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  1. Hi, I ended up enabling the input noise gate in the HX Stomp and stopped worrying about it, I have had a Helix LT for the past 18 months and when I use the magnetic pickups on my Variax with the LT I get the same type of buzz so I think it’s maybe an environment thing at home.if I use the models then it’s silent. At rehearsal volume with a Stomp and FRFR I did not notice the buzz with my MIM Strat.
  2. Hi @psarkissian, how do you clean the contacts on the 3 way selector on the JTV 59 ? Do you need to take the access plate off to get to them ? thanks
  3. How do you get the contact cleaner onto the 3 way switch ? Do you drip it down the shaft of the selector from the top or do you need to take the access plate off the back ? My JTV 59 has developed a very crackly noise when switching between mags.
  4. Thanks for the video links ! I think the Global Digital Level is if you use SPDIF or are connecting to a non Line 6 system via AES/EBU and is bypassed for L6 Link
  5. Hi It seems that with L6 link the trick is to leave the Helix LT output level at 0db on the preset Output block, crank the LT big knob to max and then use the Speaker Level slider in the Powercab section in the HX Edit Output block which you can simply raise until you get the yellow light flickering.
  6. As an aside, I had the L6 link cable and midi connected at the same time from my Helix LT to my PC 112 plus ( using midi to control the Powercab volume) when I was changing presets that had specific speaker models selected I had to select the preset twice before the Powercab would change speaker model, disconnected the midi cable and now it works as expected ...
  7. Hi gang I have been struggling to work out how to set my digital signal levels via L6 Link from my Helix LT to provide enough oomph to drive the input indicator on the PC 112 plus to flicker yellow. Getting the input to flicker yellow seems to be the accepted wisdom of driving a good sound out of the PC112 plus and is mentioned in the manual. I finally got the hint I needed from the Powercab FB group...Thank you ! I had been adding gain on the output level of the LT preset by 12-18 db to get the input light on the PC 112 plus to flicker yellow which was then messing up my other non PC 112 plus scenarios such as using Jamulus. It seems that the trick is to leave the Helix LT output level at 0db on the preset, crank the LT big knob to max and then use the Level slider on the Powercab model itself in HX Edit which you can simply raise until you get the yellow light just flickering . I had been adding input gain on the PC 112 and then was told that only effects analog and usb inputs and not L6 link. it sounds goood too. Hope this helps others !
  8. I found I also had to add between and 12 and 18 db to the output when using L6 link to connect my LT to PC 112 plus and get the input light to light up yellow, that’s with PC 112 plus input 1 gain on +6 and Digital output gain on LT on +6 DB , that just does not seem right ... I will try just connecting via 1/4 inch guitar cable
  9. We rehearse remotely using Jamulus (5 piece band) and that involves about 35-40 ms latency, we got used to it pretty quickly as the alternative was not to rehearse together at all so I guess your acceptance of latency you personally find acceptable with wireless always going to be a trade off. I did try the RF Sennhiesers a few years ago and the hiss got annoying, went back to wired but with a braided headphone extension cable and nice 250 ohm headphones for home, works fine for me !
  10. Hi @bobcoss Where are you making this adjustment , on the input gain on the Powercab ? “One of the things I love about the powercab + is that it has an LED to indicate the input levels, and flashes RED when its starting to clip. So as you build your patch, set your LT to unity gain (no blocks turned on) and adjust the input to your powercab so that it's flashing on your loudest strums in the yellow. Some might say it could flash briefly in the red, but I adjust the input on the powercab until I get a flash of red, and then back it off a little.”
  11. It worked like a charm, thanks , is there anyway to get a visual indicator of the current sent value , I found I had to limit the max to about 90 so around 3/4 max volume to give a bit of finesse
  12. Thank you , will look for a long Midi cable , is there is a max length for Midi cables ?
  13. I got a used Diago Showman off eBay, my LT fits nicely with room for my Polytune , leads and room for a couple of other pedals if needed , the one thing is you will need is right angled jacks to clear the back of the case, my AES/ABU cable fits fine and it keeps everything tidy at home and when we go to rehearsal etc
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