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  1. Vic20-Ian

    HD500X flash memory problems!

    Is it stuck on UPDATE FLASH?
  2. Vic20-Ian

    No Low Volume Mode

    Not being funny here but the low volume mode works best at lower volumes. It is still quite loud at the higher volume levels. Try comparing volume 2 with and without the low volume mode switch engaged. If you turn the amp up from there the low volume mode does get louder but significantly less than normal mode.
  3. After over 10 hours of installing and reinstalling I finally managed to get the USB Driver to install and run. Problem: Workbench installs fine Line 6 Monkey installs and updates fine but reports no USB Driver Windows Device Manager reports corrupted or incompatible driver when usb interface is plugged in The solution: Click Start, Type Core, Select Core Isolation and run, turn off the Memory Integrity then reboot. The driver then miraculously functions fine. Line 6, please pin this somewhere as it was incredibly hard to find a solution and please see if the issue can be addressed.