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  1. Okay looks like I will need to do some homework to fully understand some of this advice but appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for replies. I kind of assumed that if I was to use 2 different amps and 2 different cabs in same patch that I might run into processor power issues.
  3. Helix novice trying to build some patches for a gig. Thanks for any suggestions. Take the song Enter Sandman as an example with the totally clean intro leading into a crushing metal rhythm. I could create 2 separate patches for the two sounds, but potentially experience latency issues when switching between them. Alternatively could use single patch with scenes to minimize latency, but then how best to build the patch so that the tones aren't compromised? Two different amps in same patch? If so, how do you get around the cabinet issue? IRs instead? Or are people just compromising and using one amp for multiple tones within a song? Might not be a big deal in some tunes, but I'd like to get things as accurate as I can. Thanks!
  4. Happy with most Helix effects, but there are some unique pedals that I've held onto. I really love the Earthquaker Devices Tentacle (octave effect), and was looking forward to trying it in Helix loop, but I'm finding it too noisy to be useable using 4CM into a tube head. I don't have that problem when I go direct into the front of the amp. I am using 9V wall wart for power. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes, you were right. That was very helpful. I’m used to only one knob with the phaser. Thanks
  6. New to helix. lots of good things. However, cannot get a good sound out of script phaser. No depth to it. Almost can’t tell it’s on when going for VH1 sound with Marshall. Flanger also seems to lack depth. Boss MS-3, which I am upgrading from, was way easier to get good sounds from (again just talking about these specific two effect simulations). If they can model an amp, I’m sure they can model these boxes. The modelling doesn’t have to be perfect either, just somewhat close. Am I missing something? Any hints? worst case, I can always use the real pedals in loop, just not what I was hoping for. thanks in advance
  7. Okay thanks for the idea. I'll try it. Tried my best to upload the IR files and assign them properly, but I don't really know what I'm doing so you never know.
  8. I'm new here. Decided to take the plunge on helix in order to use it mainly as an adjunct to my tube amps using 4CM. However, I do play some small gigs where it would be nice to just take Helix and go direct. I have just such a gig coming up next weekend. Since I don't really know how to use Helix yet and I have seen enough youtube videos to be slightly insecure in my ability to learn to get "optimal" tones out of it between now and then, I decided to take the easy way out and just download some presets from Michael Britt for use at the gig. My plan is to go direct and use monitors for my personal sound. Using Sony MDR 7506 headphones and a Suhr strat, I was surprised to find the presets very tinny sounding in comparison to what I had been expecting based on message board comments and videos I have seen. Do you think this is a monitoring issue? Had I dialed in my own tones, they would have been much darker/fuller. I was pretty diappointed, although I haven't heard anything through FOH. Maybe they would be fine through that. My other monitoring options are KRK 6 and Yamaha DXR 8, which I haven't tried yet (sleeping children). Thanks in advance for any insights.
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