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  1. Thanks, @phil_m for clarifying again. I'm aware of the different modes and I know how IRs work. And while I like the sound of them or the Helix cab-blocks when playing with headphones, I'm looking for a way more traditional sound and feel when the "amp" is sitting right next to me. And I really hope that I can get there when I get the whole gain staging worked out. I did some more reading and testing and I also rewatched two videos (Sadites and Sterlacci dialling in PC+). The videos show completely different levels there, but both don't seem to use L6-Link, Sterlacci even levels only the PC+ with a full Helix preset (he adds +6dB to the 1/4" input from PC+). When I level everything up to the max, the Powercab sounds definitely better. But I still doubt that it was designed to need the maximum boost of +20dB in Helix to even begin feeling alive.
  2. @phil_m by 11 I meant "all the way up", so at 5 o'clock. Normally I would set it to 3 o'clock so I have a little room upwards. But even at 100% my base-level seems to be super low. With everything as mentioned above, the output block's gain meter spikes around 50% with heavy strumming. Adding any amp block with factory default settings gives me double the volume (felt) and I have plenty possibilities to add gain in the chain, but it doesn't feel to me as the behaviour I get is intended. I have no comparison to other Powercabs. But on Flat Response it sounds very thin and weak with stock patches (Like US Double i.e.). On speaker mode, it sounds fuller and rounder, but still not like the magic amp in the room everyone is talking about.
  3. Hi there! I got myself a Powercab 212 recently and I'm trying to build some patches from scratch. My setup is either ES335 or LP, both equipped with PAF ––> Helix ––L6-L––> PC212. Helix Volume is at 11, all output levels are set to 0dB and Line-Level where possible. Powercab speakers are also set to 0dB. When I do some heavy strumming with no blocks active, it is impossible to get the PC input yellow. When I raise the Helix output block to +20dB I can clip the PC to yellow. When I add the max. +6dB raise to the PC-input, I can clip it to red with very hard strumming only. My guitars have a very low output (335 is a tad below 7K), but nonetheless this seems not right to me. How is it with your Helix-PC-combos? Any advice how I should set my gains here? Dev
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