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  1. Any success using the Sp 1 with the LT? I’m just going to try.
  2. I have the Sp1 with the toe switch .Hope i can use it with the Helix LT even though i may not need to use the toe switch.Hope it would work as a regular exp pedal.
  3. Hey guys, I just downloaded the 3.0 update but can't figure out the freeze function that I hear on this video.Can someone how to bring about that effect?
  4. I guess no new patches.I just did a reset with 7&8 foot switches but it's all the same ones on factory presets!
  5. Are there any new patches with the update?
  6. Thanks.My main Volume knob controls the output volume of both XLR & 1/4 inch.
  7. Thanks.I have a Helix LT.I didn't know there was a volume knob control setting.Is it in the Global section?
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply.I will read more & check on the 4CM .Are there any settings to be made on the Helix? From what I just read,I would have to add a Send/Return block on every patch I use.Is that right? If that's the case it would be for later, asI doubt if I would have the time to do it for tonight's performance! For direct to power amp you mentioned " Make sure the Helix Volume Knob is NOT set to XLR." -Do you mean the 1/4 inch output or is there a separate setting for Volume knob?
  9. Hi guys, Been enjoying my Helix LT & now got a Fender deluxe reissue amp which is a great treat by itself.Just wondering how to put these 2 together. I’ve read the forums & decided not to go for the 4 CM option now.Seems complicated. How does the Helix sound directly in the power amp section of the Fender amp? I feel a bit reluctant about this as I will not be using the tubes of the fender amp this way.What difference will it make if I use the Helix in the effects loop as far as tone quality is concerned ( power/ preamp in/out ) of the Fender amp? Or if I just turn off the amps & cabs of the Helix & go direct into the front of the Fender amp will it be the best option? If so is there a way I can turn off all amps & cabs on the Helix globally? If i’m plugging into the front do I need to switch Helix output to Instrument? Anyone using the Fender blues deluxe with the Helix,please share you thoughts.Others welcome too.Thanks.
  10. jesuscares

    Bundle Backup

    Thanks.I found the IR's somehow .The main concerned I had was that if I saved a bundle that was saved before the update, will I be able to restore the same bundle with IR's on the new version after update.Will Helix accommodate the old bundle on a new update? Thanks
  11. Thanks guys.Setting it to global fixed the issue.Do most of you set the pedal to Linear?
  12. Hi guys, Just got my Helix Updated.In oder to get the new factory set lists I had to loose my User set list.So I reloaded it back.However I don't see my IRs! Will I be able to reload my old Bundle & get back the IRs on the list.For now the User IR list seems empty. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I am sure this question must have been asked before but can’t find the answer right now.When changing from patch to patch I find the volume shooting up way too high on certain patches & too low on some.In live situations I keep the volume pedal tilted towards the toe position around 80% so when i need to boost on solos i can step on it all the way up.I would also prefer it to go all the way to zero on the heel position so i can mute any unwanted signals when not playing. How do I avoid this volume shoot ups when changing patches? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the prompt response.I am planning on recording the band Live so wanted to have the drummer, bass,lead,keys & vocals on individual tracks to edit & tweak later.Lead ,drums & keys will have to go in stereo.Guess I will do some further reading & see what it says.Unfortunately the XLR has no mic input. I just realized that overall the LT has only 1 input ,apart from Variax (which I don't own). In that case I can send only 1 instrument at a time.I wonder whether I can I can feed in 2 other mono instruments using the 2 send/return & those 2 instruments routed separately into 2 other tracks in Logic.That way I can record 3 instruments at a time (maybe guitar in stereo & 1 Bass guitar & I acoustic guitar.
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