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  1. Can anyone recommend some small speakers for use with the HX Stomp in a living room? I have a PowerCab I use with a full Helix out of the way but this is too much for the living room. I am looking for some some suitable speakers that could be used with a line in or bluetooth for music as well as connection to the HX Stomp. Thanks.
  2. @TLF2007 I did some back to back testing and my Freqout pedal is now pretty much redundant ;-) Many thanks for this TLF2007
  3. @BobOD Try this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=simaPS7dzLw The amp seems to use a single cable footswitch input and control 6 functions - check if the footswitch uses TRS or standard guitar lead. Helix can send to Ext Amp and control TIP, RIng or TIP & Ring with momentary or latching on the buttons. You may be able to program 3 buttons with latching to send one of 2 states to each of the 3 outputs but I think you may only get 3 different outputs. I don't know without trying. The footswitch itself is about £80-£100. Why not use the Helix and the Marshall models in there through a PA or PowerCab?
  4. Yes, it seems odd that the L6 Link level has to be manually edited on the output of each patch when other outputs can set it globally. Maybe I am understanding something incorrectly but it seems like it could be done globally for L6 Link too in a future firmware release.
  5. Thanks for all the responses in this thread. I bought the pedal and just came back to this thread and saw the patch to try. Natural high is the most convincing thing I found on the pedal so I am looking forward to giving @TLF2007 example a try out and compare with the real thing. I will post an update later.
  6. Download the older version and run it on Windows 10 with compatibility settings. It worked for me. The screen resolution was a bit small but workable on a larger screen or different resolution. Alternatively you could install an older operating system on your PC or on a virtual machine under Windows 10. Don't blame the company because you chose to upgrade your PC beyond the supported operating system for an older product. There are ways to solve your problem.
  7. I have been wondering about this myself. Is the global setting for Line 6 Link set a bit low? Is there even a global setting for it? I see a Digital level setting in Global Settings for S/PDIF or AES/EBU but not specifically for Line 6 Link on my Helix Floor. I tried setting to AES/EBU and selecting a +18dB output and I get no effect on the Powercab. I wonder if the global setting is operating differently to the model output setting. On a particular model I am using the output setting I see is set to -2.7dB on the Output (Multi) Turning this up pushes the Powercab to Yellow and into Red with some drive like your results above which sounds a lot better.
  8. @datacommando Many thanks. I am still overwhelmed by all that it does and don't have a deep understanding of all the pedals. Perhaps this great Freqout effect will be added one day as so many people would love that feedback at low volumes.
  9. Can the Helix simulate the effect of this Freqout pedal somehow? e.g. could a chorus pedal do something similar with momentary switching?
  10. Would it be possible to look at modelling a speaker with razor blade slashes to the cone like the Kinks did for their tone?
  11. Bugs observed on my Helix Floor 2.9.0 Firmware 1. Loss of sound while playing - connection to Powercab 112 Plus via L6 Link. 1 block used Amp Model Essex 30, Added Deranged Master, played a few notes and sound tailed off and crackled then silent. 2. Lock up of unit - think this occurred after changing preset, playing a few notes and then accessing Tuner (Did the boot speed optimisation delay the loading of some modules to post boot e.g. Tuner?)
  12. Even setting the defaults to Pentode not Triode would be better than no change. Hopefully they will take up the suggestion to edit some of the patches to sound their most suitable out of the box with DT amps connected.
  13. I don't think I have any model packs. I have had instability in operation - sometimes the Pod500 worked, then it didn't, then it would come back to life and reboots would be ok. It was working well for a while, I did an update and it went a bit crazy again. I think I have it back to normal but I lost so much time with it so I created the post. Biggest learning so far - do not power it up without a guitar connected and flash as that really seems to lock it in to Update Flash mode. I have had the correct flash for USB display before but now it is 0.00 - I will try another recalibration and post later.
  14. @RonSom1976 Thanks for replying. Once you disconnect from the PC, look on the Pod HD500 setup screen. What versions do you see there?
  15. @Digital_Igloo Many thanks that will be great and may save someone else a few hours wondering why the DT25 was not responding :-) @gtrman100 Thanks. The reason I requested it to be added was so that once set up it does not all disappear next firmware update.
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