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  1. The feature works as described, but in my case, presets that used Snapshots and were created before the update were broken, in the sense that the assignments I defined only carried over to Snapshot 1, and all the Snapshot assignments for all other Snapshots had to be manually redefined - that preset has 7 Snapshots, so I had to make 42 settings adjustments to get my preset to work the way it did before. This isn't the end of the world, but I'm surprised that L6 allowed an update to go out that would break presets like that. I think the default behavior needs to change - instead of the "Press" value of every Snapshot defaulting to "Next Preset", they should default to the value defined by the first time it's set. So, for example, if you're in Snapshot 4 and you set FS2 to call Snapshot 6, FS2 should be set to call Snapshot 6 in every Snapshot until you change it to something else in a different Snapshot, or maybe even until you leave the current Snapshot and go to another one. Really it should be this way for anything in Command Center. Having to define every Command Center assignment for every Snapshot adds a lot of work that shouldn't be necessary if the default behavior was tweaked a little. At any rate, I started this thread because the Stomp Mode display saying "Next Snapshot" when Press is set to "None" is an actual bug. You can make the argument that the "None" setting wasn't intended to allow us to cancel out a Snapshot assignment, but it does work if you try it, it's just that the footswitch is labeled incorrectly. I hope you'll agree that the Stomp Mode display should display accurate information no matter the situation.
  2. Ya I haven't figured out exactly what's happening, all I know is that it broke all my presets that use Snapshots, which in my case is only two, but one of them has 7 Snapshots and I had to make 42 settings adjustments to fix it. And I'm actually starting to think that maybe there's an issue with how the update happened on just MY unit because it seems to me that if I had such a problem with just one preset, we'd be hearing a lot more about this from other users who have multiple Snapshot-heavy presets. At any rate, it's working now, I have a rehearsal tonight and a gig on Tuesday night so I'm not gonna go poking around until that's all done with.
  3. That's what this is. Maybe they're doing more with it in 3.2 but right now this feature allows you to change your Snapshot layout on the board per-Snapshot, and it's in play whether you choose to use it or not. What I'm finding is that it defaults to "Next Snapshot" on all other Snapshots other than the one you were in when you set it. So, for example, you're in Snapshot 1 and you set FS8 to call Snapshot 1, FS9 to call Snapshot 2, and FS10 to call Snapshot 3. Then you hit FS9 to call Snapshot 2 and because those assignments haven't been explicitly defined for that Snapshot, they all default to "Next Snapshot".
  4. @themetallikid If you're not aware, they added a new feature to Snapshots that is probably the cause of your problem. From the release notes: Per-Snapshot Command Center > HX Snpsht Values Command Center > HX Snapshot command parameters can now be controlled by Snapshots themselves. For example, imagine that you are on Snapshot 1 and create an HX Snapshot command on FS2. You set it so that pressing that switch recalls Snapshot 3. You then switch to Snapshot 3 and set the same switch to recall Snapshot 6. Recall Snapshot 6 and set the switch to recall Snapshot 2. Finally, you recall Snapshot 2 and set the switch to recall Snapshot 1. Now, you go back to Snapshot 1 and begin pressing the switch. Each successive press recalls the assigned Snapshot and you would cycle Snapshot 1 > 3 > 6 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 6 > 2 and so on for each switch press. NOTE: this assumes that the Snapshot Edits global is set to Recall. If it's set to Discard, you'd have to save the preset after each set in order for the changes to stick I had a similar issue to you. I have a Nirvana preset with 7 Snapshots laid out in a particular way in Stomp Mode. Once I updated, as soon as I hit a FS to select a new Snapshot, all the FS's that had Snapshots assigned to them said "Next Snapshot". I had to go through all 6 affected Snapshots and reassign the HX Snapshot parameters for every Snapshot. I think this is another case of L6 having a great idea but not implementing it quite as well as they could. Of course, this is part of the process for identifying bugs so hopefully someone sees this and comes up with a solution.
  5. What I'm saying is that the "Press" parameter is set to "None" but the display still says "Next Snapshot", and pushing the button doesn't cause the unit to select the next Snapshot; it doesn't do anything, as intended. It functions correctly, it just doesn't present the user with the correct information on the display, which has the potential to cause confusion.
  6. In Command Center, if you set the "Press" parameter of an "HX Snapshot" command to "None", the label in the Stomp Mode display will keep its previous label, despite the fact that it no longer does anything.
  7. zappazapper


    I was making a joke. I'm eager for the update but most of the users around here know that I'm really not interested in most of the things that are being speculated to be in that (every?) update, for example more amps and more reverbs, and the people that are typically into those kinds of things seem to be the most impatient. I'm more interested in improvements to control, more interested to see if my relatively unpopular Ideascale suggestions got any notice by the developers and might have made it into the update based solely on merit. The Helix has more than enough toys inside for me to be excited to use it, I'm just looking for some rather minor changes to how the thing can be controlled, and yes, the sooner that happens the better for me so yes, I am certainly eager for it to go live to see if those improvements are there, but no, I'm not in that group that thinks L6 isn't doing the job of providing updates properly. Fundamental disagreements on priorities aside, they're doing a pretty good job of doing what they choose to prioritize.
  8. zappazapper


    Oh I'm with you. When properly tested, "golden ears" don't preform better than a coin flip on anything. Having said that, I think there will always be improvements that can be made. But yes, the gap between modeling and reality has certainly shrunk and there's not a ton of room there anymore to improve. But the new poly effects certainly make a case for a unit with more processing power. And then if you're going to make an entirely new unit, you have a chance to evolve the control paradigm. So there are still reasons to design something new, even if the modeling has become nearly perfect.
  9. zappazapper


    Uh. I don't want to get sucked in to this either, but... There was that video of DI going through various conceptual designs they had done over the years and the reasons for not pulling the trigger on them, and there was at least one product that shelved on the basis of global economic factors, which resulted in a more simplified product in the HD line, and then when the bottom fell out of the silicon market they were able to quickly pivot to the HD500X. The point being, we're currently in a situation of global economic uncertainty and a lack of supply in the silicon market. Most definitely there are various designs in the works but considering the factors that exist, we might actually want to wait a few years for a new product because what they would end up releasing today would most likely be something that wouldn't be much of an improvement over the first generation Helix. Competing in this market segment doesn't always mean having the "best" product on the market. L6 has a product on the market that is still relevant and which makes them money without incurring any design costs, testing, etc. Their profit margin on the products that exists is probably higher than any of the competing companies, and until those economic factors change, they're probably going to hold tight and just continue to bounce around conceptual designs of what they would make if/when the situation improves.
  10. zappazapper


    Well this was a mistake...
  11. zappazapper


    Soon like when?
  12. You probably want to use an external microphone preamp for connecting a mic to the Return 1 jack. Yes, you can connect it with just an XLR to 1/4" TS cable, but that doesn't mean the signal level or impedance will be ideal for what that jack expects. Adding a gain block will increase the signal level, but also the noise that comes along with it. Microphone preamps are designed to add gain to microphone signals in a way that results in a cleaner output signal, partly because the input impedance of a microphone preamp will be different than a jack that expects line-level signals. The Aux jack also probably has a different impedance spec than the Guitar Input (apart from the fact that it doesn't come with the ability to control the input impedance) and will likely also behave differently than the Guitar Input, although I suspect this will cause less of an issue than plugging a mic into a line-level jack.
  13. I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad idea. What I'm saying is that once you've been around this forum long enough, you start to see that development resources aren't unlimited and most of these types of ideas never even get considered, much less implemented. In the whole scheme of things, using an external MIDI controller is a much more realistic solution than expecting L6 to address your issue in a firmware update in any kind of timely manner. You might wait a long time for that to happen, if ever, but you can buy an external MIDI controller TODAY and your problem will be solved.
  14. It's not that the Stomp has the effect of darkening the tone of your pedals, it's that your pedals have their own input impedance, which when plugged directly into your guitar, load the pickups in a particular way that affects certain properties, mainly frequency response. Now that your guitar is no longer directly connected to your pedals, your pickups are being loaded differently, which makes your signal sound different. Also, there could be an impedance issue with how the FX Loop interacts with your pedals, which can be adjusted in Global Settings > Ins/Outs. Since your pedals are designed to be plugged into a guitar directly, you might want to use the "Instrument" setting here instead of "Line". The point is that there is no inherent incompatibility issue between your Stomp and your pedals, it's just a matter of finding the right settings. Many have gone through the same headaches trying to get 4CM working, which is essentially the same thing as putting a distortion pedal in an FX Loop. I've been trying to get it working properly for 15 years and I'm still not sure I got it. Just keep experimenting and asking questions. You'll get it working properly sooner or later.
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