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  1. When i turn on my helix it does not display the patches properly when i hit a patch it disappears and all the patches/snapshots go blank. I think maybe i hit some thing with my foot? Help please
  2. 16 gb ram windows 10, i7 8700k so i am good there ill check these steps thanks
  3. anyone able to help me fix this? I have no idea where to even start?
  4. I am trying to replicate the sound Dimebag uses in the outro to floods. I have tightened up the tone with the hellish Cowboys patch now i am trying to create the dleay/reverb effect properly. Any tips? i am not good with this stuff and trying to learn
  5. z370a, yes direct by ethernet cable i7 8700k, 16gb, z370a , 1080 windows 10. Ill check those links out.
  6. Reaper DAW USB in to PC clicks and pops did a latency test, this is the result. I am direct into my network so i am confused. Any help is appreciated any hel;
  7. I have spent alot time adjusting all the ranges and it all sounds the same, it might be a speaker issue
  8. I have them on isoacoustic stands They are currently about a foot away ill try moving them a little more
  9. Yes turning down the parameters even once they were at i still had the ugly bass freq
  10. even after turning everything down i still had the ugly freq
  11. On certain notes i get very heavy bottom end that rattles. The HS5s are know to be pretty weak for bass. This is consistent on all 4 of my guitars and all my helix patches. Could it be the quality of my XLR cables? i think they are mid range at best i have moved the monitors around and it has made no difference they are on isoacoutic stands as well. any feedback appreciated
  12. I included pictures of the settings and patches. This patch has 0 bass.
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