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  1. Didn't you say you sum up both 2a and 2b with an IR at the end? if so, then your question about the different amps being on either side... wouldn't they be summed and the split stereo. (bad writing, sorry!).... What I'm trying to say it that if you bring 2a and 2b back together, then both amps will come out of the left and right of your stereo.
  2. I wonder why they want you to use an amp and not what you have... but anyway.. I had 2 DT25's and absolutely loved them.... except, for me, they were very flakey. I had both worked on several times and had to have the tubes replaced and biased. That is a pain. Also, one of my DT25's bricked when I was trying to upgrade it to v 2.0 so I could use it with the helix. I had a HD500x that I used for years before the helix. I got the PC+ 212 and I am very happy with that. I also have a PC+112 that I use for small rooms. They both sound great to me! Good Luck!
  3. I understand the wanting to get presets to learn. However in my experience, nothing really sounded good. They were very helpful in just showing how others did things, but for me, it was way more helpful to create my own. I started by mimicking Jason sadites basic template for a great tone. Good luck, I've spent way too many hours tweaking and learning, but for me it was a blast!
  4. I believe you could do that. I think the line level is +12db over the mic level, so you could set the global one way and adjust your patches by changing the level of the output block. That should not change your tone. Somebody please confirm the 12db, I'm not sure about that.
  5. This may not have anything to do with it, however if I understand correctly, you are splitting the channel right after the chorus. Is the girth on the bottom Channel? If so, the mix level of the channel may be too low and you are not getting enough of the girth signal coming back when the channels merge. You could look at the merge black after the split and see what the mix levels are. You could raise the level to see if that helps.
  6. PaulTBaker

    Helix lt

    No. All the updates are free! Thank you Line6.... enjoy your new toy.
  7. Have not got an email. Have both my PC's registered.
  8. I have the pc112+ and the 212+, play them stacked on top of each other, using the FRFR Raw and the helix floor, and love the sound. I guess since I don't mess with the internal speaker sims (forgive if saying that wrong), but I have not had the issues. Where did you get the survey?
  9. I loved my dt25's, however, in my experience, they were very fragile. I had to keep replacing the tubes and had several visits to the repair shop. My last "died" when I tried to update it so I could use it with the helix. Very sad! I am very happy now with the helix floor and pc+ 112 stacked on a pc212. very happy indeed :) I guess I have to try this new thing now!!!! I have no will power :)
  10. so these things are the replacement to the dt50 and dt25?
  11. It really is up to you. There are a lot of people that say, no, you don't have to add the cab or IR with the powercabs, however, I use the powercabs FRFR Raw and add a cab (or multiple cabs) to my patches in the helix. I just like the way it sounds better. Another reason I do that is because I go to the FOH out of my helix. This seems to give me the same sound from the FOH and the powercabs. But like everything with helix, it is up to what you like.
  12. I just wanted to thank Sweetwater... I sent them an email about the link and got a reply with a fresh link in less than five minutes! Thank you!
  13. in the above post, not the pc... is that a situation where you would bypass the phaser.... then snapshots would not matter it is on or off based on when you stomped on it. (or I may not have fully understood what you are wanting)
  14. Thank you Sacha.... I'm a self taught player that has been playing over 40 years. I confess I don't read music, but I have a somewhat understanding of what you are saying. I would love to know more!
  15. they are all correct.... however, as you will find if you look at the tons of other posts, some people start with a loudness meter LUFS. (that may not be the correct name). I use that to get a good starting reference point, then I adjust from there. I will play with spotify at home and switch between patches. I try to match the levels against the backing tracks. That helps. The whole set your patches at the volume you will use them is important. Live patches need to be tweaked at the Live volume. bedroom patches will not sound good at live volumes (may not sound good). Some people have created a EQ block at the end that (comes close) to mimicking the Fletcher Munson effect. Of course it is not perfect, but what is! I used that eq block at the end of my chain when creating patches at lower levels. That helped some. Eventually you will get used to what you need to change for the different volumes. It's all a journey, so enjoy the ride!
  16. I use 10.5 because I like how they feel. it is probably ALL IN MY HEAD, but, it's my head and that's what matters :) For the thin string thing, my thought would be that would be best for metal, etc. and would depend on the type of music played.
  17. Can you point out some of the sites, books, whatever, that you used to learn some of those licks?
  18. Wow, very nice playing... liked the swell chords at the end and really all of it!
  19. The 212 has a setting where you can set the stereo spread from 0 to 200%.
  20. this is easier using hx edit, but it is nice to know how to do it without that.
  21. Wow... sometimes it can be very humbling reading these posts. It lets you realize you didn't know what you didn't know :) Thanks!
  22. It is probably your tubes. I have had a couple of DT25's and loved them... they (or me :) ) were hard on tubes. One test is to take a pencil and very carefully, lightly tap the tube, the noise should get worse if it is a bad tube.
  23. I started with the LT and of course it is great! I use it mainly in stomp mode, kind of like a pedal board and have different patches for different amps. Because of the 8 stomp limit (as opposed to the 10 with the helix floor) I had to use snapshots to add the extra "stomp buttons". The LT also seemed kind of flimsy to be used for gigging. I don't think that is a reality, just my perception. I had to send the LT back to get a button fixed, so I got a helix floor to use in the interim. I was going to return the floor after I got the LT back. However, I found being able to use the extra 2 button in stomp mode REALLY made a big difference for me. I was now able to have most everything I wanted on a patch and was able to access them with the buttons. I was surprised how much of a difference this made for me. Also, I guess good and bad, but the floor is (or at least seems to be) much heavier and sturdier than the LT. So I kept the floor and returned the LT. I am glad I did... but please don't tell my wife :) Either way, the helix is great! I come from the pod beans, to the hd500x to the helix. I now have a PC 112+ and a PC 212+. I play them stacked and they sound awesome (at least to me)!
  24. typically, you use the Master channel volume to control the amount of power distortion you want.... think tone... The channel volume is used to control the "loadness" and is used to match patch levels.... That is meant to be a very high level solution... there are a million things that can go into it, like gain staging (making sure the gains are matched or close at each block when they are on or off), and other things. Some people say to start with your lowest level patch and bring the other louder ones down to match that one patch. Some will add a gain block at the end if they need more volume. There are some really good threads where smart people (not me :)) talk about the best way to match patches... For me, I have a helix floor (and Stomp XL) and normally create patches on my computer, so I downloaded the free LUFS loudness meter and use that as a starting point. I try to make things average around -13 to - 16 db. That has really helped me. I have always been able to just use the channel volume to match patches, and never had to add a gain block at the end. Sorry for the ramble... hope this helps....
  25. yeah, but what a great 13 seconds it was :)
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