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  1. any way to shore it up at all or a suitable replacement? BTW thanks for the quick response. Is it the same bridge on the JT's
  2. I have an issue with my tremolo. My Standard is approx 2 years old. The tremolo is very sloppy/wobbly in the socket. It only gets tight when I turn it all the way in which leaves the trem pointing backwards (towards the back of the guitar.) Any suggestions for a fix?
  3. Hi all, still relatively new to the forum. I have been using my Standard for close to year now. As a rhythm guitar player I love the many sounds I can get from this guitar, not withstanding the Yamaha platform which I love to play and sounds awesome. I use a number of guitar and acoustic settings and am still experimenting. One thing I noticed is the settings are a lot louder when I switch from the Yamaha to acoustic. The acoustic seems to be a lot louder which makes a quick switch a little rough. Can this be resolved by adjustments through the Workbench HD (which I haven't tried yet)? Thanks
  4. I bought my V-standard about a year and half ago. Came through a music store chain in a cardboard box (disappointed not even a gig bag supplied in the box). Having said that, the guitar itself was perfectly set up from the factory and as just the Yamaha Pacifica sounded remarkably Strat like. Everything worked great and still does. One criticism would be the cheap wobbly tremelo arm set-up., usable but sloppy. Other than that, my Telecaster and LP Studio are sleeping in a closet because I love the way it plays and feels.
  5. Well I thought I had downloaded it, but can't find it on my PC. I tried again and it now says there is no version of Workbench available for the V standard and Windows 10... I guess my question is...is this true? I bought this guitar with understanding I could download Workbench to tweek sounds etc.
  6. I bought my Standard a few months ago and I did find out the hard way not to leave it plugged in. I use it at 2 rehearsals a week plus practice in between. i can usually get 4 rehearsals at 2 hours each (or more) and some time at home before I need a recharge. Not sure if it discharges while plugged into an amp, but it does seem to last pretty well. I don't have on all night, only when I use the effects. I really like the sound of the straight up guitar as well.
  7. Just purchased a Variax Standard and tried to download the Workbench Software. I have windows 10 and are using Chrome. Shows it's downloaded, but I cannot open it. Any ideas?
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