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  1. Ah... well.. by assigning the topology to a footswitch.. now I can save the desired topology per snapshot within a given patch! Nice! Did not think I could do this... love it! Thank you very much Phil!
  2. What?! This would be awesome... how do I do that?? ok... went back and I see where I can do this... now to see if I can save a clean snapshot with one topology...and the dirty tones with a different topology within the same snapshot...that would be ideal vs. switching via stomp mode. Thank you!!
  3. I like topology III for clean tones and topology II for crunch and heavier tones on my Helix / DT50 setup. I know I could build a new patch but... is there any way to switch the topology within the same snapshot? Thanks
  4. I have a Helix floor unit and a DT50 head and matching 4X12 cab. I feel like I have finally got some good tones through this set up but I have tried mic'ing this puppy up and well... it always sounds buzzy.. not what I am hearing in the room. I have tried multiple mic's ... angles, distances... It's probably the small room I am in just doesn't have decent acoustics... but to my ears (and of course, I am slightly angles from the cab... ) just doesn't sound good mic'd. I would probably have the same issue with other amps in this room.. not sure. Well... messing around today, I sent the same signal I am sending to the DT 50, I split off an xlr with a cab... and feel like this is so much closer to what I am hearing in the room from the amp in the room. I think the volume is slightly high.. but the tone is there. In the short clip of me noodleing I switch between several pickups and I hear/feel the dynamics of what that sounds like in the room with the amp . What I really like about this is, I can play my DT50 while recording a backing track and capture more of a performance kind of feel. Have you guys messed with anything like this? Run into the same issues when mic'ing cabs. Or... am I just really doing everything wrong? Thoughts?
  5. bverdon

    Is this normal?

    Figured it out... one corrupt preset in my preset list... just went through each one... one of them gave me an error regarding some kind of memory location... deleted it... now everything is working as designed.
  6. bverdon

    Is this normal?

    I appreciate the link.. good stuff there. Well.. followed the restore to FD's per that doc.. and it came up clean... and on reboot... worked fine... but... Once I performed the recovery, it goes through the updating presets every time I restart it.
  7. bverdon

    Is this normal?

    But... every time I restart the Helix??
  8. bverdon

    Is this normal?

    This is happening at every startup... and I suspected it is not normal. Yes... went through normal upgrade process... reset to FD's then performed restore from backup. Not sure I follow you here.. "unless you have imported one or more presets from older firmware since the previous startup". I have imported someone else's files.. and yes.. I am sure it is from previous Firmware... but wouldn't that be the case for anyone that imported a preset? It is starting at preset 1 so.. not sure I can narrow it down per your instructions. Thank you very much for your response!
  9. bverdon

    Is this normal?

    Not a huge deal... everything seems to be working fine with my Helix Floor unit... just curious.... every time I restart my Helix it goes through the preset rebuild process... which of course take a few minutes. I noticed this since my previous upgrade to 3.10 .. just upgraded today to 3.11 and seeing the same issue. Yes.. I have reset to FD post both firmware upgrades. Thanks
  10. bverdon

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Well... thought I figured it out... .. just selected the digital outs for each path... chose preset1 for AMP 1 and preset2 for AMP 2... and I can have separate topologies ... no matter what I do... both digital outputs share the same topology. If I change DSP digital output on the first shelf, it mates over to to the same settings on the second amp.. and only one AMP model picks up Do you have this working Phil?
  11. bverdon

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Just curious if anyone knows what is supposed to come in the next release of FW for the Helix? I would love to have the ability of choosing separate amps and separate topologies for a pair of DT series amps in series via the L6 cable... I heard a lot of noise about the RAT distortion pedal... what are you guys hoping for?
  12. Regarding tone alone... if you have keep one and get rid of the other, where would you stand?
  13. Just discovered that this brings on a ton more tone shaping options! Has anyone experimented with doing this? Really enjoying the flexibility of the Helix... initially was planning on returning it due to the high cost/value ratio but think it is hear to stay. If you guys are doing this... which amps are you pairing together and what type of tones are you after?
  14. Thanks for posting this! I currently have several DT50 amps that I am using with my Helix. I am more curious than anything how the Helix Pais with a 2X12 PC compared to my DT50. I think the PC would offer more flexibility considering the IR and speaker modeling...and stereo options. I don't think I will ever see one in a store to check it out.
  15. Pretty sure all Helix systems will show this. I bought my Helix, don't own the PowerCab and have controls for it. I do have the DT50 amp and see both.
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