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  1. Two words: OPEN BACK. Beyerdynamics DT 880 are semi open and my cans of choice, but any open back phones will allow you to "feel" the guitar a little more by letting a little of the acoustic guitar sound in. I find this to be very helpful and adds to a natural sensation when playing
  2. Unleash his creativity with new stomps!
  3. This is a cross post, but Frank R suggested I post here as well. A lot of talk about the best way to dial in patches for gigvolume and the problems with dialing in at bedroom then playing live. TI put these two videos together after really digging into all the volume and tone quirks you get dialing in different tones for different volumes, etc. Video 1 is a really nerdy look at explaining things we experience as guitarists, including ear fatigue, Fletcher Munson effect (the jerky doctors that make my patches sound crap at high volumes) and "cotton ear": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTNhCRjKBec Video 2 is much shorter and offers an evidence-based approach to building patches at low volumes to sound much more natural at high volumes... A problem we all encounter with modelers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c2723NVwNs
  4. bzoni

    Multiple guitars

    I do change the input impedance for my SSS vs HH guitars and do not rely on AUTO. Also, I place two blocks in every patch. A compressor up front and a parametric EQ at the end. I set the compressor to goose up my single coils a little and the EQ can do a lot, using controller assignments to create two different EQ flavors. With this, my patches have pretty much the flexibility to work with most guitars
  5. Hi - I've been keeping tabs on a few thoughts on the Editor Software: 1. UI / INTERFACE In the Controller Assign Module, the button for "NUKE MY SETTINGS" is dangerously close to "HOME" navigation. On many screens, the visible definition between the buttons is dim. I've nuked my settings more than once by accident There is no feedback or confirmation that controller assignments have, in fact, been deleted, so it often comes as a surprise after continued use People hate confirmation dialogues - but for this one, it might make sense As above, the small buttons to bypass a block or to delete it are very close to one another without a clear visual indication of where one ends and the other starts. Without a confirmation step, it is very easy to dete a block when trying to turn it on or off 2. Handling of Pedal Assignments / Controller Assignments The device and software seem to have a different number of F/S and controller assignments that a footswitch can handle. For this reason, some bizzarre behavior was observed - particularly when using the software to edit patches created on the device (which can assign more things to a footswitch)Behaviors observed include: All pedal assignments and controller assignments deleted from a patch when saving Seemingly random changes to all f/s assignments 3. Matchless DC30 Ch 2 - tone control not reflected in software. The DC-30 tone control is a 5-position selector on the HELIX, however, the tone control on the editor is a 0-10 slider. Changes made in editor are not reflected on the device, and vice-versa. Hard to tell what's going on when working with that amp 4. F/S assignments erased when copying and pasting a patch. Not sure what operations led to this, but it happened twice. A patch was "copied" using the left panel in the software. Then pasted to a new slot When the new patch was selected, all the pedal and controller assignments were gone. I stopped trying to recreate this. 5. This would be RAD... when you go to the Controller Assign module, the "minimum value" defaults to "0". Of course, the vast majority of the time, users want this value to start where they currently have a given parameter set. So, now I have to memorize or write down all my setting to input them on this screen. I know this is a can of worms, but just putting it out there. 6. I know a lot of the controller / footswitch stuff is in the globals menu, and this is also probably a can of worms... BUT managing footswitches in more complex patches becomes difficult. The usability of the software is really held back by not allowing us to see all the different things assigned to the different footswitches. To see everything assigned to a given FS is very important. On the unit, you can tap the f/s to page through these. In the editor this is not possible. This means its virtall impossible in the software to know everything I have assigned to a footswitch and what state each block/controller will be in, depending on the footswitch state (on/off). Nailing this is important.
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