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  1. That's exactly what I did. Haven't had any issues either. Slightly disappointing. I've noticed that with the Helix firmware updates. They're just suddenly there. :D
  2. Honestly, I didn't make this post to debate what came first, the chicken or the egg... From what we usually see in the computer realm, companies releasing hardware expected to work with Windows, will have to put in the work to update their drivers, so their hardware works with the latest update to the user's operating system. This isn't that. This is just a OS notification telling me, that my drivers are insecure following the latest update to Windows 11. I'm not complaining that my HX Stomp isn't working - it still works just fine with Windows 11 and HX Edit, and neither am I complaining that Line 6 hasn't updated their drivers. I simply asked if newer drivers were available, hoping that someone from Line 6 would reply and tell me that new drivers are "in the pipeline expected to drop soon"...
  3. Windows 11 Security Center is telling me, that my drivers are incompatible with the security option "Memory integrity". Is there a fix for this? I've looked for newer drivers, but don't seem to be able to find any. Sincerely, Jesper
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