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  1. What is the output for the very last path... 2b? I don't understand that last merge.
  2. how do you do that, you don't get to put an effect on the r or l path.... or am I missing something (which is a distinct possibility :) )
  3. That is what I am doing... I haven't really tried snapshots.... I don't really like the "preset per song" approach, not judging, just my preference. I come from the hd500x world, so that is the approach I first took... having most presets with the same stomps in the same places, just changing amps or adding wilder effects. I started using the snapshots to turn on some of the stomps when I ran out of buttons (I have the lt so I only have 8). That works, but it is messy live. I setup my board to go clean to crunchy to drive (with different amps) on the banks... so I know whatever bank I am on, preset a will be cleaner that preset d. For the setlists, I would have a setlist for my LesPaul, for my Tele, and for my yamah with wicked p90s... then I would duplicate those setlists and as a SAVE setlist so when I screwed something up live, I could go back and get the good one. Now that covid is here and I haven't played out since last February (damn, that hurts :)), I have changed my approach. I have a setlist where I am grouping all the amps together. I still have one or two basic "templates" with the stomps in the same places. I will use those and just change out the amp. I will have one for the pre and one for the Full amp. I like this approach. I have found it easier to find what I am looking (clean vs drive based on the amp). All my presets will give me clean to drive settings, some with changing parameters in the amp and some with just stacking the Minatour and the Timmy. When I get a really good preset, I will put it in another setlist which is dedicated to each of the guitars.... so when I play out, I will have the few presets I need already together. If I need something else, I go to my "amps" setlist that has all the amps setup.... This is one of my main "templates". I have it setup so I can record the loop through the 1/4 out and my jamming through the other out... it records each separately.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. I may be calling things the wrong thing. What I am talking about is the ability to make a button be a snapshot or a preset using the command center. I thought I read where you could make it so, let's say you are in snapshot mode, you could reassign a button to be one of your presents... So you have 7 snapshots and one preset.....or you could assign the mode button to be a snapshot or preset. That's what I thought I read...... Thanks
  5. Hey all... just wondering if anyone has used the ability to reasign what the buttons do? I'm curious as to what people did.
  6. yes it would be easier to take it to a shop..... however there is not one in 500 miles of me! I have a bricked dt25 that was bricked trying to upgrade to ver 2.0 so I could use it with the helix. very frustrating.... so, saying it would be easier to take it to a shop is kind of flippant and relative..... and sorry, not meaning any disrespect, it just hit me wrong cause I miss having my other amp!
  7. got it to work.. it's really cool... (for me anyway :)) so I have a path 2 and now path 2A. 2A only has the looper on it and it's out is to the 1/4 inch. The looper is at the end of the chain. Path 2 out is to the XLR's. I have the xlr's and 1/4 inches on different inputs on the XR18. When creating the loop, I have the mix between path 2 and 2a set in the middle. When playing the loop and playing on top of it (and recording all this in separate tracks in Reaper) I have the mix between path 2 and 2a set to bypass the looper. This way, none of my guitar playing gets through on the looper 1/4 outs as well as the looper doesn't get in the xlr outs. I thought that was cool :)
  8. Has anyone ever tried to put the looper in a different out? I would like to be able to record the looper in a separate track and still play on top of it in another track. I'm using the Helix light with xr18 into reaper. Just curious if anyone else has tried this.
  9. My down bank button has started moving down two banks... .i.e. going from bank 3,4 to 31,32. I have to be careful when I mash it. Has that happened to anyone else? Is that a warranty fix?
  10. Does the preamp then cab cancel out stereo blocks before them. For example, would the signal be changed to mono by the preamp and cab block. So the stereo minator would just mono after the amp cab... So no need in using stereo until after the amp/cab. Is that correct, or am I missing something.
  11. don't know how to reply, so this is in reply to phil_m about the DT25 being fragile. First off... I love mine. I have two. The first one I has had a lot of trouble. I had to take it to a tech in a near by city several times. had to fix a fuse inside and something else. Also, the tubes have gone bad alot. Part of that was on me (maybe all of this :)) by using different tubes... .but even when I went back to the EH's, I had problems. seems it was fine if I didn't move it, but taking it to gigs and practice, it would have problems. It worked ok for a few years, then last year when I was trying to upgrade it to 2.0 to use with the Helix... it got stuck in the middle and now it will turn on, but none of the switches work and no sound. Broke my heart! I did the same upgrade procedure to my other DT25 and luckily that worked. My problem is there isn't a shop that works on the DT25 anywhere near me.... so now it is just dead!
  12. First, that was really nice. Second, beautiful guitars. Third, that was really nice :).... Ok, forgive me for sort of being off topic. Here is a perfect example of why it would be nice to be able view the helix edit without the helix unit connected. I would love to SEE what he has put together. I should be working of course, but I want to think about important stuff so of course I came to the Helix site. You have done a great job on this and I would love to see you signal chain, etc.... ok, I'm done. Thank you for sharing, very nicely done. The tones were dead on and the playing was very clean!
  13. man, did I love that and the DT25.... other than the DT25 being so fragile, together they made beautiful music!
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