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  1. Some time back people were swearing by putting the kinky boost inbetween the amp and the cab. They said it made a huge difference, in a good way. A google search of that could tell you more. I tried it and it wasn't necessary for what I was doing.
  2. Wow, as my dear old mom used to say "what an age we live in!" :)
  3. the helix bag (which I had for years before I knew what they were for :) ) has these little loops in it at the top. You can put the clips (don't know what they are called but they are spring loaded) and put your cables in the clips.
  4. I don't understand all this talk about tuning! Next time buy a guitar that is in tune!!!! :) just kidding of course :)
  5. That is exactly what I was looking for... Thank you!
  6. actually, I don't think Command Center will let you change EVERYTHING.... it would be nice to be able to change the Tap/Tuner ... you CAN change most everything else though!
  7. The buttons on my Helix Floor are getting a little picky. Sometimes (usually at the wrong time) they will not work. I have to hit them several times to make them work. What is the best way to fix (or clean them). Thanks... I thought I had posted this earlier, but I can't find it.... so thanks again, if you replied earlier!
  8. I see what you are saying, however, I keep thinking of this great floor board I bought several years ago because I loved what it did then.... and then I find out the company put out FREE updates... and keeps on doing that!!!! To me that is awesome.
  9. The buttons on my Helix floor are becoming flakey, meaning that sometime I have to stomp them several times to get the to activate or deactivate (change). I remember some people taking about how they cleaned the buttons, but there was something about losing some springs? My question is what is the best process for cleaning the buttons... and does it sound like cleaning would help my problem? Thanks!
  10. this may be a different issue, however, there were threads awhile back that talk about what shows on the PC screen. It had something to with the correct speaker would be selected, however the PC screen may not change to a different preset when changing the speaker from the helix. Bottom line was you get the speaker you want and just disregard what the PC screen least that is what I took away from that!
  11. If you offload it (speaker or IR) to the PC, then you have to go from the PC to the FOH. Correct?
  12. I can say I really love the PC112plus.... however I dont use the speaker models. I run it in LF Raw mode. But I love the way it sounds.... To me, the PC would give you more flexibility, however, it may not sound exactly like the black shadow..... it could be better or worse... depends on what you like. I always go with the more options.... but that's me.
  13. I think I understand and I do the same thing. I have a footswitch set to the output block and set it to 0 min and +3 max. works great. boost is after everything so nothing is changed tone wise, it's just louder!
  14. Your point is a good one and is probably shared with mostly newish or new to modeling level of players. I can see where it would make sense, buy this and it will sound like this! However, in reality as many have said (in billions of posts) that is not possible. The most Line6 can do it try to make the defaults for the amps, effects, etc. sound the best it can through a range of monitoring systems (maybe the wrong words but I mean whatever is used to get sound from the Helix). IMO, they have gotten better at that. For the new players that don't get immediately turned off, this can be a great learning opportunity that can improve their knowledge of what makes a good tone which I believe can help them be a better player. I don't know if it would be possible to "qualify" new customers' expectations on the possibilities of the expected sound without hurting the product sales. However, I believe that would help new players not get discouraged so fast. I know in my case, I really have enjoyed the "tone" rabbit hole and have learned so much from sites like this.... and I have been playing line6 stuff since the first beans.....
  15. I agree with PierM that the way a guitar "feels" in your hands is the most important thing for me. I also have guitars of varying price ranges, but only because they "felt" good. You can tell as soon as you put your hands on it if it is good or not. Yes, sometimes all it needs is a change of strings and a good setup, but it still needs that feel. That's why I can never understand why guitar places don't take the time to at least do a basic setup and maybe change the strings. So many times I have picked up a guitar at places like Guitar Center, Sam Ashe, etc, and the strings were way off the neck and were rusty.... I know it's silly, but it drives me crazy! (or maybe, I should be happy because now I have more money in my pocket :))
  16. this may be completely off base, but R2DR2 (or something like that, sorry) has posted about a problem with the treble/tweeter something not working correctly in some cases. Maybe the treble trim? You could do a search for that or just look in the Power Cab section. He talks about it a lot. Maybe that is it or maybe that was only for the PC212+....sorry to be so vague! And I'm sure you have tried each PC by themselves without being hooked to each other? are you connecting them with the l6link? Good luck finding it. Please post what you find!
  17. that was an interesting question... espeicially since I don't have the helix native. Thanks for posting the answer.
  18. would the impedance on the guitar input make a difference. That is the classic problem when the gate is too hot, but you said you are not using a gate, so maybe the guitar input impedance is too low along with having the pad on.
  19. I also use the PC in Flat, LF Raw mode. I do not bypass the cabs and mics in the helix.
  20. Have you tried the 4 cable method? I don't use that, but from my understanding, the whole point of that is to keep your amps sound. That may help.
  21. The Wrightsville Beach band was called Fallen Angels. The bassist is Taylor Lee. I could not find any recent videos of him, but they were amazing! Loved the way he chorded, double stopped, etc.... beautiful! And a young guy at that :) (Damn KIDS :) )
  22. I have the helix floor, but I had the same problem. I don't remember exactly, but I believe it had something to do with the touch capacity(probably wrong word, sorry)... but if I just touched the button, not click it, it would change the light and then the settings were reversed (or seemed to be reversed, because the drive would be at max with the light off). Try just touching the button to select it... or touch it a few times.... (reading that sounds bad :), but I'm serious :))
  23. Saw a local Jazz trio in Wrightsville Beach, NC a month ago (bass, sax, drums). Very full sound, the bassist was the best musician I have ever heard, much less seen. The way he combined chording and noting the bass was amazing... it sounded like they had a fender rhoads (sp?) playing with them. So the point is that maybe the bass can adjust somethings as well, maybe incorporate chording at times, especially during the guitar solo's!
  24. you can also play with the Stereo Width setting on the PC.... amazing how well it works.
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