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  1. License Manager won't find XTL. I've got only my laptop authorized and de-authorizing it doesn't seem to help either. I'm sure there's something weird going on with my XTL, as on the LCD screen you can see v3.01 but USB version is 0.00 end ESN is 00000000. I think I just have to admit my defeat and go with what I got available in that atm.
  2. During power up the screen shows "Standard Model Set" and I can't find any of the FX Junkie Pack effects i.e. synths, double bass etc. I've yet to succeed at installing the USB firmware. I have tried downloading through Line6 Monkey and also straight from the downloads section at line6.com. I managed to re-flash my unit with the midi-usb cable. I have no idea why L6 Monkey won't recognise my unit when I hook it up with plain USB cable. I've tried 4 different cables in every USB port on my laptop. I can use L6 Edit with that midi-usb cable but all-in-all this task in recovering the unit back to square one is nowhere near done. :)
  3. Ok, I've managed to re-flash my XTL. Unfortunately the FX Junkie Pack is still missing and what I've read from this forum, I'm not getting it back at all. For some reason I can not update the USB Firmware. I've tried updating from L6 Monkey and by downloading straight from l6.com. I still have to use the USB-MIDI cable in order to have a connection between my laptop and XTL. So, I'm kind of half way through with my problems. Gonna keep trying.
  4. By the way, the firmware seems to be 3.01 and while every new amp is there, I can't find the FX Junkie Pack. I'm still waiting for the midi-usb cable to be able to flash that MF.
  5. Yes. Other "serials" or version numbers show "00000000"
  6. Well, the FW is something 1.X. So there's the problem I think. It's just weird it has worked properly with reg. USB cable about 10 years ago. :P :P :P But yeah, I've cooled down now, so THANK YOU guys! I'll see if I can get that bastard working again properly. Maybe (IF I can update it) the Junkie XL Pack will come back into it and the other missing stuff.
  7. No error messages. I've logged in to L6 Monkey and I've tried to install the drivers through website and through Monkey. The driver-info on Monkey won't show it's updated them. The XT Live isn't found by Win Device Manager, so that is a big concern. I think the main problem is that I've only tried with normal USB cable instead of USB-Midi cable to get the XTL online and updated. So before I contact the support I'm gonna try that. I know this forum is user supported but I was just so friggin' frustrated to the whole situation and to crawl through these different guidelines to solve the problem so it kind of boiled over. :P I'll keep you posted with the progress. THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!
  8. That first advise didn't do anything (but gave me option to adjust the contrast) and that safe mode thingie is even more useless. I am stuck.
  9. Thanks for the advice. That first instruction was new to me, although I've been searching through this forum for help. I will post the results later. Btw, that safe mode thing didn't help anything for me.
  10. I'm having the same issue here. My XT Live had the FX Junkie Pack in when I bought it brand new, it was a campaign of sorts from L6. Now, my XT Live is on "Standard Model" mode when I turn it on. I wonder if they can supply the FX Junkie Pack back to me if they have the serial or something. It's getting on my nerves people at L6 overlook their legacy products so badly they don't even care to answer.
  11. I have to say this out loud (and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first), but this whole "No you can't reset your Pod XT Live without computer" is probably the most stupid thing a manufacturer can do... Also the fact that the gear itself is great but the L6 softwares which for whatever reason come in multiple different ones when you could add every single thing to one, GOOD software, is a brain fart probably equivalent to President Trump's worst decisions.... I'm trying to make my Win7 computer to talk with my Pod XT LIve, but noooooo, the newest drivers which I have run several times don't seem to make that Line6 Monkey happy, so I could update the USB firmware (as Monkey won't find my REGISTERED gear), so I could make the flash memory update. UTTER BOLLOCKS!
  12. I found this on the manual, not sure if it solves your issues: The other option is called Pass Through, and it only applies to the six knobs in the center of the AX2 front panel (the Guitar, Aux, and Master knobs are always in Instant Access mode). This mode can be used to give you more seamless sound as you are tweaking the settings on your AX2. Let’s say you recall a saved channel on the AX2, which has a low setting for the Drive – like 10, for instance (Drive has a range of 0-99). Now let’s say your Drive control knob happens to be at its maximum position. In Instant Access mode, if you grabbed the knob and started turning it, your Drive would jump instantly to the maximum level (99). In Pass Through mode, a knob does not become ‘active’ until it ‘passes through’ the current value for the particular setting that you are controlling with the knob. So, in our example, when you first started turning the knob, it wouldn’t be anywhere near 10. You would have to turn it all the way down to ‘pass through’ 10 before anything would happen; once you passed through 10, the knob would become active, and the Drive setting would start changing, and affecting your tone. Why would you want to use Pass Through? People who do a lot of sound editing may find that Pass Through is handy because it generally lets them check a particular Way Important: KNOB MODES 2 • 3 parameter’s current setting before they change it. So, in the example of the Drive, maybe you want to just have a look at where the Drive is set now, without changing the setting. With Pass Through mode, you can turn the Drive knob, and at first you won’t change the setting. The current value for Drive will be displayed in the AX2 display as you turn the knob, so you can see that it is set to 10 (or whatever) without having made any change to the sound. So Pass Through mode might be for you. On the other hand, you may be the kind of person that finds Pass Through mode to be a big pain in the butt because half the time when you grab a knob and turn it, nothing happens. You might want to always have your AX2 respond to you instantly without having to pay too much attention to where the knobs happen to be. If that’s your kind of scene, then Instant Access is probably the thing for you. To get Instant Access Mode, do nothing. The AX2 defaults to this mode. To choose Pass Through mode, you use the Row Select button for the MAIN Row. That’s the button to the left of the boxed word MAIN on the AX2 front panel. On the fold-out illustration of this manual’s back cover, the MAIN Row Select button is the bottom one of the group labeled . Get ready to work that button. To set the knob mode to Pass Through, turn off the AX2, and then power it up while holding in that MAIN Row Select button we just described. The six Edit Knobs of the AX2 will now be in Pass Thru mode, and will stay that way (even after you turn the AX2 off and on again) until you reset them to Instant Access mode by powering up with the MAIN Row Select button held. This Knob Mode selection is one of the things that the AX2 stores in its Global section of memory, so resetting the global memory, as described in the System Resets section of this User Guide, will also reset the AX2 to Instant Access mode Hope this helps?
  13. Thanks for the heads up, peterjanwilbrink! I've played with that amp for a long time and there are few quite decent sounds but the X3L beats it by miles imo. I just have to create as neutral sound as possible for hooking up the X3L. I don't want to destroy the combo. :) It's a shame I have to stick to MONO signal. I know, a real 1st World Problem. :P
  14. Hi y'all! Just to keep you posted about my experiences so far connecting my X3L as I recently explained above... I connected the board to AUX input in the amp. I have built my sounds with L6 2X12" cab sim, so the sound wasn't "that much" far off what I actually feared in the first place. Just a bit of tweaking AUX bass and treble from the amp and it was quite good. At that point the output on the board was selected as COMBO PWR AMP. Last night I decided to change the output to "COMBO FRONT" just to test and to get the possibility to tweak the outgoing signal from the board to amp. I was still connecting X3L to AUX. I must say it probably sounded even better. I probably broke several "rules" but as long as I'm happy it's all that matters. ATM I am running the signal MONO from the board to amp but I'm planning on buying a Y-cable with dual mono jacks and one stereo jack to be able to get the signal out in STEREO. I'm not sure if it actually works but I'm gonna give it a go anyway. My first thoughts with my recent setup are that L6 products sit together pretty nicely even the age gap is pretty considerable between gear and you really don't have to spend all your family funds chasing the best tone for you. :) I bought the amp used and spent 150 euros (ca. 160 $) on it. Also the X3L was used and bought it also for 150 euros. It came with a sturdy road case so it is safe on the road also. All in all the whole middle-aged-tone-chasing-package didn't cost me a fortune and my GAS was cured for a few weeks. As you all know GAS is something you are destined to suffer through life but thank god for Line6 we are able to chase the perfect tone without having to rob a bank or winning the lottery.
  15. Thanks, I was also wondering if I don't want to do any mods with the amp is it possible to connect Pod X3 Live with Y-cable with stereo jack into AX2 AUX and mono jacks to X3 Live outputs L and R? Don't I get the sound in stereo then (if the preset includes any stereo fx or dual tone panned, of course) ?
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