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  1. With modeling realism improvements that continue to get better and better, since Helix has been around for several years now, I'm wondering if someone on the inside of Line6 can let us know if the original amps from the initial release of Helix Floor have been revisited at all, or have they not been touched since day 1? For example would the new 3.0 Princess amp be more "authentic" compared to the 1.0 Twin, for example? To get the best out of recent modeling "science," is it recommended to base your setlists using amps from newer firmware updates, since audio capture only improves over time. Does that make any sense? Just wondering. Thanks -Tim
  2. I'm using a really old ipod touch. Haven't connected it to the internet in years. Just use it for mp3s. But good news, I found that if I use a simple preset that only runs on Path A and leaves Path B free, then I just designate Path B as AUX IN for my iPod Touch playback and Path A as just my live Guitar and I'm good. Thanks for your insights!
  3. I have a Helix Floor. I couldn't find RETURN TYPE in Global Settings > Ins/Outs :-(
  4. Is there a way to have the AUX IN simply be used to plug in a playback unit so I can play on top of pre-recorded music (using headphones)? I don't want my ipod that's plugged into the AUX IN to be colored by my guitar preset tones. Do I have to go out and buy a 2-channel mixer for this or can the Helix do it on its own?
  5. That's an intriguing suggestion. Although I don't like the Stagesource by itself, but I do like the sound better together with my mk1 Tech 21 Power Engine for a different sound. I'm thinking that maybe a regular powercab will replace my Tech 21 and have that varied "3D" sound that 2 different cabs Stagesource + reg PCab would yield. Wish I could try before I buy. I was even at at Guitar Center Helix workshop a couple years back in Boise and the L6 Instructor didn't have a Powercab or Stagesource on hand, just a couple of non L6 studio monitors. Missed opportunity!
  6. I've read a lot on the forums, and I'm still not convinced that a Powercab+ will be worth the extra money. Is there any benefit to having my IRs on the PC Plus rather that just keeping them in my Helix floor? I don't need the extra DSP it would free up, but does it actually sound better? I'm planning on going stereo with my left speaker as my L2 Stagesource and right speaker with a regular Powercab on flat mode. I've already got my hands full dialing in a tone on the Helix floor alone and the PC Plus options just seems like more variables to juggle.
  7. Is there any benefit over using an L6 link cable over a regular XLR cable when using the Helix floor with my L2 Stagesource? I'm just wanting to keep it set to REFERENCE/ P.A. the whole time, I think? On the subject, I'm hoping that the Powercab on order will give me more of a guitar amp sound rather than a monitor sound that I feel I'm getting with the Stagesource, but maybe a L6 link cable will enhance my experience?
  8. UPDATE: MY HX EDIT was still at 2.6. UPDATED EDIT AND THEN UPDATER WAS ABLE TO DETECT MY HELIX!!!! I got halfway thru the update to Helix 2.8.1 successfully, but when I click OK to continue, Both Line6 updater and HXEdit cannot find my Helix so it can finish the update. I'm willing to just do a complete reset so I can have a working unit at this point. I've tried powering up while holding down 7&8, 8&9, and 9&10, but no luck. Is there a way to factory reset independently of connecting to a computer because I don't think it's going to be able to talk to the computer/internet at this point. The latest Line6 updater says "Select device to update" and can't find my "connected" Helix The latest HX Edit says "no device connected" and can't find my "connected" Helix I do have my usb cable plugged into the back of the Window 10 computer and have tried 2 different cables. Help! I hope I don't just have an expensive doorstop! -TJ
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