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  1. Thanks everyone! :) Is there a recommended "contact cleaner" to use. Thanks, D
  2. Hi, I have essentially a new JTV-59 tobacco burst that I find I don't use very often however I did go to use it the other day and found that when using only the mag pups' that the toggle switch down (which I believe is bridge position works fine however when I toggle up to neck position (rhythm) there is boo sound, them a bit of crackling and then intermittently the sound kicks in and then goes again. Has anyone had this and what would be the recommended fix? Is there any "toggle switch cleaner" and could this be from lack of use? Thanks, Derek
  3. Perfect, thanks...I will give that a try as I am using the HD500x. Thanks, Derek
  4. Hi, I just recently started using my JTV-59 and I am wondering if there is a way to listen to the various different guitar tones either via Workbench or another method (maybe with headphones) that would allow me to hear the acoustic models for example, prior to whatever it is I intended to ultimately output them through? Hope this makes sense... Thanks, D
  5. Hi Spaceatl, One last thing...how do you know which power amp topology it is on when you are running into the Return/Pwramp in? For example, if I am running another preamp into the DT50 head via the return/pwramp in and basically want to utilize the DT50's power section with as much "clean headroom" as possible....do I have to switch are the topology's and pentode/triode etc? Thanks, D
  6. Hi, Is there anyway to access the hidden features when just using a pod HD 500 X with the DT 50 amplifier? Or, are you required to still use one of the DT edit applications? Thanks, D
  7. Thanks radatats, Just wanted to verify the loop level comment as there is a loop level knob n the DT50 head. It is note # 13 in the manual. Would this level adjustment had impact/need to be changed? Thanks, Derek loop.tiff
  8. Hi, Just wanting to try to use the poweramp only section of my DT-50 head with another pre-amp. Can I simply run it into the FX return (pwramp in)? Does the loop level have any effect? Will the pwr amp section be the same not matter what option are selected of will it change by changing the topography etc? Thanks, Derek
  9. Hi, This probably has a very obvious answer, but just wanting to confirm..... the alternate tunings only work with a modelled guitar and NOT with the mag pickups....correct? Thanks, Derek
  10. Hi, I just got a brand new DT50 Head and since I didn't have a cab specifically for it, I used my Spider Valve II 2x12 cab by just connecting the speakers to the 16 ohm out on the DT. Quite honestly I thought it sounded fantastic...really quite punchy :) Not sure why I though the cab (Spider Value II 2x12) was 16 ohm by I did a couple hours of home basement playing, although I did turn it way up. Just realized that the cab is actually 8 ohm and not 16 ohm. Question is, what is the likelihood that this did any damage to the DT amp? I connected it to my MojoTone 4x12 which I have verified is a 16 ohm wiring config and to be honest it doesn't sound all that great and on channel 1 doesn't seem to get all that loud when using topology #II and with drive at 70%, volume at 90% and master at 90%. Thanks, Derek
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