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  1. I tried changing all these parameters and it's still doing it O.o
  2. Hey, I just tried this for the Poly Pitch effect (to use FS1 to either change it from -12 or 0). It works fine which changing from 0 to -12, but then when changing from -12 to 0 there's a lag and it takes a long time to ramp up and get through all the 12 notes. Anyone know why this might be?
  3. Had another look, I guess some of these cables could be reversed but I wouldn't trust myself to do it...
  4. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who can solder but I've sent off a few email inquiries. The MeloAudio has no switches or anything inside it
  5. Cheers for the link, I'll send them over an email. I also found these guys who I was going to try https://custompedalboards.co.uk/custom-setup/
  6. Haha yeah :P I'm no good at soldering though Do you know if I was to buy this RambleFX cable (can't find any in the UK), would I plug that into the DMC.micro, and then connect another standard TRS cable into the expression pedal?
  7. Yeah it works fine when connected directly to the Stomp
  8. Thanks, unfortunately the DMC.micro doesn't have this capability and that's what is feeding the info to the Stomp. I've got it going through the DMC so I can use two switches with the Stomp, and also use the expression pedal with my Source Audio C4
  9. Yeah, they suggested buying a TRS reverse polarity cable
  10. Hi all, Is anyone able to help me with my expression pedal problem? It goes from 0-100 super fast, and then 100-127 super slow. (Or 0-90 super fast, 90-100 super slow). Here is a video trying to demonstrate it, I have no idea how to solve it. Many thanks for any advice!
  11. No that's not what I mean at all, it's an effect but unfortunately I can't find any videos of it
  12. Does the Helix have any effects like a sequencer or random filter like on the Zoom pedals? I can't seem to find any
  13. I usually play through my physical amp & cab with the amp & cab sim turned on on the Stomp, sounds pretty good imo
  14. Hey all, Does anyone have any good pointers for getting the bass tone that's used on Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal, on the HX Stomp? It almost sounds like a double bass but not quite...
  15. I'm having a problem with expression pedal input. I've literally no idea why this is happening! Anyone encountered it?
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