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  1. It's the desktop-version :-) Thanks for your great answer!
  2. Hi, I needed some new inspiration to my POD HD sounds, so I downloaded an entire setlist from a guy who made some awesome sounds. But how do I save these sounds/setlist to my POD HD? I can import the setlist, but it's not stored in the POD.
  3. Unfortunately I have no S/PDIF input on my interface. Thanks for your help everyone.
  4. First off, because I want to use Pod Edit at the same time to tweak the tones, and I've heard that it could interfere if using the Pod as a audio interface and Edit at the same time. Second of all because I don't use the Pod all the time. So I would have to change audio interface and monitor cables all the time, if I should use the Pod as a audio interface.
  5. Hi, I just bought a POD HD, and I'm in a little bit of doubt, on how to connect the "bean" for recording - in the best possible way. My thoughts right now is, that I will connect the POD through the outputs to my audio interface (Focusrite), but still have the POD connected to my Mac via USB, so I can use the POD Edit. Would that be the optimal, or...? And a sub-question: If the above is the right way to do it, would you then connect it with two cables - one for the left and for the right, and then into input 1 and input 2 on my audio interface? Or is it enough to use the left output from the POD to one input on my audio interface (since I'm panning and dubbing anyway)? Thanks in advance!
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