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    Delay/snapshots on HX Effects

    Hi all, Been tinkering around with the snapshots on my HX Effects. I'm trying to set one snapshot to 1/4 delay, one shapshot to 1/8 dotted and one to a fixed 320 ms delay. However, once I change the 1 button on my third snapshot to set a time instead of a subset (1/4, 1/8 etc), my other snapshots also change to a fixed time instead of the values I assigned to them. Am I doing something wrong? If so: please explain to me how I should do it.
  2. PlayinOcean

    HX Effects; 4 snapshots per preset??

    Hey all, Just got my HX Effects and I think I got most of it figured out, exept the snapshots. My question is: do I have 4 snapshots stored alongside a single preset, or do I have just 4 snapshots for the entire unit? In other words: if I go from my current preset to the snapshot-mode, will there be different snapshots there if I come from a different preset? Thanks in advance