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    Whammy and Wahwah in the same Preset

    Thanks! I will try it again... I believe I've done someting wrong...

    Whammy and Wahwah in the same Preset

    Hello everybody, It's my first question in this forum...yeah!!! I'm the proud owner of a Helix LT since half a year...it is a beast! One problem occurs to me with the Whammy and Wah. I tried to assign on the internal expression pedal two effects. On EXP1 a whammy on EXP2 the Whawha. Did I menioned that I want it in one preset? I would prefere the following way of turning the effect on and off: 1. EXP1-Whammy: The effect is off if the pedal is in the heel position and starts after changing the pedal over 1% of the way. 2. EXP2-Wah: Switching on by pushing the toe button. If I do so the whammy works. But when I switch to the Wah the Whammy switches on, too. Even by changing the Wah to EXP1 the result is crap. I read in the manual that Whammy and Wah has a automatically priorisation on Exp1. Is it possible the this can't be devided? Any tip or tick? Thanks in advance Greetings from Germany!!!