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  1. Hi I use the TC Elecronic Polytune tuner pedal. It's fantastic, I really recommend it. It connected like: Guitar >> tuner >> Helix Good luck! /Duf
  2. Yes sure looks like it. How is the Alto? Is it a good speaker? /Duf
  3. It's real, link to the official site: http://www.headrushfx.com/products/frfr-112 /Duf
  4. Hello, Just read that Headrush are launching a FRFR at Namm. It will be priced at 299 dollars which translates to around 299 Euros. If it gets good reviews I will buy one to use with my Helix because that is a really reasonable price for a FRFR. Link: https://www.gearnews.com/namm-2018-headrush-frfr-112-new-high-powered-speaker-modeller/ /Duf
  5. Hello again, Revitalizing this thread :) Just got the Helix a few days ago. Its really great! Making patches are really a breeze compared to other stuff i used in the past. I also ordered a PC Midi interface and two midi cables. Efter reading up a bit I plan to use the midi stuff to wipe the channels on the DT Pre-amp to make it non-modelling. However the interface was out of stock at the dealer so I am still waiting for that. But then I realized since the Helix got MIDI ports, chances are that the Helix itself could work as a Midi interface I connected the Helix to a PC with USB. Then I connected The Helix to the DT with midi-cables. Line 6 Helix endad up as in/out Midi Ports in the PC, then I booteded up the DT editor. The software found the DT just fine from what I can tell. Is this supposed to work or do I need a stand alone mini interface? I had no success with this setup at all, no changes went through, the DT amp started acting up and switch pentode/tritod and other swiches by itself. Then I figured I could get started to just use the Helix to setup MIDI commands on some presets (as in the you tube video above). I managed to change channels from A to B. But changeing voicing etc does not appear to work as the lights arent changing (from I to IV for instance). Is there no visual feedback from the DT when changeing voicing for instance? I figure the light should change from I to IV if i make that change through midi commands. Any tips och thoughts on this? /Duf
  6. I am also upgrading from an older setup, the 500x coupled with DT25. If I can't get the DT to couple well with the Helix (midi setup and config etc) I will sell it and buy frfr. But I really love that amp, hopefully it will work out well. My bet for NAMM is that L6 will launch new stagescource units. Here in Sweden most retailers are out of stock on the current line and that probably means that L6 and distributors are out of stock awaiting the new units. But who knows:) Edit: Thomann Europe still have a few in-stock. Stock on DT amps are also scarce, maybe they will even launch new DTs? /Duf
  7. Yes really looking forward to NAMM. Ordered the Helix yesterday. Cant wait for it to arrive! /Duf
  8. Haha yes agreed. Thanks for your input! Actually there were new toilets launched at CES in Las Vegas this week :) I am just trying to avoid that horribel feeling of buying something expensive with a new model coming out within 14 days. Thanks again! /Duf
  9. Hello, I have decided to buy the Helix. But with NAMM coming up soon, should I consider waiting? If for instance Line 6 launches something better i.e Helix 2 ? Or maybe there is no chance of this happening? I don't follow the market rumors much so I have no clue what will come down from Line 6 at NAMM. Any thoughts on this? /Duf
  10. Thanks for replying! The linked video really was helpful. Sure it will be a bit more tweaking manually but it works. Also I bet Line 6 will come up with something that will make it even easier eventually. Thanks again! /Duf
  11. Hello, I am thinking of upgrading my Pod 500x to the Helix. I really am attracted to the Helix for several reasons. However I have read that the Helix aren't connecting to the DT amp as the HD500x is. I have read several threads on this subject, but it's still unclear to me what would be the best way to connect the Helix to the DT. I would like to have all the Helix modelling thru the amp. Is this even possible? Buying a new frfr would be to expensive as the Helix is quite pricey hardware as it is. Any tips? Best regards /Duf
  12. Hello Yes if I detach the guitar cable from the pod its completly silent. If i detach the guitar but leaves the cable still connected to the guitar in jack it hums like crazy Duf
  13. Hello guys, Spent the weekend trying to remedy this, I have concluded that there is something with the grounding in my house. It works as inteded of course but its seems "dirty". I concluded this by trying three different guitars, all having the same issues. I find it totally impossible that the wiring inside all three guitars would be errendous. Here is the thing: I turned off the noice supressor in the pod. So the gutars could "hum" freely. When I touch the strings, some of the hum goes away, but not completly. There is a big chunk of hum still present, and I think this hum is amplified when playing distored tones, and strings resonance interacting with eachother. The hum also seems to make the guitar sound muddier than it should, its "taking up room" in the frequecy space. Who knows, but that is my laymen conclution. Ok so now I need to fix this. Any tips? I cant rewire my whole house :) Thanks! //Duf
  14. thanks guys! I will look into all of your tips as i get home from work! //Duf
  15. Hello, Long post below :) I have been using the 500x for a couple of months now. Love it! However I have a problem when using distortion. Bear with me as I am not the best at explaining these things :) I discovered that I have big problems creating "clean" distorted sounds. What I mean with clean is that the distortion itself is quite high, but the tone is clean and enjoyable. My problem is that whenever I use distortion effect at a bit of volume I get "underlying" distrubances to the tone.This makes the tone seem off and slightly out of key/unenjoyable.It´s like the signal cuts out ramdomly. Odd thing it doesn´t occur all over the fretboard, it seems to be prone to certain frequences. High pitch tones are way cleaner than low pitch tones. Problem also intencifies with string bending. Usually I use my Les Paul with Alnico 2 PRO pickups.Yesterday I decided to take action to solve this annoying tone artifact. First off all, usually I play through headphones as I practice late at night when wife/kids are sleeping. I tested another pair of headphones than usual, problem still persisted totally unchanged. So I connected the rig to my Bugera amp to see if this was a headphone only issue. Same problem occured through amp, however slightly harder to detect as I could not play at a very high volume, but it was clearly there. So naturally I suspected that the problem is within the guitar. Opened up the back to inspect all soldering points. No problem there. then I hightened the strings (quite alot) to 100% eliminate even the slightest fretbuzzing. No effect at all. Inspected the nut and discovered that some strings were a little to tight in the slots. Pulled out my nutfiles and widened them a bit. No effect. Now I am like "what da h**l is this"? Ok so then I did what I should have done from the start... plugged my strat into the rig to see if the same problem occured on another guitar. And yes it did. Same frets and frequencies even. As the strat is even brighter toned it was intencified even more. Stupid me could have saved a qouple of hours of headache just by trying another guitar :) So now I started to inspect the pod.I discovered that touching the metal bar sitting below the four upmost left knobs almost eliminated all ground hum. Playing the strings while holding the bar did have no effect however. Ok. So the only thing I can think of now is the tone setup itself. My setup for distortion usually looks like this: 1. Noice gate 2. Compressor (red och blue) 3. Distortion (usually screamer och classic) 4. Amp (marshall J800 or Fender Twin) 5. Slight delay 6. Reverb Above could very well be totally wrong or need tweaking and thats the reason for posting this long post in this forum. You guys and gals on here problably knows so much more about how to setup perfect tones the I do. Should I use an equalizer maybe? I am totally lost :) Thanks for reading and heres hoping for some creative replys! :) //Duf
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