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  1. This is exactly my point. Once I make a change to a drive level on preset #1, I’d then have to copy and paste that change to every other preset. I also thought about snapshots, but as you said I wouldn’t have the ability to access other effects throughout a song. It would be cool if there was a master setlist that would keep your pedal settings the same except for time based effects’ tempos. Then you could scroll through songs with the same overall preset, just different BPM’s for delays and tremolos.
  2. I’m always with a band playing to a click track. So being locked in is imperative for me. I think I found a solution. The Selah Quartz can send midi clock for time based effects. You can preprogram BPM’s and scroll through a setlist and it will send midi time. It’s an extra pedal to lug around, but the easiest solution I’ve come across.
  3. Hi all, I've been a pedalboard user my entire life. I found a good deal on a used Helix LT and decided to check it out. I’m trying to figure out the best way to program delay BPM’s for a setlist. I know tap tempo is available, but I prefer to have BPM’s dialed in beforehand and exact. I plan on using it in stomp mode since that’s most familiar to me. My thought was to have 10 presets all exactly the same, then pre-program BPM’s on each preset. So preset #1 would be song #1 and so on... But realized if I made any adjustments to an effect, it wouldn’t automatically be saved to all the other presets. This would require me to copy and paste my tweaked preset every time I make an adjustment. Does anyone out there have a solution for something like this? Thanks!
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