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  1. You have to select the property of the block you want to change with a Snapshot and go under " controllers", click the drop down and select "Snapshot". If you don't it will stay at whatever you last saved it to. I am not looking at the Helix at the moment, but that is the gist of what you do.
  2. Suggest ILOUD Micrmonitors. They sound amazing for the size ( can hold in the palm of your hand ). Good low end for this size monitor. Only issue you have to be careful not to send too storng a signal to the monitor. It will shut itself off to protect itself and then reset. Anoying until you find the right setting.
  3. Both. I use it to QSC K12 FRFR speakers and ILOUD micro monitors. Work great. You can turn off the amps and just use as a pedal into an amp. Check out the 4 cable method setup.
  4. Try holding down the middle two Switches on the bottom row when you boot up .
  5. The Helix Channel guy said he used the 92 hz wave files. I wasn't sure if it was sample rates or ?? So you think it would make a difference in the sound if I used the 48hz or it just doesn't matter becuase they are all converted to 48 hz ? I am confused as well.
  6. I have a pair of ILOUD micromonitors and they are awsome and take up now space at all. They will fit in your hand. They have excellent range and low end. You can check the review on youtube, etc.
  7. I recommend QSC K12, 10, or 8. Great FRFR speakers . In addition you might check out the Iloud Micromonitors.
  8. One worked the other did not. It is locked up. I tried to update starting with older updates and I think that screwed it. I can't connect at all and it does not work. Just tries to rebuild presets until it gets to 209 and then locks up . Any suggestions is appreciated.
  9. I bought 5 Helix for my church. I tried to do the recommended update on 2 . Both failed and now they don't work at all. help. :angry:
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