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  1. Just got work from Line6. My amp is covered. "Hello, The tech bulletin 059 is for all amps even if purchased used. They do not need the receipt to perform the work on it. Regards, Andrew Product Support Line 6" :)
  2. Did you have to show a sales receipted when you had the work done or just take it in.
  3. Does anyone know if you need proof of purchase to have this work done. I have a dt50 that line6 say is covered by this bulletin but i'm not the original owner.
  4. March? What a tease! :P OK I guess I'll have to wait. I don't mind paying for the amp upgrades, I did that with the XT I just want the metal pack. Sounds like I'll be reworking my patches soon. :)
  5. Did anyone else notice the firmware update for the pod hd on the home page? V2.6 Unfortunately the link doesn't work and line6 monkey doesn't show it either.
  6. Oh I'll try that. Didn't need to do that before, it just asked me to log in.
  7. elovercast


    Anyone else not able to download patches from custometone?
  8. Bought me a blue cable.Very nice, well made with quality parts! Thanks
  9. Checked it and it does automatically set it to stack output mode. Changed it to studio, turn everything off and back on again and it changed back to stack output mode. Thanks Everyone.
  10. Hi Everyone, Just trying to find the answer to this question. Which output mode should I use on the HD500 when connecting it to the DT50 via L6 link? I've read though all the manuals but can't seem to find a definitive answer. Thanks
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