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  1. Not sure what your goal is datacommando, but the noise issue I am having and the fact there is nothing I have found so far that I can do about it is not an opinion, it’s a fact. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be wasting my time coming here looking for help with it. Also if you need more "proof" of that just go to Google here: HX Stomp USB ground loop noise As from there at least at the time of this writing will you not only find multiple reports of the same issue and on a HX Stomp, but the top three are actually grouped responses from (1) this Line 6 support site, (2) Reddit, and (3) the Gearpage and all with many many reports of the same issue. Lastly, and this is rhetorical, but are you trying to deny that if unit was just simply built with a way to use the USB for HX edit, but just like many other turn off features the unit has, have one that disconnect its audio connection “back to the amp”, that this would not solve the problem? And not just for me but for all the other people who use this unit in the same way I and many others are and have the same problem? As in the end, that is all I am saying is the way it should be made.
  2. Well I thought I would give an update as to how things are going with this issue as I finally got the time today to try the iFi iDefender+ and iSilencer+ units on my system and will report that while the iDefender+ unit definitely had an effect and especially when separately powered, it did not 100% solve the problem. Before going into more and just to get this out of the way the iSilencer+ did absolutely nothing and either alone or combined with the iDefender+. So as mentioned above, prior in no matter what config I had the HX or PC in, if the HX via its UBS was plugged in to my PC, I was getting all kinds of odd noises back to my amp and ones that would often be altered by say using my mouse on a web page. Then with the iDefender+ plugged in the major low-level hum mostly went away, but then while quieter I instead got this bit of a whiny mid to high pitch noise, but then also this completely persistent whiny going in an out noise almost like some very turned down alarm clock that was going off, which oddly I did not have without the iDefender+ plugged in. One interesting thing is that at least when the iDefender+ was plugged in, if I turned off the HX unit it went dead silent, which it wouldn’t do without it. I would add that I then tried it on my plugged into my laptop and while like before the original issue was much less, oddly the iDefender+ seemed to have no effect at all like it did on the PC as even with it I could hear odd noises when using the laptop provided the power for it was plugged in. Lastly I would add that I tried unplugging everything from my PC including the power supply feed plug and while somethings would have a slight effect, I still had issues, so blame my houses wiring if you want, but if its having an issue when plugged into something that’s plugged into nothing else is, then it’s not the thing that thing is plugged into. I would also say I tried powering the HX with a Truetone CS12 Isolated power supply and tried that and the HX supply in all kinds of power outlets in the room including the one past all my power conditioners and that the amp is plugged into and nothing changed anything. So at the end of the day while I could use the iDefender its not going to 100% solve my issue and really just more or less alters the sound…so in the end I just want say how disappointed I am in this unit as all for the sake of one probably rarely used or needed feature, to use it for what it was primarily made for I have to put up with this issue. I would lastly add that for any who want to bash me on this and especially if they want to say it does not happened to them, just do a search for USB ground loop on Google and youTube you will find a lot of people who in using one form or another of a USB to PC Audio Interface, by their description or vids are have the exact same issues as I am having...so it’s not just me….is simply is as the HX unit is built to be connected as a full time connected Audio Interface. Or is built so by whatever name you want to call it, it still is something that is connecting my PC full time back to my amp and with no way to shut that off and still use the PC with it so you can use HX edit. So the bottom line is, if this unit had just simply been designed so there was a way to use it without that connection being made all the time, this would not be a problem.
  3. Hello and thanks for the responses. Just want to say I'm not trying to get anyone's nose in a joint. For me I used to post to all kinds of boards years ago, but found that people can often take things on them too personally if someone casts even a slight shadow on their beloved thing so I stopped doing things like that. So hope it can be understood I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings here but am just bringing up what pertains to me, which if no one thinks that should matter as I am just one person I understand your feelings, but its still not wrong for me to mention something or perhaps discuss a situation to try to look for help or that could let the makers know of a issue they could possibly think about in the future to make improvements to it, or possibly help someone, somewhere, someplace else down the line as that really is what these forms are supposed to be for. Guess would just lastly mention and would use the reference style since it has been used that while sure it might be great for a lot of people if a particular Ferrari came with a running full time wetbar somewhere in the car...that for one I don't think most people are buying it for the wetbar, but then two on top of that if the wetbar is doing something negative to the car that even if it only happens for a select few, that it does suck for those few to come to find out that there's no way to shut the wetbar off to stop it from doing that thing as the only real way to do that is to shut off the car. Anyway, hope that better describes my point. To note, I just did order a iFi Defender and so am now spending another $60.00 for what I hope is a solution to this. Thanks
  4. Hello datacammando Just to answer, I used the term fixed as to mean that if you are going leave the USB plugged into a PC all the time say for some other reasons such as you mentioend, there is no way to "not" have the HX acting as a Audio Interface. Such as I would even mention if it was not caught in the previous posts, I get these noises even when the HX is off. So situation is, you plug the USB into a PC for any reason and the device is permanently acting as a Audio Interface and with no way to stop that at least as far as being wired is concerned. For the rest, thanks for the link as that is exactly the unit I was thinking of getting. That company makes others and some that are more costly that are supposed to filter out more artifacts, but then there seems to be some possibility they don't fix the ground loop issue as much as that one does, so seeing as I doubt I would ever use the HX as a Audio Interface I don't think I need to care about those. Think at the worst I could possibly use them both if I even needed that though.
  5. Thanks for the reply PierM. Yeah, the more I looking into this the more I am thinking towards the issue being some kind of grounding loop as I would even mention that right here is a pretty close example of what is happening for me: I guess the thing to do is try one of these and see what happens, only issue is the one in that vid is so old I don't think they make that exact model anymore. As far as the house wiring I certainly do have all manor of things not only plugged into several outlets in this area, but then also broken off into many power strips as well. Its all done safely, but its all done as I need the things that are plugged into them so even if I were to find the source (of which I am sure its a combo of many of them), I'm not going to get rid of them just so I can use the HX without this noise. Again, given how many people are buying this unit for the main things it does and especially for the Stomp version which means most are going to plug it into a PC to work with it, I am kinda surprised they made it a "fixed" audio interrace as well, but as such should have at least given it an option to disable that in the settings, and or perhaps put in one of these cheap isolators. I will keep people posted as to how this goes. Thanks
  6. OK, interesting bit of development. I tried plugging the HX into my laptop and with out the charger connected it made zero noise. When I plugged the charger in it made the same noises and in the same way, but much much less. So I guess the issue is in part with my power being supplied, although I really wish there was a way to to not have this unit be a audio interface as I don't need it to be and or at least not all the time and with no way to stop that. Hopefully someone will have some ideas for either issue. Thanks
  7. Hello all First to say, thanks for all the replies So I spent some more time on this and via the sound settings in my PC I was able to stop the HX Stomp from being a reverse audio interface for the "dedicated PC" sounds by doing just as described of going into my Windows sound settings and disabling the HX Stomp as a device. But I'm sorry to say this really did not stop the other odd sounds such as even scrolling with my center mouse wheel through this very thread I will get a distinct buzz sound as the page goes up and down. Something else I just noticed today is even just plugging the USB with the HX off it will pass these sounds along. To note, yes I am using a HiWatt 100W Replica tube amp & 2x12 Cab from HiTone, but would add I have never had this noise in using anything else. I also would add that the power going to this amp is run through both a Furman power conditioner and separate power regulator, so its pretty well filtered and conditioned. If I had to take a guess and in the simplest terms, the issue is how this unit is also a audio interface which honestly I really didn't know it did when I bought it as I was just looking to add some more effects sounds to what I could play. For this and I will admit I don't know much about a Audio Interface, but again and am making this simple, I am kinda surprised it works both ways as why would you even want to play things through it back to your amp as is that how they all work? At any rate, I am guessing that as these sounds pass through the unit even with it off, its not going to be a settings thing in the unit, or at least if it is I can't find it. So does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply PierM, All in all while I am sure some of what I was hearing was EMI, it for sure was not all of it as a lot of the sounds coincided with things I was doing on the PC or that would happen on the PC, so to me the issue was that the HX was somehow picking up those sounds and sending them to my amp. More or less I think this is what is going on as I did not know that the HX unit and or at least from just being plugged into my PC would just automatically do this. For the most part I just thought the USB line was for updates and programing interactions and things like you mentioned, or if was a sound transfer it would be more of a one way thing. I guess I would say too that I am surprised my windows system would just natively set it up to send it sounds. Kinda if I had to explain I would think it would be like plugging in a Mike into a PA system and hearing from the Mike everything someone said in to the PA's speakers, as you just wouldn't expect that to be something that could happen. Anyway, as I am at work I can't check this much further, but in now learning it will do this at least natively, are there any settings on the HX Stomp that can make it "not" function as a audio interface if plugged into a PC, or is it just fixed that way? Thanks
  9. Hello chstd Thanks for the reply. As far as what ever settings, as mentioned I have had very little time with the unit so I don't know much of how to change things nor did change much, so for now and with this issue everything is just as it would be from a full factory reset such as turning the unit off, then on while holding the 2 & 3 foot switches down. As mentioned, I just have the guitar plugged into the one mono in, and then the mon out plugged straight to the amp. An no, it doesn't make a sound when the USB cable is not plugged into the PC.
  10. Hello all I picked up my first model device, a HX Stomp, a few weeks ago but have been too busy to play with it yet. Tonight, I am bringing my guitar over to someone’s house for a little light messing around with playing, so I thought it would be a good thing to bring the HX too as for all it can do. So even though I very little time even for this, I quickly set it up last night and was getting as acquainted as much as I could for the time I had, and eventually got to the point I wanted to try the things I could do via the USB and so I plugged into the PC, when right from the start I got all kinds of hissing and other crazy noises back through to my amp, and for virtually anything I did on the PC such as I could literally pick up things as faint as even using the mouse to scroll through a web page. I think I even recall that the Amp would play what ever output sounds the PC would make kinda like the HX was acting like a PC to Amp interface. So I am not sure if this is normal and am really hoping it’s not as I was very much planning to use HX Edit to work with all the unit can do which would mean keeping it plugged into the PC all the time. So does anyone have any advice as to how to not have this happen??? To note, I did get to the point I updated the unit to the latest firmware via the Line 6 Updater and was using the latest version of HX Edit & PC drivers from the Line 6 website. I also have changed virtually nothing of the settings and even did the full reset back to factory default a few times. I would also add that all I had plugged in was my guitar to the HX, and that straight to my amp, so nothing else was in the loop. So overall I am hoping there is some setting on the HX I don’t have set correct, or that it is something else that simple. Thanks for any help.
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