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  1. Sorry, did not mean to include the quote in an already long, but very interesting post. Can you give me an example of some of your different patches? I am certainly not trying to disrespect what you are doing. I just can't think of 80 completely different sounds that require a specific patch. I use the clean, crunch, drive, spacy method for my gig patches. I will use the different banks for different amps.... Sometime s the only change in a patch is adding a term, instead of chorus because I have a LT and run out of buttons. So back to my original question.... What are your different patches? Could you not use snapshots or stomps to change similar songs? I can't even think of 80 different types of songs that are so completely different they require a patch. Also, did you know with the helix you can edit on the fly with your feet? That is kind of cool and a skill I'm trying to learn. Thanks, just trying to understand and maybe help make it easier for you!
  2. I noticed the rebuild each time as well. I thought it was normal.
  3. Don't know if this is related, but I get a popping sound when changing from one voice to another. I use the helix lt and Dt25 connected using the link6.
  4. I would like to be able to view a patch setting in edit without having the helix attached to my computer...
  5. My use of the HD edit offline was not to tweak patches, but to look at the settings I had for certain patches so I could mimic those on another patch... Yes, I know about starting with the other patch and doing the save as thing... however, I may only want to tweak one thing.... so instead of writing down the settings (which I have done alot), I would start HD edit offline, load in my latest patches from the computer (where I save all my stuff... alot!) ... pull up the patch I want, then go make the change on my HD500x.... it was a great way to see what you had. I use the HD edit in offline mode now when I am starting making new patches on the helix, just to get a ballpark as a starting point. I never worried about the syncing issue, because i was not changing anything offline. I also used it to look at patches that other people did just to see the approach they took..... sometimes at work (lunch time of course :)). I would be great if there was a way to print out the patches with their settings!
  6. I was trying (yes, at work :) to look at a patch someone posted using the HX Edit.... it looks like it will not work unless a device is connected. Is that correct? I hope not..... It was nice to load patches with HDEdit without the HD500x connected. It was a great way to compare patches.
  7. I just bought a helix lt and realized I needed to update my DT25 to firmware 2.0. Using an Aleisis midi to usb cable, I updated monkey to 1.77, plugged in the cables and finally got monkey to see the dt. Monkey said the Dt was version 1.0 so I clicked the update button. It got almost finished and I got the 8000000A error... I tried this several times, same results. I read where you should try it in safe mode... so I press down the A/B toggle to B and turned it on and continued to hold the B down for 10 seconds or so... I tried the update again and got the same error. Now, after restarting the DT several times, when it turns on, no voicing lights are on, both pentode and triode lights are on, the low volume light is on, and it is on channel b. I've tried pinching the voicing and pentode switches while turning on the amp (leaving them pinched for a long time) and it does not reset. Does anyone know if there is a different procedure to reset the DT25 with firmware version 1.0? Thanks!
  8. Yes... this is frustrating... it started happening again.
  9. Although it takes awhile... for me, it was worth sticking with both (dt25 and HD500x). Awesome sounds. I also use the four patch method (to a point).. i like have it set to have 8 different effects on one patch... my clean patch can get dirty, but the dirty patch is the heaviest. Attached is one of the main set lists I use. The first 5 banks are used with the DT25 and HD500x. Banks 6 through 10 are used with the HD500x going straight to the PA (or into the effects return of another amp)... and banks11 through 16 (mainly bank 16a) are used with my acoustic and the HD500x straight into the PA. For your case, I suggest starting with bank 1 . hope that helps. Master 12-29-17 (2).5xs
  10. One other thing to think about is the amp you use. If you use the DT25 or DT50, then the HD500x was built to work with those amps... the amps will reconfigure themselves (really, sortof, don't know the tech speak...) based on the type of amp you have selected in the HD. I am one of those that have spent months trying to get a great tone.... or should say refining great tones ... and with the DT25 (two now) ... I love it. The flexibility is great and the sound is wonderful! IMHO....
  11. jandrio,Thanks... I know this is an old post but this is great..... what would be even greater and you could probably make some $$ is if you went a little further and could somehow show the settings for the amps and effects blocks. That would be great!
  12. If you are changing the volume, make sure the volume has not been assign to the foot pedal. Some people (me:)) assign the volume of the amp to the expression pedal 2 and give it a minimum value of 0 and a maximum of whatever... that way you can use it like a volume pedal and free up a block in the chain. Sometimes I will forget I have done this and change the channel volume on the patch, save it and it doesn't save... then lots of cursing until I remember I need to change the volume on the expression pedal ... then I just laugh at myself!
  13. This question is about losing volume when adding amp B. I have two DT25 using the link6 to a HD500x. The patch has one amp in the line and Amp1 = Amp A, Amp2 = Amp A... so both DT25's are using Amp A ... there is no Amp B. This setup sounds great and has a good volume. When I set AmpB to an amp in the line, then assign Amp2 to Amp B.... there is a very noticeable loss in volume. Does anyone else have this issue?
  14. 18 months between changes... wow. I've had to change my dt25 tubes 3 or 4 times over the past 3 years. I love these amps but they seem delicate.
  15. Just got a second DT25 and noticed a couple of things. First, it sounds great and works great with the HD500x. My questions: 1. The labels on my new DT25 or more yellow than white (like my other DT25). Is this normal or a problem? Has anyone else had this issue? 2. When I turn on the DT25 and the standby is still on, there is a soft hum. The hum goes away when I turn the standby off and it sounds great. My other DT25 does not have this hum. I have tried this connected to my HD500x and not connected. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue. Thanks.
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