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  1. A couple of days ago, my Mac auto-upgraded to OSX 10.14.2. Now, my PC+ no longer works as a USB-out; it shows as an output option, but no signal seems to go to the PC+. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. I feel like I'm having the opposite problem; Helix & Powercab+ delivering far more bass than my actual amps (Princeton & Champ). I look forward to following this thread.
  3. I'm going with "inexplicable." Yesterday AM, my MacBook was working fine with Helix USB sound preference. I shut the top, unplugged the USBs, took it to work where I plugged in different USBs, came home plugged in the Helix, opened the MacBook pro and... the Helix was not to be seen in the available outputs. I figured I've narrowed the cause. This AM, after my MacBook was left on all night and performed it's normal sleep function, the Helix USB is appearing in the Sound Outputs. I'm sure there's useful information in that. I'm just too ignorant and incurious to figure it out. I'm going to accept the inexplicability of it.
  4. Thanks for info and guidance. I'll check that out.
  5. It sometimes doesn't show up as a sound preference; most of the time Helix USB does appear as an available sound preference. I haven't yet figured out the conditions that cause the Helix USB to disappear as an available sound preference. Having now tested putting my Mac to sleep and then waking it, it seems that the Mac entering/exiting the sleep mode does not seem to be a sole cause. I suspect that it's necessary but not sufficient. I'll keep trying different variations to see if I stumble across it. I thought that, perhaps, from Terminal (is that the kernel?) that I could force the Mac to recognize that the Helix USB is an available sound preference. But, I'm far beyond my ken, when discussing what I think a computer should be able to do.
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies. The issue doesn't appear to be related directly to sleep/power saving mode. There seems to be a small number of variables that I can toggle: Mac power status (on/sleep/power-save/awake), Helix power status (on/off), Helix USB plug status (already in / subsequently plugged in) and Sound Output selection status. Since reading the suggestions regarding the Mac power status, I've tried a small number of different variations. In each case, the Helix USB was available in the sound output preferences window. So, I'm still unsure of the conditions that make the Helix USB not show up as a sound preference. As soon as I figure it out, I'll add a comment. I'll also (casually) continue to look into what can be done to force the Helix USB to be recognized, through Terminal or other means. Again, thanks for the replies and suggestions.
  7. I came here to get some guidance on the Helix not showing up on my system preferences, in certain situations. But, it looks like my problems are relatively minor. I'm noticing that when I reboot my Mac, I have no problems. However, when I put it to sleep and wake it, the Helix won't show up in my system preferences / sound. I was curious whether there's a way (perhaps through terminal) to force/prompt/cajole/pleasantly guide the Mac to find the Helix. Any ideas? Or should I count my blessings that it works, at all?
  8. That's right. I was interested in whether there is a physical difference between a '11 JTV-69 and a '16 JTV-69 (for example). Unless there's a hardware incompatibility issue, updating the firmware is not a deal breaker for me. Thanks for the replies.
  9. I'm thinking of buying a used JTV (either 69 or 59). I'm trying to understand pricing and trade-offs of older models. I've searched, with no luck, to see if there have been any significant upgrades to the models, since 2011. Any guidance on that would be appreciated.
  10. Timely thread for me. I came to the forum, today, to look for speaker recommendations for the Helix I just purchased (ETA 5 days). I already own an Mustang III, so this thread bought me some time. Other than the Eminence BTA-12LTA, what replacement speakers should I consider? Out of curiosity, could a similar signal path be used with the Helix to connect two M-IIIs, in stereo?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten to mention my budget- $300 being the most I'd be prepared to spend (after that I'd expect any improvements would be too subtle for me to appreciate). So, the recommended Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro seems like the way to go. Since the Helix is not powered by batteries, and based on Bhanga's comment, it'd seem like a 250-Ohm version should be fine. Thanks for the replies.
  12. I searched the forum archives and didn't see the topic covered; I apologize if it has been. I just ordered a Helix and I'm new to this kind of higher end gear and would appreciate some recommendations/thoughts/guidance on what to look for in a pair of headphones to use with Helix. My situation is that I'm a middle-aged, living room guitarist, who usually only gets time to play after my wife and kids are asleep for the night. So, I expect that headphones will be the primary output for the Helix. I aspire to start recording in the near future, but the probability that I do that is low. Therefore, headphones that can serve double-duty would be great, but getting a set that emphasizes the strengths of the Helix is more important. Thanks in advance.
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