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  1. That's the whole problem, this bug is completely random, there's no "logic" behind it like "it happens when I do this or that". I stopped touching the hardware unit when using POD HD edit but it didn't change anything. I had 5 presets deleted since my last post in this thread... One thing I can add is that it happens when using POD HD edit but also in sessions when only using the hardware unit. REALLY annoying to constantly have to track down deleted/replaced presets...
  2. VERY annoying bug. Yes bug. I'm editing my presets with POD HD Edit and not touching the unit at all (except for the master volume) as you guys suggested in this thread. I found today 2 presets that got replaced by 2 others from other setlists. Something happened at the beginning of my edit session as I'm saving my bundle right after powering on the POD and right before shutting it down. My backup from yesterday had the presets at the right location. My 1st backup from today had the presets erased... Note that I didn't touch the unit in between sessions...
  3. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug coming from POD HD Edit or the hardware unit itself but it's VERY annoying. I already lost some custom presets because of it. What's happening is when I'm tweaking then saving my presets on the POD or POD HD Edit, the preset is saved in the location I specified (let's say setlist 3, 12B) but it's also sometime duplicated and saved in another setlist (setlist 2 for ex, 12B) erasing whatever preset was populating the 12B space. Unfortunately I can't replicate this issue as it seems to happen randomly. The duplicate always saves in the same preset spot as the original (for ex. 14C) but in a different setlist. But it's happening quite often to be VERY annoying and frustrating, especially when you discover a duplicate of your Metallica preset in your Pop Rock setlist, erasing the Santana preset you have been tweaking to perfection for months... Oddly I could only find one thread mentioning this exact same issue: Maybe it's the way we both use POD HD Edit or the POD. The POD factory setlists are loaded, leaving me with 3 empty setlists I populated and are now almost full. My setlists are organized as follow: 1/ Metal 2/ Pop Rock Acoustic 3/ Ambient FX that's why it's easy for me to spot a preset that doesn't belong to one or other setlist. To save a patch I either use the SAVE button on the POD or send it from POD HD Edit to the POD. I sometime reorganize my setlists moving patches all over the place, and I'm always very careful to what I do so when there's a duplicate, it's not user error. The only workaround I found (which is actually not really a workaround) is to save my preset bundle before editing, and then again in another file after editing so I can compare both bundles preset after preset and see the changes. Very annoying once again, but at least this way I'm not losing any patch. This really needs to get fixed.
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