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  1. On a lighter note, am I the only one who has to play Joe Raposo's Three's Company theme whenever you use the "colorful" wah? I've always wondered what wah he used.. It sounds the same on all the work he did for CTW and Sesame
  2. Ok backed up just the global settings, the m-audio pedal is now working as it should.
  3. Did go into global settings, set the tip polarity inverted, then assinged the wah to exp 2 in HX edit. It works but in reverse.. and it used work as exp 1, which all the blocks default to..
  4. yes, as all my presets transferred over so I assume yes.
  5. I have an HX stomp with 3.1 firmware on it now, and my m-audio expression pedal no longer works with it. As I rock the pedal I get either an "expression 1 active" or "expression 2 active" message. I am trying to assign it for position on a wah block. I had no problems with the previous firmware, is this a bug in 3.1?
  6. Thanks folks! you answered what I already assumed. I had read other threads concerning IR size and sample rates. Now I'm wondering if there is something on the market though that can do accoustic IRs. I'm thinking besides software, nothing hardware based is reality yet.
  7. I have reverb IRs I use in reason, can you use accoustic space IRs in HX stomp? I assuming the intent is to model cabinets.
  8. In response to the amsdenj post getting lots of traction lately, I ask, what is your favorite pedal not modeled in the HX stomp that you leave in the fx return? I myself have much love for the z.vex lo-fi junky. It can't be recreated. It stays in my effects loop. What are your favorites you just can't live without that aren't modeled in the HX stomp?
  9. yea I'm gonna play with cab sims on the solo lead. The x88 was essentially a pre-amp version of a soldano sl-100 so I should be able to dial something in the ballpark.
  10. oh it's updated. And I'm well aware of the models it does have. I am lamenting the loss of my favorite which happened to be that x88 preamp model. Is one of the hi-gain amps sonicly similar? I'm trying to recreate my patches
  11. I am new to the world of Helix via the HX Stomp... and I am sad to find no Line6 Modern hi-gain model. You know, the Soldano x88 preamp model. Has it not been modeled in the helix line?
  12. my well used PODxt (power switch replaced a while back, definitely loved) is starting to lose the FXjunkie and metal shop model packs. If I go to a preset that uses an fx or amp in said packs, a random amp from the stock power pack is substituted. Is my pod on its last legs? There's no internal battery just internal flash correct? This has happened multiple times (made a post the first time it happened) and I'm tired of having to reflash the firmware all the time. Hmm interesting tried disconnecting the USB as I powered it on (as mentioned in another post) and the model packs are working again? Not fun for editing tones on the computer however.. Is this a bug?
  13. I run my pod xt into a steinberg UR22MKII audio interface for recording/monitoring/ playing back with computer audio. Direct from the phones output in the headphones it's loud, but into the steinberg from an instrument cable on the left line output (in mono) it's underwhelming, and I have to crank the input levels on the steinberg a lot and get clipping. Bass response is also lacking and a general lackluster tone is all I get out of any model. If I were getting that out of the real amps being modeled I'd be very disappointed. Is there a setting I'm missing on the POD? I believe I have it set with the cab simulation ON and settings for PA. Is there something I'm missing? The tones i get live through a real tube amp (blues Jr.) compare to the POD are night and day. Makes me not want to record or play at home anymore. Am I asking to much from the POD? Are there optimal settings for running a setup this way?
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