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  1. I think Line6 can solve this by creating an IOs/iPad editor for Helix. Then you could have the iPad on a music stand and edit while having the unit on the floor for foot controller use. I have an AMPLIFi 150 that allows this type of IPad control. Wish my Helix had that.
  2. So the Friedman ASM12 is another option. You find it really good? Do you use one or two? And thoughts from those who use two in stereo? (And yep I'm waiting for many of you to post reviews of the Line 6 Power Cab when they arrive this week but for some reason I feel like it will be too plasticky with too many electronics and choices. For what I'm looking for that's a bug not a feature).
  3. Yep been reading about them here. Waiting also to see what people think. One thing that I do like about the Mission speaker is the mass. I don't plan on moving it much so I'm completely happy with that 72 pounds as really providing some sonic dimension. Noticed the Line 6 powercabs are 33 pounds although granted only one speaker. What I'm looking for with the Gemini is that true 4*12 or even 2*12 power and air moving like a Marshall stack. And wondering what people who have the Gemini 2 think of it.
  4. Realize many FRFR threads but would like to hear from Mission Gemini users is it worth it? I've been playing my Helix through a pair of Alto TS112's that I bought five years ago for $220 apiece. Didn't feel the sound was all there so for the past year been using Helix as a pedal board via 4CM into my Marshall dsl40c. Seeing these Mission Gemini 2 comments and reviews. Is it worth it for Helix? If you made the leap to a really expensive Mission Gemini solution for your Helix did you feel the upgrade was worth the money. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  5. What type of other speakers and/or cabinet are you using. Curious what this thing could drive.
  6. After playing a friends Marshall DSL40 the other day I got very nostalgic for the tube sound and air pushing through a Celestion guitar speaker. Contemplating getting one of these and using my Helix for the effects pedals via 4CM. Quick Q's for the pros here: 1) Any of you have any experience with this amp positive or negative? 2) Any specific experience using a Helix with it? Any conflicts with the Marshall switch that goes from clean to gain channel? I'm a hobbyist basement player who wants more sonic punch than what I'm getting running my Helix through two Alto 112's via XLR cables. This Marshall seems to be in my budget so grateful for feedback pro or con.
  7. Guys--know many of you are recording pros. Wondering though if there is a basic setup and camera recommendation to video record oneself playing + your guitar on Helix + an MP3 of the song you are playing along with. Looking for either a direct input of the sound (Helix Guitar + MP3) or camera with mic recommendation that can mic my FRFR speaker and my MP3 speaker as well. I've tried basic iPhone camera and then a go pro but the sound is a mess. Ideally have both the recording itself and my playing direct into the camera. Thinking easiest way for the YouTube uploads. Any hardware/helix cable recommendations?
  8. Question: I downloaded the 2.20 update to the firmware and all went well. Also downloaded the new 2.20 editor. It looks to have installed on my Mac just fine. However when I boot up the editor, I don't have the full selection of amps and effects. I then check the "About" tab and it says I have Helix Version 2.00.1. I deleted and re-downloaded the 2.20 editor a couple times from the Line 6 website but still get the "2.00.1" on my Version number. Any suggestions?
  9. I appreciate your feedback on this. Makes me feel sane and that it isn't just me. If any of you other guys have suggestions on that Pod Eruption tone that would be great. For the Line 6 guys, would love it if you could take that Pod sound and make a preset for the Helix with it.
  10. Folks, I have an old Pod X3 Live that had a pre-programmed Line 6 Eruption tone on it. That patch is/was spectacular. For some reason I can't seem to tweak the Helix to get something close. I've tried the Glenn DeLaune "early VH" patch but found it unsatisfactory. Do any of you have any favorite patches for this or set-ups you use with the Helix for that Eruption sound?
  11. Was a combo but point taken. As I keep thinking this through I'm coming to the conclusion that the slight delay pedals I'm usually using with all my Helix patches are the issue here. I usually have something in the 200-300ms department working much of the time for a bigger sound. And thinking I'm so used to playing with that versus just a basic tube amp w/no effects. That said, my friend and I had a bit of debate on it. He likes his straight clear sound. But on a lot of leads it feels like you need that extra layer something like Helix wraps into a neat package.
  12. This is probably true. I'm used to that heavy processed sound versus playing straight amp and no pedals.
  13. I'm a sound noob so go easy on me. Played a line 6 processed amp for many years now, including Helix for the past year. Tonight went over and plugged into my friends Marshall. Had a hard time playing for awhile as it seemed like all my note timing was off with my fingers. Had read on here that using a processed digital amp like a Helix, you have a latency that your brain/fingers adjust for and that latency isn't there with a pure tube amp. Accurate or no? And if accurate, do any of you who use the Helix as your pedal board via a four cable method with a tube amp experience this?
  14. Question for you, Fremen, and or anyone else who would like to respond, for a George Lynch/Dokken sound, which of Fremen's presets do you think is best?
  15. Been viewing this thread for the last four months. $49 seemed like a lot for presets and IR's. Finally made the plunge yesterday. Yeah, THESE were worth it. I'm a novice on the sound programming side of things, but clearly Fremen has not only an ear for this stuff but also the understanding of the EQ/response characteristics on the Helix. Haven't scratched the surface on all 175, but the hard rock stuff I like to play (VH, Scorpions, UFO) has plenty of options with this pack. Fremen has figured out how to get distortion in a way that all six strings sound clear, punchy and yet with sustain. I realize some valued Line6 employees read this board regularly---guys, you really need to figure out how to get Fremen's sound and types of patches to ship with the unit. The guy clearly understands your product better than you do. Or better yet, hire him. In any event, if any of you guys are on the fence here, buy the pack. This stuff is a gamechanger in my humble opinion. Only caveat is that these are basic sounds and you'll need to add in your own special pedals and twists you might like such as Wah, Flanger, etc. But he's got your basic guitar tone wired and wired well.
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