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  1. Hmmmmm.Great thread but is out after all? I saw an youtube video with some predictions.Not sure what's it all about though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvhymKwvXOg
  2. jesuscares

    Any way to swap presets?

    Just checking if there are any improvements on the Swap question.Still hoping something would come up to make it an easy swap.
  3. jesuscares

    Suggestions for mini expression pedal.

    Thanks.I wonder if it’s suitable for Helix. For some reason folks prefer the mission pedal.What cannot this pedal do compared to that? This being a L6 pedal.
  4. jesuscares

    Suggestions for mini expression pedal.

    can anyone suggest a mini size expression pedal for Helix that works well without mods? Thanks
  5. jesuscares

    Importing IR bundle into Helix native?

    Thanks for the quick reply.Yes I did add/import the IRs on Helix when I started ,but it always remained (as far as I remember) each time I did a backup.It's a bit cumbersome to match the tones with the original Its used on Helix hardware to the Native.Wish they can come up with an easy work around. Appreciate your quick reply.
  6. jesuscares

    Importing IR bundle into Helix native?

    Hi guys, I just imported my Helix hardware bundle into Helix native, but I found that none of the IRs got imported.I thought when transferring from Helix to helix (hardware) ,the complete IR list could be imported along with the bundle. Why is this not possible while transferring from hardware to native? Anything I'm doing wrong?
  7. jesuscares

    Vol pedal Not working on this tone !

    Thank you for your kindness.Now I do understand why it wasn't working.Thanks for the attached preset that you took the trouble to work on.
  8. jesuscares

    New Looping Function 2.6 ?

    It's a lot of work assigning a looper in each effect. #1 There should be an available slot. # 2 The looper assignment on each patch should match the one on the next (or something like that) if not it gets cut off while moving from patch to patch.Not an easy work around for sure !
  9. jesuscares

    Vol pedal Not working on this tone !

    Yellow.hlx Wondering why the volume pedal is not working in this tone (attached).Not sure about the expression pedal assign etc.Can someone help me understand how it works.
  10. jesuscares

    New Presets - Help

    Does Helix Native cary the new presets too?
  11. jesuscares

    Helix direct or via Spider valve?

    Just your opinion please.Will the Helix sound better direct to PA or via my Spider valve MK2? Do tube amps help enhance the sound quality of the Helix?
  12. jesuscares

    New Looping Function 2.6 ?

    Thanks for the response.I guess an external looper should be a lot easier to handle.Or I will connect the looper with send/return.I wish it came with a default looper in every patch like the HD500.
  13. jesuscares

    New Looping Function 2.6 ?

    Thanks for bringing this up.The helix is definitely a great unit but I came to know that the looper isn't very practical for use.Assigning the looper is a mess as it turns off when you move to different patch that doesn't have a looper assigned.I also understand that there is a certain block to assign it on the patch ,if not it will turn off by itself!.Haven't figured that out yet.So does the 1 switch user have the same drawbacks ?
  14. jesuscares

    Global EQ Pre/Post?

    Is there a choice on the helix to set the global EQ to pre or post?
  15. jesuscares

    Tap Tempo question.

    Thanks guys.I was looking for the 'Tap' word like in older PODs.So all the note selections given in fractions are set to Tap tempo I guess.