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  1. 2.82 UP to speed. Updated to 2.82. [From 2.71] No problems with setlists, presets or toggle switch. Feel vindicated that 2.80 & 2.81 was the problem, as I predicted, and not anything I was doing wrong. Well done Line 6 for addressing these problems even though they did not disclose they were major bugs!
  2. 2.82 UP to speed

    2.82 !!. Updated. No problems with setlists, presets , or toggle switch.

    Feel vindicated that the problem was 2.80 & 2.81 as I predicted and not anything I was doing wrong. Well done Line 6 for addressing problems even though it was not disclosed as a major bug!

  3. Hi Phil M. Have tried everything mentioned in all posts and many other methods. You mentioned in a previous post you would like a look at the setlist. It that still the case?
  4. Again, Thanks for above 3 responses. However all of this has been tried. Including importing one preset at a time, checking etc. Very time consuming and to no avail. Gone back to 2.71 and everything perfect again, including preset knob which was also not working properly in 2.81. I hope time will tell and prove that it is Helix Edit 2.81that is causing the problem!
  5. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem!! Exactly the same but only on last 3 presets in 1 of my setlists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5GMVRPwqkI
  6. PS. I am still convinced it is 2.81 Edit and not the hardware!
  7. Tenacity, possibly - but was asked for files.. Frustration, Yes. I like to know what's going on in order to trust the Helix in a Live environment. I have 125 presets in this setlist and I wish I knew which ones were causing the problem. It is not the last 3, they are just the ones affected in import/export If you know how to isolate which ones, please enlighten me. This is not manipulating firmware, just up or down grading versions. When more people start finding this problem [which I am convinced they will] maybe Line 6 will address it.
  8. Latest! Have now tried 4 more upgrades to 2.81 from 2.71. [15 upgrades tried with 2.60 to 2.81] I have tried all methods suggested, whether individual presets imported in to saving all manually on Helix before import and a lot more of my own methods. Regardless this is the problem: 1. When the presets rebuild in 2.81 on the Helix they are fine. 2. When you export setlist in Edit 2.81 they are fine. 3. When you import setlist into 2.81 the last 3 presets 32B, 32C, and 32D go weird. [These are the ones I know of.] Sometimes you can rename them, sometimes it crashes the Helix. 4. The setlist bank also becomes corrupted for any other setlist import. 5. Whether setlists from 2.60, 2.71, or 2.81 before and after rebuild the imported setlist in 2.81 corrupts. Conclusion: 1.Helix Edit is the problem in its exporting algorithm! or 2. My setlist is corrupted, which begs the question - WHY it is perfect in all other versions prior to 2.80/2.81 and surely you must be able to pull in previous version setlists anyway! I will try and upload 4 setlists. These are slightly different on the last 3 presets as I have experimented with them, but they all have the same problem. If anyone who thinks they have an answer or still thinks I am doing something wrong and wants to try these, feel free. Some of the presets use IR's, but this will not affect the import. PS Note the difference in kb between 2.71 and 2.81 rebuilt, increase but no change to presets WARNING. If anyone does try these, make sure YOU back up everything first, as in 2.81 it can effect your Helix. Keep the presets if you wish, but be aware, there MAY be a corrupted preset and it may not be in the last 3! Files: Solo 1 2.60. Exported in Edit 2.6 Solo 1 2.71. Exported in Edit 2.71 Solo 1- 2.81 rebuilt. Upgrade from 2.71 - Helix rebuild - open Edit 2.81 - exported. Solo 1 - 2.81 imported. Shut down Helix - Start Helix - open Edit 2.81 - imported - exported
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. This is a great community. I have now gone to 2.7 [Perfect] and will again try to go to 2.81 soon. The only thing I have not tried is saving all [one by one] in the Helix after rebuild.[surfsup] But I seem to remember on one of my many upgrades to 2.81 the last 3 patches were already corrupt and by saving them it crashed the Helix. gbr13697 comments are a worry though as although I have no factory presets currently in my Helix I originally used some as starting templates. [3 years ago - 2.1] God knows which ones now.
  10. When I mean Line 6 told me to rebuild the setlist, that is from scratch, not the Helix rebuild. I can see the confusion some people have had. I am still convinced that 2.81 deals with setlists/presets differently. I have now updated to 2.71. No problems. All setlists/presets perfect. Line 6 think I may have a corrupted setlist or corrupted presets. If this is the case, why is it only 2.81 that has the problem with them? If anyone still thinks it is still my fault and you are the master of updates etc, I would be happy to send you my setlist, [from 2.6 or 2.71] and you can experience my issues in 2.81 as well. Remember you must be able to import a setlist from any previous version, otherwise the whole point of saving is lost. Before anyone jumps on this, of course I let 2.81 rebuild my presets initially on upgrade. When setlist is exported and imported in Edit 2.81 is where the fun starts!
  11. Thank you all for your comments. BUT you are all assuming that I have done something wrong. I have tried every combination that people have suggested. The bottom line is that there is bugs in 2.81, whether it is in the firmware or the edit. Remember it only took a few days to release 2.81 after 2.8 as there were major problems. Line 6 has listed known bugs in 2.81. They just do not know all of them yet. Please remember that Line 6 had the same problem with my setlist and if they are not doing it right who can we trust!
  12. Thank you for your response, however I am very competent at upgrading and it has nothing to do with that. I also can upgrade in less than 30 minutes with no apparent problems until you start delving into the presets themselves. For example, 2.5 to 2.6 decided to swap 2 gain blocks on to off and off to on between snapshots in a preset. I have also imported the problem setlist into my bass players Helix LT [2.81]. [I have the full Helix] Same problem. Technical support has also had my setlist and are trying to say it is corrupted as they had exactly the same problem. I assume they know how to upgrade! It is perfect in 2.6 but when imported into 2.8 the last 3 presets, 32B, 32C,32D are OK apart from names slightly changing. But when you then export this in Helix Edit 2.8 and re-import it, they go bananas.
  13. Fair point. I am sceptical as it seems that there are many other problems with 2.81. However I will try it sometime, but as I have spent over 15 hours going back and forth between 2.6 and 2.8 trying various methods including bringing individual presets in, in small clumps, I will wait awhile. Thanks for your suggestion though.
  14. Upgraded to 2.81 and now have corrupted setlists. Mainly last 3 in one of my setlists. Go back to 2.60 - Perfect. There is an issue when renaming presets in 2.81. Seems OK until exported and then imported. Comes in corrupted. Many emails back and forth to Line 6 support. Their only solution - Rebuild all my presets. [Yeah Sure - I have hundreds]. Back to 2.60 we go again.
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