down, hit action again. Then to move the split or merge block, cursor over them and hit action then the joystick to move.
  19. duncann's post in HD500X Edit question was marked as the answer   
    When set to auto, input impedance is matched to whatever the input impedance of the first effect in the chain happens to be. Not sure if there is a list of what this value is for each effect. In probably doesn't matter in any case. Going from the highest setting, 3.5M, to the lowest, 22K, there will be an attenuation of the highs from the input signal.
    The input setup controls what is used for input source 1, input source 2, and in-z. When global, it gets these values from the POD's system menu. When preset, it gets these values from the currently selected preset.
  20. duncann's post in How many preset can you save on it? was marked as the answer   
    Found this from silverhead:
  21. duncann's post in HD500X: edit amps settings without using the big knobs? was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately, no. The only way to avoid using the physical amp knobs is using HD Edit.
  22. duncann's post in HD500X - Sending CC Messages on ABCD Patch Change was marked as the answer   
    The PC message data (0-64) sent upon a preset change is determined by what preset you're changing to. So if you change from 1A to 1D, the data sent is 4. If you want a value of 16 sent, organize the preset change to be that way; from patch whatever to 4D. One thing I'm not sure about, is what happens when you switch from say preset 1A in setlist 1 to 1D in setlist 3, but this might not be useful anyway since setlists can't be changed by the footswitches.
    Anyway, you might be able to make use of the auto PC messages depending on how your other midi device can respond to it. If your Voodoo Lab can accept a PC change of 4 and send something out to your amp based on that, it might work. As for nothing but a zero being sent out, not sure. But check the midi channel the data is being sent on. The midi channel on the HD500X can be changed in the system menu, page 6 I think.
  23. duncann's post in POD HD500 Batch add presets? was marked as the answer   
    Other than loading/saving by an entire setlist, or batch (all setlists), not really. You can drag multiple patches at once from hd edit to your file manager, but not the other way.
  24. duncann's post in POD HD500X and Ableton Live latency was marked as the answer   
    You'll want to select the Line 6 ASIO driver instead of MME/DirectX.
    And have a look at the Line 6 Audio-MIDI devices control panel for some options about hardware monitoring level, if needed.
  25. duncann's post in Rmove Line 6 Audio-midi devices was marked as the answer   
    The file you're looking for should be:
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