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  1. So, a few more details and clarifications I learned. First, there is definitely no support for a toe switch on the HX Effects at present, although, supposedly, it may be enabled in future firmware or an updated product. Second, the Mission Engineering pedal with the switch does, in fact, have it on the toe (sorry if I was unclear on that earlier). Finally, and most importantly, after a quick chat with the Mission Engineering folks today I found out that you can easily remove the toe switch from the model that has one and, if at a later date you want to add it back in to use with a product that does support it, you can. All you have to do is remove the bottom plate of the pedal, disconnect the wire connector and small circuit board attached to the switch, use 9/16" wrench to remove the bolt holding the toe switch and you're done. It obviously leaves a small circular hole where the switch was, but you can tape over it. I just did this earlier this evening and it was very easy and now the pedal works just fine. It also removes the feel of the toe switch at the bottom, slightly increases the throw of the pedal and gives me the flexibility to add it back later should I choose to do so. Now, I can use the pedal as a volume pedal, wah, or to modulate virtually any other parameter in real time, so I think it does have real benefits over just a simple volume pedal. Bottom line, my purchase "mistake" turned out to work quite well. Hope this helps. Bob
  2. Well, I just got the Mission Engineering Expression with the toe switch today, hoping to be able to switch between modes as you described on my HX Effects and, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be able to do that. Plus, having the switch at the bottom of the pedal feels a bit annoying and, honestly, the travel of the pedal isn't as far as I expected. Any others with more thoughts on this and expression pedal suggestions? (And, ideally, clarification if the toe switch works with an HX FX?) Thanks.
  3. Quick request for a v3.1 tweak is to offer a mode that forces the footswitches to be in the signal flow order (of course, with options that some people count left to right, others right to left, some top to bottom and others bottom to top) and a type of visual indication that signifies where the fx loop hits. This would be particularly useful for people using the four-cable method with an amp and EFX loop on the HX Effects (or other units) and having seen something like this on TC Electronics' Plethora X5 (which I also just purchased and am checking out) is a super-useful feature. Thanks for considering. Bob
  4. Thanks. So, turns out the connection between the Marshall DSL40CR and the 6-way 91016 Marshall pedal just uses a standard 1/4" instrument cable (tip-sleeve), yet it's able to have six different settings. Don't know if it's sending out different voltages or something else, but I'm wondering if the Helix Effects can control all six different settings...starting to think it can't (except via MIDI), but would love to hear otherwise. Also, if you do use MIDI, can you set up the Command Center to just send those messages when you step on a pedal? Also, because there are only six switches on the HX FX, is there a way to have a single pedal step through different MIDI messages ever time you step on it to essentially scroll through the different amp channels (in this case), one by one?
  5. Ah right, hadn't considered the MIDI angle. Out of curiosity, do you know if the non-MIDI route would work? (Asking to see if it's possible to avoid getting a longer MIDI cable to run from the HX effects back to the amp...)
  6. Just bought a Marshall DS40CR and the 91016 6-way footpedal (which I both love!) and am wondering if Command Center function on the Helix FX could replace the functionality of all six buttons the Marshall footswitch. Anyone know? Also, is a specific type of cable required? Thanks in advance. Bob O'Donnell
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