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  1. Thanks Kilrahi for your answer. I updated without problem the 2.80 and 2.80.1 versions before this one. I always follow scrupulously the instructions, that's why I was surprised by this problem. But I tried with another computer, and all worked fine. Apparently, the usual PC was on strike... :-) I will see with the next upgrade. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.
  2. (Hello ! It's impossible to install the 2.81 version on my HX Effects. The current version is the 2.80.1, but when I try to install the last version, the process begin, and next, all the screens of the HX are empty, Windows 10 reports me that a device is unplugged (with a bip), and the updater gives an error. I tried with an other ubs cable, directly on my pc (no hub), and this is the first time I have this issue. Somebody has had this problem ? Thanks in advance.
  3. OK, it's a shame... Thanks for your help, C4TH and Codamedia.
  4. Hi all ! I would like to know if it is possible to change the function of the switches, in order to have something like that : Switches 4-5 : bank selection (up and down) Switches 1-2-3 : presets (1-2-3 being the bottom switches from the left, for me) Thanks in advance !
  5. Hi all, I upgraded my Helix (Rack), following all the instructions, and all gone well. But I have had a little issue at the restart : my Helix was rebuilding my presets at every restart. So, I loaded the new presets (2.80), et imported my own presets after, and now, all goes well. Hoping that this will be able to help you if you have the same issue. Best regards P.S : sorry about my bad english... :-)
  6. Thanks a lot for your answer (the long and the short... :-) ). I think this possibility is very interesting, mainly with a bass guitar, because a lot of studios want two tracks, with ampli and DI. Of course, with guitars too, but I prefer to work the sound before recording. Thanks again Brue58ski
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to use the "Guitar Thru (Buffered)" connexion as a DI connexion ? I don't really sure, because of the lack of symmetrization, but maybe I say a stupidity... I ask this because I don't wish to use the Helix as a sound card (despite the possibilities with the USB connexion). Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm agree with you, why to buy some IRs, when we have a lot of choice with the Helix ? IRs are a very good way to obtain a great sound, sure, but I think it's interesting to work with the cabs of our gear before to spend more some money.
  9. Yes, the off-axis option would be a very good thing.
  10. Hello, First, I'm sorry to post this question one more time, but I think I misspoke the last time. Indeed, I have no problem to record with the s/pdif connection, but I'm used to work too with a Torpedo Live, and when I use it, I have to let it be the master of the clock source. And, in order to do that, I configure my sound card to be slave of my Torpedo. So, I wondered if I had to do the same thing with the Helix, to avoid any problem. Thanks for yours answers.
  11. Thanks to help me. I'm sorry, my english is very bad, but I'm gonna try to better explain my request : I haven't got problem to record with the s/pdif out, but I wondered if I had to adjust my sound card so that it is the "slave" of the Helix about the clock, because this is very adviced with a Torpedo Live, for exemple. I hope I'm a little clearer this time ... :-)
  12. Hello everyone, I would like to know if it's necessary to adjust the sound card on "ext", before to record with the S/pdif connection. Indeed, with a gear like the Torpedo Live, it is recommended to do that. Thanks in advance for your help.
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