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  1. shawndeveau

    Jeezus H Christopher

    Dear Line 6, I love your products, but could you please hire programmers who understand how to create updates that don't require the user to jump through 17 different hoops? Have you seen your update instructions? 15 pages (Arial font, size 11) 6,678 words 33,126 characters (not including spaces) Utterly ridiculous!
  2. shawndeveau

    helix failed to load model [code-8200]

    Out of the blue, I am no longer able to select certain delays in one of my presets using the Helix editor. I get the error mentioned above. Anyone seen this and/or know how to fix it? Thanks,
  3. shawndeveau

    Copy Snapshots Between Patches

    Is it possible to copy and paste snapshots between patches?
  4. shawndeveau


    Not sure where to post this, so please move if appropriate. I'm wondering what folks recommend for guitar cables. I just use whatever is cheap at my local store. Is there a preferred professional choice of cable? Thanks, Shawn