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  1. Hold on now that is a horse of a different colour. I think you are on to something. Im going to try that tonight thanks!
  2. well thanks all thats a bummer. you would think it should be 4... 1&2 Being the internal pedal and 3&4 would be the externals. Ugh maybe its something they can update......
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before but..... What is the max amount of expression controllers you can use on a Helix floor unit? Im just a little confused. Currently I am using the the one on board for both volume and wah switching between each with the toe button. I have another controller already attached to expression pedal 3 input which controls various things like delay feedback. I would like to get another controller to further expand my possibilities, say to control a modulation speed. If i did would i loose the ability to independently control the wah and volume? In summary, I would like to have is essentially 4 controllers the 2 that are on the board and 2 external ones. Possible?
  4. Thank you both I will keep on experimenting
  5. So I use my Helix a bit unconventionaly: (Stereo) XLR> poweramp> 2 closed back guitar speakers (scumback) loaded 1x12"s. the other signal flow is via SPDIF to my interface for recording. Once i get another interface that i can daisy chain via ADAT i'm ditching the SPIDIF - its not secure enough of a connection The tone im getting out to the speaker cabinets is absolutely great. wouldn't change it for the world But....... What i get out of the headphones from the helix and what i get out of the SPDIF... Meh, it sounds like a turd lately. fizzy like digital clipping, but weird. like the the signal is clean but there is this underlying fizz going on. This is most prominent when Im using the preamp versus the amp. the Problem is that the preamp sounds better to me "In the room" when going through the poweramp>cabinets. I Know that there is no possible way to match the sound exactly. its apples and oranges i know. but is there a good/better process to match the sound coming from my guitar speakers? Oh and side question Given the example below, What signal is fed to the headphones, is it the signal with the cab or not? Thanks in advance and happy humpday
  6. this is what I do and it works great, as it also frees up your XLR ports on your focusrite. the only caveat is that SPDIF isn't the most secure of connections it can pop out pretty easy.
  7. TOTALLY and im aok with it. all i want is it to sound better/real and now it does. so attached is what i did and it works like a charm. although i dont understand IR'S, they seem to behave differently that regular blocks, I cant drag and drop a different IR to try it out i have to remove and than place a new one. is this normal? regardless Ir's are pretty cool. im going to try the stock cabs and mics as well but what i have tried sofar for the Irs that i have sound great.
  8. I think that's it! Now I gotta figure out how to do it, and do it for all of my presets, Maybe i should create a template. Still not sure if Adobe audition can implement IR's so ill try and do it within the Helix first. If i mess it ill be back otherwise thanks! Anyone else using a power amp and guitar cabinets with their Helix? Its Pretty awesome, I can get some really great loud clean Jerry garcia tones with it.
  9. Thanks! Im using Adobe audition as My DAW I have to figure out how to get an IR into it. can you further explain how what i quoted you on would work? Will i still be using this signal chain? I'm currently not using the USB out Guitar>Helix Floor>Spdif>Focusrite Scarlett 18i20>Stereo Power amp> (2) 12" guitar speaker cabinets.
  10. My Current setup is as follows: Guitar>Helix Floor>Spdif>Focusrite Scarlett 18i20>Stereo Power amp> (2) 12" guitar speaker cabinets. I love this setup, sounds great (live in the room), although I can only use amp models without cabs because I am running them into a real guitar cabinet (Unless please if you have any suggestions). So Live it sounds great, but the recordings sound like Im going direct into a recording console. Which would be great in certain circumstances, but not all the time. What do you fine people suggest I do to get an accurate cabinet sound on my recordings? Do I need to re-amp? Is there some trickery with IRs that i need to Implement? 2 things id like to avoid: I dont want to have to throw money at the problem by buying some FRFR speaker set up. I would like to keep the same signal path as stated above. I know that i could go and buy 2 microphones, mic my cabs, and send that signal to the focusrite. but that would be throwing money at the problem and i'm already maxed out on inputs in my interface. I find that the Spdif out on the helix is an amazing thing.
  11. I still haven't been able to get into Ideascale. Ill try again with a different email address.
  12. I Guess..... just not looking to spend another 99 bucks.
  13. Totally know about helix Native. it's not an option really. I think you may be missing what i'm trying to accomplish. I would use HX edit JUST to pre-build a patch while not connected. This not to tweak and fine tune by ear, that's for when HX edit is connected to my floor unit guitar and amp. If there were a stand alone mode you could build the patch that you want, assign all the footswitches/snapshots/paths/order (all from the comfort of your bedroom/bus stop/train station/office). Once you create something you than connect it to your helix/guitar/amp and than do your final tweaking. Allot of the menusha of assigning footswitches and management of helix I don't want to do while my guitar is in my hands. I'd rather do it when i'm not trying to be creative. Menu diving is a buzzkill. Plus there is the ergonomics issue, I play standing and reaching forward to my computer while my guitar is around my neck can be a bit painful (spinal stenosis is a lollipop).
  14. And thank you, researching now So apparently im in some sort of endless loop with ideascale. I signed up but never got confirmation email, when i hit resend confirmation it just says member already verified by email. and nothing in SPAM
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