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  1. Thanks for replying. I am not planning on introducing any overdrive within my guitar amp. But even without overdrive, the pre and power amp do introduce gain and sound colouring. But will that negatively influence a cab sim? The reason why running the output from the loadbox back into the HX is problematic, is because the signal I send from the HX at instr level (fx send 1) returns from the loadbox at line level. I want to do the send/return within one block and FX loop, but I can only set the impedance level for both fx in and out at the same time. If I change the impedance of the FX loop to line, I then send a line signal into my guitaramp. So either the HX or the amp receives a line signal while expecting an instr signal. There does not seem to be an easy solution to that issue, so that's why I thought of putting the IR somewhere earlier in the chain, where I can actually incorporate it.
  2. Hi all, I would like to use the HX Effects' ability to load IRs in order to go direct. In order to do that, I now have this setup in mind: guitar --> HX --> guitar amp --> loadbox --> FOH. My initial idea was to loop the signal back from the loadbox into the HX, then add a cabsim IR to the signal, and then send it off to FOH. That way the IR is placed where the actual speaker would be: after the preamp and the poweramp of the guitar amp. It would be a lot easier however to either put the IR as the final effect before going into the amp input (the amp is running clean) or if needed in the fx loop of the amp by going 4CM. In either of these cases however, the "speaker" would be in the wrong position, being either in front of the entire guitar amp or in front of the power amp. Will that affect the ability of a speaker-IR to emulate the response of a cab? Or do the pre or poweramps of my guitar amp not interfere with what a cab-IR does? Hopefully someone can demistify this for me. I would just try it out for myself, but I don't have monitor speakers at home, so I have to know if this setup works before installing everything for a gig.
  3. Interesting. Is it also the case that your guitar/amp combination usually has no noise on any pickup selection? And does it matter for you whether you have any effects engaged in your HX?
  4. Thanks for the replies. As I said, I am not at all surprised by the fact that my 1, 3 and 5 positions cause noise (I know how a strat is wired), but I am surprised by the fact that they didn't do so before. Also, there is hum without any effects in the signal chain, so the HX being true bypass (right?) shouldn't interfere. So I agree with SaschaFrank that it might be a ground issue. Will also look into EMF. If anything makes this issue disappear, I will let you know.
  5. Thanks for replying. I have been quite lucky with my strat. No idea what pickups are in it, but they haven't caused any issues yet. The setup is quite simple: strat --> HX --> Amp --> loadbox/attenuator --> speaker
  6. I've never had any noise issues with my stratocaster + tube amp setup. However, since using the HX Effects I get a very noticable hum on my 1, 3 and 5 pickup settings, which disappears completely when I switch to my 2 and 4 positions. I am aware of the difference between the pickup settings and why there is a difference. What I don't understand is why I suddenly have a hum in my setup, even with zero effects engaged. And if the HX is causing hum, why is it only doing so on the 1, 3 and 5 positions? Any feedback would be appreciated :)
  7. You could do this but i wouldnt recommend it. By bypassing your preamp you might get a clean sound, but it wont be a nice sound. Also, switching to your ambient preset from another setting would be a rather radical change in sound and volume. So you'd want to stay in your ambient preset for the entirety of a song. Have you considered putting a clean boost in your loop? That way you can push your preamp a little less, while getting the volume level you require.
  8. I just read in the HX manual that you can only asign line or instrument level to a combined fx loop in + out, instead of the two independent. This might cause problems for my setup: I want to send my signal from my guitar through HX to the amp at instrument level (as my amp-input is designed that way). Then, after the amp has fed the signal to the load box, I want to take the line out of the load box to the return input on my HX on the same fx-loop. That way the procedure only takes one send/return block. I also need to use a block for the IR, so that's two blocks used already before any effects are chosen. If the send/return pair is set to line I send a line signal into my guitar amp, if it is set to instrument, I recieve a line signal from the loadbox into my HX... I really don't want to be forced to use two different fx-loops (and two different blocks) to do the HX-->amp and the amp(/loadbox)-->HX. Does anybody have any experience with this setup and/or any advice on how to proceed?
  9. Thanks for replying. Do you mean that I should use 2 outputs in order to get a stereo sound? That would not have my highest priority. The most important question for me is if I understand the use of the HB load box correctly and if my proposed setup could work well. Unfortunately my amp does not have a slave out.
  10. Hi all, Ive been using my HX Effects in conjunction with my Mesa F30 to good effect. However, I am interested in running direct to FOH, and I was wondering if you guys could comment on my proposed setup: Guitar, HX, send to Amp input, amp speaker out to Harley Benton loadbox (I know, im cheap), then line signal to return/HX, using a good IR, then out to FOH through a DI. Perhaps I could use the speaker output of the loadbox to still use the amp speaker if I want to, but this is secondary. This is the loadbox I would buy for this use: https://m.thomann.de/nl/harley_benton_pa_100_power_attenuator.htm It's basically me really liking my amp but not wanting to use microphones anymore and having a loud amplifier on stage. And its me using the fact that the HX Effects does IR. Would this work? Does the specific loadbox that I linked have the required connections? I am not able to spend any more on this.. Hope you guys can advice my on this! Cheers.
  11. Hi all, Been tinkering around with the snapshots on my HX Effects. I'm trying to set one snapshot to 1/4 delay, one shapshot to 1/8 dotted and one to a fixed 320 ms delay. However, once I change the 1 button on my third snapshot to set a time instead of a subset (1/4, 1/8 etc), my other snapshots also change to a fixed time instead of the values I assigned to them. Am I doing something wrong? If so: please explain to me how I should do it.
  12. Hey all, Just got my HX Effects and I think I got most of it figured out, exept the snapshots. My question is: do I have 4 snapshots stored alongside a single preset, or do I have just 4 snapshots for the entire unit? In other words: if I go from my current preset to the snapshot-mode, will there be different snapshots there if I come from a different preset? Thanks in advance
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