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  1. Thanks. I try to find something like that from my city or maybe I could take Relay to guitar store and ask them. Thank you.
  2. I think its charging now. I tried different vables (phones) and they didnt work, put Line 6 cable back (its very bad quality cable and loosely connected) and transmitter was blinking red and now its blinking blueish color or maybe green, too much sunlight to see now. Still it wont find it in the updater. Maybe a better quality cable would fix this. Can anyone tell me what is that cables name (same cable as Line 6 but better quality)?
  3. This should work with G10/G10S receivers so that should not be the problem.
  4. This should work with G10/G10S receivers so that should not be the problem.
  5. I tried another cable, I think it is phone charger cable. Now first time everI heard Windows new item found sound, and when I take it of the sound comes again. Those Line 6 cables really suck. I had to return my first unit since the cable was so bad that it sometimes connected but mostly not. So I dont know if this hone cable carries data but at least it gives me new device sound, still cant see receiver or anything at the updater. Just this same red flashing light inside the receiver (and transmitter flashes red a few times when I plug it to the receiver).
  6. I have Line 6 updater. I have also Helic Rack and Controller. Updater founds them but it has never found my G10 Relay but it has been working anyway. Now when I broke my transmitter and got this new one (new model that should fit to G10 Relay) it just doesnt work. Transmitter may blink once and Receiver (base) is blinking all the time, days. So its not charging anything. I download these receiver and transmitter WUF files but I cant open them. Maybe I could open them with updaterbut my updater dont found my G10 Relay so I cant solve this problem.
  7. Mine base is blinking constantly, got new transmitter to it when other one got broken. Has never chaged it, just this red blinkin in base or sometimes not even that. I try to update firmware but they are some WUF files I cant open. Line 6 updater doesnt find my G10 Relay so its useless. Support wont help. I guess I return y new transmitter to the shopsince they are selling broken stuff. This is not even the first broken Relay 10, I sent my first one back and got new.
  8. The think is I got Line6 Relay10 iwreless guitar system attacked to Helix. The transmitter got broken. I ordered new one, its never model II but should work fine with the old charger. But it wont work. Charger is just blinkin this red light. I try to update charger and transmitter files but they are .WUF files and I dont get them open no matter how I try. Please help!
  9. Thanks, but it was said Helix Rack there before Helix Stomp even existed. 100% positive about that. I try to re-install editor when time. Im pretty sure it came after Win 10 forced me to update and it restarted many times, took 40-60 min and after that my DAW driver has been Helix Stomp and that only Helix option and my Helic Rack cant find it and I cant record anything.
  10. I have bee using years Line 6 rack with my DAW with out any problems. Now suddenly (didnt even no any update) it only founds HX Stomp for a driver to my rack (I have never even own HX Stomp) I tried to install new Helix rack drivers but nothing happens, all I get it this HX Stomp and I cant revord anythinh. very weird and I dont have any solution to thi. Ane idea, anybody what happening?
  11. I dont understand why would I reconfigure Path 2A input to Return 1 when its already Return 1, well I did click it to other option and back to Return 1, no change. I cant hear anything from neither guitar that is really weird, its like that patch is some kind of virus that kills all the sounds from Helix. I had same issue with some patches before I downloaded but I realized that some of them were for Variax and some of them included stuff that were only in nevwer updates, so when I updated my gear they worked. but this Sitting In patch is really weird since what ever you do you cant get a single tone out of anything.
  12. Other guitar is plugged normally to Helix Rack front side and other to Return 1 like Castellano says. Not a single sound comes out. Well, I try it later and see if there has been any advice, no time for that now. Thanks.
  13. Thanks man but shouldnt that Castellanos patch work. I put the other guitar to Return 1. No sound from neither guitar. When I change patch I can hear guitar 1 normally. Link to the Castellanos video: Weird that I cant hear anything from Castellanos patch, there isnt even any IR in it and I tried to change amps, nothing.
  14. I tried to plug another guitar to helix Aux In and I can hear from both guitars but the guitar plugged to Aux In is much weaker tone. I think volume is pretty much same but the gain is gone, like 50% was taken away. Shoudl I plug it to Aux In or somewhere else and is it possible to have normal gain and tone. I know that it should be possible to have 2 guitar with different tones. Also I would like those guitar sounds come from left and right monitors, I mean both from their own monitor. I tried to tweak Helix editor but I could only mute the other guitar from another monitor, no matter what I did. So, is it possible to have 2 guitars so that the gain isnt supressed. I read somewhere that the other guitar should have active pups if you want good/full tone, is that true? I also trie Richie Castallanos Sitting In (patch for 2 guitars) patch but I cant hear anything from neither guitar when I use that. Even if I put the volumes 100% there is no sound at all.
  15. I got it guys. I followed phil_m instructions and it worked. Problem was that I was looking Line 6 edit, not HX edit. I got all the IR´s back too, so good. Many thanks! Ok, thanks for the tips. I try them later and tell if I got it. I cant find it where I can set that this is solved, but case solved anyway =)
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