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  1. Background: My Presets are set up as individual 'songs'. I use the up/down to move through the Presets. Within each Preset, Snapshots are saved for different parts of a song and are assigned to the footswitches. Problem: I don't know when this happened, but when I toggle down through my Saved Presets - it goes from 02 to 32 (skips 01 completely). I can toggle up to 01. But I don't know why it skips 01 on the down toggle. This doesn't happen anywhere else in the series of Presets. This is kind of a new issue - but I can't recall exactly when it happened. I assume there's some setting somewhere that I unknowingly changed - but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Any advice?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I understand the concept better, and I'm finding it to be quite a limitation. For live performance, there are some tunes where I need to go back and forth between a gained-up tone and an acoustic sound. Which I've already created in other presets. I've learned that I can't switch between presets because of the Helix 'dead spot' (the split second of no sound). And, I cannot combine Snapshots within different presents to create the combination of tones I need. So, the solution is to recombine all of what I want into a single new preset, and then use the Snapshots within that preset for the 'turning off' and 'turning on' of what are presently 2 different presets (but without the dead spot) to get what I need. Does that sound right?
  3. Using my PC, I'm trying to copy a Snapshot from 1 Bank of user presets into another. For example... I want to copying Preset 01D Snapshot 4 and paste it into Preset 04B Snapshot 1. I'm using the Snapshot > Copy Snapshot menu. Then I open the paste location, but the option to Paste Snapshot is grayed out.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It seems clear to me that I need to go back to a 'snapshot' oriented set up. It's not the end of the world and I'm sure I'll get used to it. I used Boss GT pedals for years and always used 1 patch per song and the A,B,C,D as my song parameters such as A=Intro, B=Rhythm, C=Lead, D=...an acoustic passage or whatever else might be a unique sound for the song. There was no audio gap between patches and I got good spill over for reverb and delays. 'Snapshots' were not a thing on those units, so I got used to this format. Anyway - I'll start changing up my Helix to use Snapshots. Thanks for all the feedback!
  5. I'm running my Helix in 4CM. I have it configured whereby I'm using a bank of presents for a 'song', and the patches saved within the bank are for different sounds within the song (such as a solo boost, etc...). Problem: I switch from one patch to another and there is a 1/4 second of silence during the switch - a complete dead spot with no sustain, etc... Is there a setting or switch that I can enable to stop this from happening? Incidentally, I started using a single patch for a song, and set up the snapshots for the different sounds within the song. That didn't have the same issue, but I found that configuration more time-consuming to set up and maintain - as well as less user-friendly. I would like not to go back to that configuration. Would appreciate feedback on this! Thanks!
  6. Thanks very much for the info! It sounds like attempting to simulate a Wet/Dry rig doesn't really make much sense in a 4CM with a single amp and cab.
  7. I'm setting up my Helix to run in 4CM through a tube amp. I'm using the basic sound and gain structure of the amp; using the Helix for effects only (no amps, IRs, or cabs). I'm looking for recommendations on the FX chain or any tips for FX or Global settings that might be useful. Here's what I'm thinking for now: WAH > DISTORTION > FX LOOP > MODULATION (Chorus) > DELAY > REVERB > EQ (for Solo boost) > VOLUME PEDAL (this chain was based on an FRFR perspective and may not be applicable to my new application) My objective is to build a basic chain that I can copy across presets or snapshots and just turn things off / on or change settings - rather than creating a bunch of different chains unique to each preset. I'm mostly interested in classic rock / hard rock tones, and I'll be running through a Marshall or Marshall-inspired tube amps. Specific questions... Where's the best place for Compressors, Pitch / Octave, Tremolos, Uni-Vibe, and Noise Gate? If I split the signal after the FX loop and run one path dry, then merge them back after reverb - will that be a reasonable simulation of a Wet / Dry rig? If I'm running through a tube amp with some gain - is there a way to clean it up and create an acoustic sounding patch? Other tips / tricks related to effect chains in general? Or specific settings in regard to this set up? Very interested to hear what you recommend and how you've set up your 4CM rig!! Thanks!!
  8. Okay... I feel a little bit better. I'm fortunate enough to have 3 tube amps. The Marshall DSL 40C is dead quiet... so that's great. The Fender Bassbreaker 15 (which I've never used the loop before) apparently suffers from this problem and is covered by warranty. Hopefully it is because it's HORRIBLE. The Splawn Supersport is not so noisey (maybe I f'd up on the original hookups and settings), and it's 4+ years old so maybe a new preamp tube for the FX loop is in order. Any additional thoughts are welcome. Thanks, Ron
  9. So, I upgraded from a Boss GT-10 to a Helix. With the Helix I'm getting new noise from the same guitars and the same amps running in 4 cable mode, or in running direct to the Line 6 Powercab. I'm talking about noises when I turn knobs or change parameters (like a noisy pot kind of sound) all the way to noise/hum while playing (which I might typically gate). I'm using same cables, same guitars, same amps, plugged into the same outlets - Helix is the only variable that has changed. Is this just a basic noise gate issue or something else? How can I resolve? Thanks, Ron
  10. So I got a brand new Helix a few weeks ago. There was a thin protective clear plastic on the big LCD. Clearly the intent was to remove it. My question... is there a similar plastic on the stomp button LED labels? It looks like there might be, the covering looks a little hazy. But I can't find any sort of edge or anything to grasp and peel at. Is there nothing there, or is it just really difficult to peel off? (please don't mess with me - I won't want to try crazy peeling methods if there's nothing there to remove)
  11. I'm new to both of these units and haven't developed a perspective on this yet. So far, I've set up some Helix patches with no cab and no IR and use the Greenback speaker setting on the Powercab. Sounds good, but maybe it's not so versatile. The other obvious option would be to just set the Powercab to the Flat Response setting and use Speaker/IR settings on the Helix that I can customize for each patch without having to touch the Powercab. Or, are there other options that I'm not seeing? Are these the 2 basic options? What are the pros / cons of each? What do you find that works best?
  12. I'm new to both of these units. I've set up some patches on the Helix with no speaker or IR; using the Greenback setting on the Powercab. Sounds good, but... What about using the Flat Response on the Powercab 112 with selected speakers / IRs on the Helix? Preferences, Pros and Cons...? NOTE: I'm referring to the Powercab - not the Powercab Plus
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