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  1. Hi FBL, Have you made more progress? I'm the guy that did the FTP video above and I've recently started using MG2 on iOS. I really think it offers better tracking than my FTP and no need for a pickup. With the Helix routing, it works very well. I have the MG2 input set to USB7, which is the reamp channel on Helix so it takes the raw input guitar signal and no extra path is needed. I then have a separate path for synth coming back into Helix on USB3. Its great being able to just use a USB cable and Apple CCK. If you're interested I can post a picture of the Helix path.
  2. mlong


    Any luck with recreating the SlideRig?
  3. mlong

    Removing rubber feet?

    Here is what I used.
  4. mlong

    Removing rubber feet?

    Do you know what the screw/thread size was on those?
  5. Yea, I checked it out at Sweetwater's Gearfest, but waited until some pricing/deal chatter started happening and jumped in. ;)
  6. As a previous XT Live user and now HD500(and Variax) user, my Helix has been on pre-order since 6/19. Patiently waiting... :rolleyes:
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