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  1. Just posting this as a "take care in doing this" post! I bought the Tesi Switch button replacements....and they are a great add on for my Helix. When I was trying to pull off the plastic button/knob on one of the smallest ones under the LCD panel, the whole post came out. I was barely pulling when it just popped out. Now, it still will go back in and function properly but will just slides out if I pull up on it. The other button/knobs needed more pressure to pull off but the button/knob came off as expected. I've had my Helix since they first came out in Canada 3 plus years ago and have nothing but good things to say about it. I have no expectations of Line6 to repair this as it's my choice to do the "upgrade". Just be cautious people!
  2. Thanks for all the responses gang....much appreciated!
  3. Thanks arislaf.....I'll have a look when I get home from work. I had been specifically looking for the word "wah" so that's why I didn't look at those. lol :)
  4. I read on here where someone mentions trying the auto-wah. I can't for the life of me find it. Could someone point me in the right direction to the auto-wah? Thanks, Mark
  5. Just tried this last night...wow...great tip!
  6. I find sometimes when scrolling through my loaded IR's that all of a sudden a very loud squeal and digital noise is heard. This happens with the software attached to the floor model and using just the floor model alone. I now turn all audio off when changing IR's. Anyone know of this issue or how to fix it? Thanks, I found out it was a corrupt IR from the Allure IR bundle...... :)
  7. Marcus2323

    Helix stand

    great idea ricstudioc...so simple!
  8. I believe there will be a trial version that will give you time to decide if you like it or not so I wouldn't be too concerned with whether it "sounds the same or not" claim because you'll have the time to see for your self if it does or not. Mostly reverbs and delays don't translate well from venue to venue due to "the room" you are playing in anyway. Just stand in front of your amp and play then stand off axis and it sounds different. For $99 ..... I'm in either way. :)
  9. Great video tutorial! Thanks a lot for all your effort. :D
  10. Just got the amp back and the ticket says they replaced the fuse and checked the bias. That's it. I was annoyed at first they didn't do more but I guess in looking at it at least I know it's been checked and ok.
  11. So if I pick the 5150 pre the DT50 will adjust properly through the L6link?
  12. Hi mtreehugger, The email I got said I should take it in and have them repair it. I made it very clear to the support people as well as at the store that I am not having any issues that I am aware of. They took it with out any questions. I gave the store a copy of the support ticket for reference as well. All that to say that they didn't tell me what, if anything, would be fixed/replaced. I will update here once I get it back....hopefully next week!
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