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  1. This is exactly what I ended up doing. Out of desperation I pulled out the old Lenovo I use for work (really just Excel). Installed the updater and drivers and was up and running within 10 minutes.
  2. I was moving from 3.11 to 3.15. So here is where I get all kinds of confused. I have updated the Line 6 Updater to it's latest version. I've updated HX Edit to 3.15. When I put the Helix into Safe Boot/Update Mode, both HX Edit and Updater act like they're trying to find the Helix. (IE there's the constant loading wheel on my Mac cursor). After a couple minutes though HX Edit will say "no device connected" and when I try through the Updater it brings me to the screen where it says "Select device to update" but there's nothing to select.
  3. Hey all. First time ever having problems with updating my Helix and it's a doozy. For information, running a Mac with Big Sur 11.5.2. Launched HX Edit and updated that. Then created a backup before continuing with the 3.15 update on my Helix. Halfway through got an error message that said to restart the update and to "turn Helix off and on" and "make sure USB is connected." As soon as I turned the Helix off is when the problems started. Turning it back on it states that it's loading Firmware Version 3.15 and then ... nothing. It just stays on the boot screen. Tried doing a full factory reset. Held down 8&9 and it says it will reset everything then ... nothing. It again just sits on the boot screen. I can get it to go into Update Mode with 6/12 switches. However when I go to the updater it doesn't recognize it (or at least it doesn't show up onscreen.) So. Did I brick my Helix?
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