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  1. OK! I now understand. And agreed, it's convoluted (and tedious). Initially, when you said... 'assign ALL the footswitch assignments under EACH snapshot' I was trying to find this under each snapshot so got confused. For my future reference, and for anyone struggling with this, these are the specific steps to setup flip/flopping using Snapshots when in Stomp Mode (as of v3.15) SET PREFERENCES & CREATE SNAPSHOTS Set the 'Snapshot Reselect' preference to 'Toggle' (page 46) Set the 'Snapshot Mode' preference to 'Latch' (page 47) Create, name and colour your snapshots in Snapshot Mode (pages 30-33) I created 4x snapshots: Clean, Crunch, OD and Distortion ASSIGN SNAPSHOTS TO SWITCHES Go to Preset mode Hit Bank Up/Down simultaneously (do it quickly or the 'Swap Footswitches' function will get initiated instead) Press Snapshot 1 Press the hamburger menu and choose 'Command Center' I selected FS1 Turn small knob 1 to choose 'Snapshot' under 'Command' Turn small knob 3 to choose the Snapshot, I chose Snapshot 1 Rinse and repeat for each Snapshot and switch you want assigned SAVE! Yes, save the assignments before going back (I lost all assignments) Hit the MODE switch to go back to Snapshot Mode Press the Snapshot 2 switch Press the hamburger menu and choose 'Command Center' Perform steps 5-11 all over again (exact same assignments, this is the tedious part) Don't forget to SAVE before exiting Rinse and repeat for every snapshot you want assigned to a footswitch Don't forget to SAVE before exiting Command Centre each time (can't say this enough) Now you can switch distortions with one button press, and not have them cascade into each other. @cglaser68 Total life saver! Thank you, much appreciated. REQUEST Helix needs flip/flop groups so you can setup effects in Stomp Mode, and effortlessly assign any effect to a flip/flop group. Benefits over Snapshots... Enabling one effect, disables all others in the group BUT hitting an effect that's already on, turns it off (Snapshots don't work this way) This saves a Snapshot and a Switch because you don't have to assign a 'Clean' or 'Base' Snapshot (switches are precious people!) Cut down on endless programming and preferences for something so simple (basic GigRig switchers have this & I have a Cusack unit with it) Reserve snapshots for changing effects parameters, instead of simply turning effects on/off And because it's software, have multiple groups so you could have multiple distortions, delays and reverbs on different flip/flop groups Request link... If you don't gig in Stomp Mode, then you probably don't care but spare a thought for all the people who do - don't downvote just because: https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/1051511 Also found a similar request (334 votes): https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/779072 Cheers
  2. Incase I wasn't clear, RTM wasn't the comment I didn't like, it was the comment from PierM that I was lazy and the others that chimed in via Emoji. I'm not lazy, I just didn't fully understand the terminology and how stuff fits together. Manuals are great at explaining individual features but they often don't contain the full 'recipe' for achieving certain outcomes. Anyway, I have plenty to digest when I get home, so thanks to all who've contributed - very much appreciated. Truly.
  3. Sorry @cglaser68 , cross-post! Will read your suggestions which look helpful and give this another go tonight. Thanks for the post, very much appreciated.
  4. I'd actually spent days prior to posting (and since) but it's easy to miss obscure preferences and not understand how everything fits together (and therefore, what to look-up in the manual). If you are new, ignore the comments above. You might think that emulating basic flip/flopping is so simple that you can work in Stomp Mode but you can't. You'll have to fully understand Snapshots, Command Centre, a couple of obscure preferences and look at firmware release notes. This is obvious to experienced users but it wasn't to me. FLOP/FLOPPING IN STOMP MODE... Set the 'Snapshot Reselect' preference to 'Toggle' (page 46) Set the 'Snapshot Mode' preference to 'Latch' (page 47) Create, name and colour your snapshots in Snapshot Mode (pages 30-33) Assign the snapshots to switches in Command Centre ('HX Snapshot' page 43) However, despite the steps above, it seems flop/flopping of effects isn't seamless in Stomp Mode and often doesn't work because... 1. AT LEAST ONE SNAPSHOT HAS TO BE ACTIVE AT ANY ONE TIME This means that you can't press a snapshot to disable it. I thought I could set a 'base' snapshot but this uses another switch (precious on the HX FX) and it's not obvious you can control which snapshot is the 'base'. In my experience, it seems to return to the last snapshot used. This will be obvious to experts but is overly complex if you're new and trying to setup basic flip/flopping. 2. UPDATE 3.15 SEEMS TO WORK DIFFERENTLY Snapshots assigned to switches after update 3.15 seem to work differently now. This change (see 'Per-Snapshot Command Center > HX Snpsht Values' here: https://bit.ly/3KS5IQH) creates a weird situation where Snapshots assigned to switches seem to default to Next after pressing - at least this is what happens on my HX FX. At first, Stomp Mode looks correct - snapshots are assigned to the bottom row of switches... https://www.dropbox.com/s/mxtqftgje4pwote/STOMP-MODE.jpg?dl=0 But after hitting a Snapshot, all 3 switches change which is confusing (especially when playing live)... https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cuawkcn3lrqi44/STOMP-MODE-315.jpg?dl=0 It's incredibly confusing when you're new and I don't understand threads talking about it, like this one: https://bit.ly/3x35WPh . I've wasted another day erasing all settings, restoring and repeatedly creating everything from scratch. This doesn't seem simple and certainly isn't laziness. At first I thought I might've inadvertently set a function on release but no. I've also tried a suggestion which is to only use Snapshots 2-4 and not Snapshot 1. But this is how things were setup in the screenshot above and it doesn't work (for me). Again, experts may understand what's going on here but it's needlessly complex to get something so basic IMHO. 3. IT'S NOT SIMPLE I've since found feature requests (like this one: https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/779072 ), further suggesting this is overly complex to setup, or isn't possible in the way a mechanical looper that has this feature might work. If I'm missing something obvious, it's not because I'm a lazy idiot - I've spent hours each day over the past week trying to understand this. Therefore, a pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated. But if you just want to contribute nothing and act like a douche ( @PierM ) don't bother posting. And if you're new to Helix, you're not an idiot.
  5. This has now been solved, to ignore the nonsense and jump to the instructions, click the little grey arrow below... ORIGINAL POST ----------------- Hi There, I have a Crunch, OD and Distortion setup on an HX FX and need to link them so that hitting one, disables the others and hitting any that are on, disables it. GigRig might call these flop/flop loops and I have another hardware loop switcher that has this functionality. I've tried assigning each pedal to a snapshot, then assigning each snapshot to a switch but I can't fix the following problems: Hitting a snapshot that's on, doesn't turn it off Snapshot switches randomly change from a specific snapshot, to 'next snapshot' for no discernible reason Can't change the colour of snapshot switches Can't rename snapshot switches Sorry if this is easy, I might be using the wrong search terms - any pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers HX FX 3.15 HX Edit 3.15
  6. For work, I have to stay up-to-date with about 18 software titles in 3D, design, Video, as well as web CSS, JS, Lunix Server admin from the command line and a range of industry-specific specifications. There are a lot of grizzly industry veterans who dish out RTFM answers on forums so as a result, I'm kind of allergic to these kinds of comments. After re-reading your comment, I can see you're not one of those so sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick and once again, thanks for your help - it's much appreciated. Cheers, Ben
  7. I understand Helix is deep, that's why I printed the manual and refer to it often. But when you're new, it's common to look in the wrong place (like the send and return section) hence a community forum - right? I truly appreciate the time and the help but if the goal of RTM comments is to make people feel small and unwelcome, then message received. I hadn't grasped things after re-checking the manual (yes, the wrong section) so I felt a bit dumb before posting - ya know?
  8. Ahh OK, not instantly intuitive but way more flexible I'm sure. Cheers
  9. @Schmalle So this is why I'm confused... I'm in Stop mode - one block per switch I removed all effects/blocks from all switches But I still couldn't assign FX Loop 1 to any switch So I checked signal flow and there was a block assigned to send 1 How can this be? I removed all effects and blocks from all switches - shouldn't that mean there are zero blocks in the signal chain? Hence my questions, did it come from a previously deleted effect or something?
  10. Thanks @codamedia & @datacommando much appreciated! So I set all switches to none but still couldn't assign Loop 1. I then checked signal flow and found a block with send 1 assigned, after deleting, I could assign loop 1. Questions (if you have time): I'm in stomp mode, how can you have a block that isn't assigned to a switch? Could it be left over from a block I previously deleted? Does that mean that removing an effect doesn't necessarily remove its block? Not sure I understand what happened so any help/guidance would be much appreciated. Cheers and thanks again for your suggestions, Ben
  11. Thanks for the reply and sorry for that late response, didn’t have notifications on. Will troubleshoot this tomorrow and report back. Cheers, Ben.
  12. Hi there, I have a couple of pedals connected to the loops an in HX Effects. I was able to choose effects loop 2 for switch 5 but for some reason I can’t select effects loop 1 for switch 4. I can only choose send 1, the other switches all have effects assigned. Does anyone know what to check for or what I might’ve done wrong? Cheers, Ben
  13. Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated. Is this a limitation with expression pedal jacks in general or just certain effects units like the HX Effects?
  14. Hi There, Sorry if this isn't the place to post but I'm trying to understand out how to deliver expression pedal values to an HX Effects using two momentary switches on my guitar. The idea being that one button sends a low value and another sends a high value to create glitch-like effects instead of the smooth transition expression pedals deliver (thumb and forefinger hold pick for plucking, other fingers hit buttons like finger picked glitches). I've posted on a DIY electronics forum and it seems like having one pot per button would allow setting a value per button which sounds useful. However, if I understand things correctly, Helix expression pedal jacks aren't TRS. So does that mean I could only use one button? Or doesn't it mater because helix would just see whatever value is transmitted from whichever button is hit (in theory, you could have 8 buttons if you wanted)? I hope that makes sense, while I've built lots of guitar pedals from kits, I'm very green when it comes to electronics and don't really understand which wire connects to which lug to achieve any of this. Obviously this arrangement means another jack/cable coming from the guitar. Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ben
  15. In the Librarian, Switch to Bypass/Controller On the left, click the block you want to rename On the right, look for the 'Customise' section at the bottom of the options To the right next to the eraser icon, click the name and rename it Hit enter to save the name
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