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  1. Thank you guys. So the way I have been doing things seems to be ok. I have my xlr's at mic level, my patches around 60% on the helix meters. I have the big knob just going to digital. That lets me use that to control my DT25 (l6 link connection) volume for my stage monitor. It also means the output is at 100% for the xlr's. thanks again.
  2. Ok, back to leveling patches again..... This question has to do with the meter level on the output block for patches. Should you set your patches so the meter level is at 50%, 75%, or higher (or lower)? Or does it matter? Is there an optimum level for the meter? (sorry, trying to find the best way to ask this question). Or since it's digital, it really doesn't matter. I know I can adjust the loudness of the helix based on what I have the trim set to if going to a FOH or what I have the amp or FSFR speaker volume set to if using those. Should we try and set the patch meters to somewhere around 75% to get the best signal to noise ratio? Does the patch set to 75% sound "meatier" than the same patch set to 25% meter level? I know I can make both patches as loud as I want, just wondering if it affects tone. If there is a difference, what is the optimum meter level? Thanks! Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!
  3. make sure you set the bias on the tubes (carefully) and use only the EH tubes. Lot's of threads on how the amp is spec'd specifically for those tubes.
  4. Yes you can. You can set it to turn on amp off and the other amp on. Sorry, can't remember how, but yes you can do it. I do that in a few of my presets.
  5. ok, that explains things. I have the same (sort of) problem. On some presets, I have amp vol and drive parameters tied to a stomp button(not snapshot). The amp has the snapshot bypass = off. When I change snapshots, the amp drive/vol change back to whatever they were the last time I was in the snapshot. That does explain things, however, I don't like it :)
  6. Is it possible to have the mode set where I have it in stomp mode, if I then hit the mode button, it will go to snap mode, but then after picking a snap, have it go back to stomp mode? So what I would like is the mode button to temporarily go to snap mode, then switch to stomp mode (like it does when you hit bank up/down at the same time) I like to stay in stomp mode, but use snapshots to change delay or reverb settings, or turn on a stomp because I'm out of buttons.
  7. thanks all for the feed back... no pun intended :) question for rd2rk. siince i am using the xr18 for sound, how would i level the patches without using the xr18? I do keep my blocks as close to unity gain as possible. Amsdenj are you suggesting I start with a preset with no blocks and 1M imp. and use that to set the trim on the XR18? When I do that, I need to set the XR18 trim on +20. It was on +15. That makes me lower my channel volumes to 2 and below. Or is it better to start with the trim at 0 as Kid suggested. doing that I have to bring up the channel vol to 5 from 2. and it sounds more distorted??? interesting experiment. With the XR18, is there the thing about giving it a stronger signal vs a weaker signal because of the noise ratio? Thanks ALL!
  8. Question about levels... I have a Helix LT. The digital out goes to DT25 (big knob set to control only this). The xlr's (set a mic level and max output since the big knob is digital only) go left and right to a berhinger XR18. The XR18 is my interface to Reaper on a mac. I've had the helix over a year now and have spent hours upon glorious hours tweaking etc. I really love the results! I use the XR18 software to monitor my levels when when doing preset leveling to make sure things are close, then I play some music, play a lead over the same piece to finish the levels. This has worked great. I try to have my levels set so the XR18 software channel level meter hovers around -15. again this works great for getting the presets t match. It dawned on me the other day that the level in the XR18 is also going to be dependent on the trim I have set for that channel. Since once the trim is set, it doesn't change so all my presets will still be level matched, however, the level of my trim will have a direct correlation with the channel volume in the Helix. If the trim is set high, the helix channel volume will be set lower to get to -15. If the trim is set low, the helix channel volume will have to be set higher to get the XR18 channel level to -15. Several questions come to mind: 1) The helix channel volume is not supposed to change the tone, so it should not matter (tone wise) if it is set to 2 or 8. Is this thought correct? 2) would the sound be different (coming out of the XR18) if I had a higher channel volume and lower trim, or does that matter? 3) does anyone else have this scenario now and what do you do? 4) the trim now is around 12. should I change this to zero and redo my patches? Or am I (as usual) over thinking things? :) Would love to hear your comments. Thanks!
  9. either of the above would work. Just remember to set the output of the 1/4" to instrument instead of line in the global settings if you are going into the front of the amp.... don't think it would matter if you are going into the effects return of the amp, but the front of the amp will need the "lower" instrument feed. I have the helix lt running through a DT25 using the l6 link (which is the digital out on the helix). For context, I use clean to crunch to some od but no metal stuff. I went to a jam the other night and had to lug the amp (I know it's not that heavy, but I'm old and fat:)) upstairs to his jam room. He had some amps, but they didn't have an effects return. To keep from having to take the DT25 next time, I thought I would set up some patches where I could go straight into the front of an amp. The first thing I did was to get a good clean sound just plugging the guitar straight into the DT25 and using the B setting on the amp. Then I changed the global 1/4" setting on the helix to instrument and plugged it into the DT25. I copied one of my presets that uses a pre amp to a new preset and turned the preamp and the speaker on the helix off. Played some and all the other effects on the preset sounded good. Then I turned on the preamp block... .and that sounded good.... then for the heck of it, I turned on the cab block (1X15 ampeg) and that sounded even better (at least to me)... So I played around with preamps and full amps and speakers and such and the main thing I found out was that I just needed to make sure the 1/4" was on instrument and the preamps took over drive better that the full amps. Sorry for the long read, I just thought it was interesting. I thought I would have to come up with a bunch of different presets for plugging straight into an amp, but it turns out I can use what I have.
  10. Actually I liked the flowers... meant something to me, so thank you! a list of what the parameters do would be nice as well.... and yes, I use my ears! but now I have flowery descriptions to put with what my ears are hearing :)
  11. Ok, so I see what you are talking about. The up down buttons could be set to either the next bank or to the next set of stomps.
  12. Couldn't you use one of your snapshots to change the parameter of the output block
  13. I wonder what the hd500x would sound like running through the Helix effects loop? Will try that when I get home! Thanks for the idea
  14. Your response brought about a new question (sorry, hope it's not too much off track from the OP).... You said you use the HX Effects with the Helix using an effects loop. Where do you place the loop in your chain? I know it probably depends on what you are doing, but is there a typical spot? I have this question because I also would like just a few more stomps when playing live... mainly for effects. In the past, I have had two presets with the same amp/cab, etc... but a different set of effects.
  15. "Snapshot Bypass pertains to the Bypass Status of a Block. It doesn't prevent parameter changes to the Block." Thank you. That makes sense. I have the snapshot global settings set that way so I don't have to save each snapshot before changing to the next. I guess I could change it to discard when playing live. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll play with that and see what happens!
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